Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop

Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop

The simpler the meal, the more time with your guests, has always been my rule of thumb for entertaining. I feel the same way about decorating the table.

The day of.

The day of entertaining, I don’t personally like to hide away in my kitchen for hours cooking. I get a little more excited about setting the table, getting the house ready (never perfect), bringing the cooking and ambience all together.

Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop


This time of year in Oregon the flower bulbs are already coming up, which makes me so happy. I usually take a few extra tulip bulbs and plant them inside for at least one beautiful tablescape to enjoy with friends. This particular arrangement came from Costco (just bulbs and water), so it took a few days for them to bloom.

Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop

Setting the table.

Tulips don’t last long once they bloom, so when you see them starting to bloom – you’d better get your party on!

This time I started with yello placemats from TJ Maxx ($1.49 each) and MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check chargers (or large dinner plates),  yellow salad plates that I bought a few Easters back from Pier 1, and pressed red cloth napkins.

Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop

Coming together.

I quickly put the table together, using what I had, tying the colors in to the gorgeous red and yellow tulips! Stunning!

Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop

6 SIMPLE entertaining tips:


Set the table using what you have, being content with what you have; making it your own STYLE.


Ice with water is a great beverage to serve. Make that your main drink; ask guests to bring their favorite drink.


Make the centerpiece simple, using one kind of flower from your yard, or buy for around $3.99 at the local grocery store, or a few stems from your favorite local florist.


Play simple, relaxing music in the background that your guests will enjoy.


Let your guests help out in the kitchen! Give them each a job and keep the cooking and serving simple.


Enjoy your guests because they’re only there for a few hours. The simpler you keep things, the more time you’ll have with your guests.

Simple Entertaining with Red and Yellow Tulip Tabletop

What would have made my little “tulip dinner party” better? Eating outside! We’re not quite ready for al fresco entertaining, but we’re getting close!

What’s your favorite spring flower for entertaining?

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  1. Just want to know can I plant them in the spring

  2. I just love your tulip centerpiece! I love your thinking too: the flowers are blooming, let’s have a party!

  3. So gorgeous!! I would love to have a table set like this! :)

  4. Pretty table setting.

  5. Oh dear, I’m loving the yellow and red combo. Makes me want to go shopping like right now!!

  6. What a lovely spring like table. I’ve done other bulbs in water but never tulips. Will save that idea.


  7. Love your tips and love the tulips! Just beautiful :)

  8. Tulips!! Your tips are so practical, and more importantly, do-able!

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