My husband and I can talk about hospitality all we want, but we both know and try, mistakes and all, that it’s all about leading by example when it comes to raising hospitable kids.

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Our three kids are teenagers now, so hopefully we’ve taught them well. I look forward to when they are adults and seeing the fruits of our labor!

When we have people into our home, we try to show our kids what to do:

1. Smile when sometimes you don’t feel like it. Be positive–don’t impose your bad mood or attitude on others.

2. Ask people questions about their day and their life.

3. Ask them questions about their dreams and childhood.

4. Fill the guest’s glass when low.

Hospitality doesn’t wait. It anticipates our guests’ needs in order to put others at ease and at rest.

And when you do it over and over again, it becomes a “way of life.”

When’s the last time you had guests into your home? Did you think about the lesson of hospitality that you could be teaching your kids?