Do you ever speak or act disrespectfully toward your Mom?” I asked the girls at Balcony Girls last week, as we were finishing making layered Friendship Soup mix in a jar as Mother’s Day gifts for the girls’ Moms.

All of the girls agreed that at times they fall into disrespect. But they really listened as I explained what respect is. Treating others the way you want to be treated. Listening without interrupting. Not pressuring the other person. Communicating and giving each other space. Taking another’s feelings into consideration. Trying to understand a different viewpoint. Trust and honesty and friendship!

As we indulged in soda floats outside, and played BINGO, our lesson came in to play when we discussed “disrespect.”

I challenged the girls to CATCH THEMSELVES, and STOP, the next time they are disrespectful to their Mothers. We role-played different scenarios that included being disobedient, begging, manipulating, rolling eyes, pouting and talking back.

Relating to these ways, each girl agreed again that they had fallen into the trap of disrespect.

So we went over our Balcony Girls’ mission statement! Respect is building a person up, and not tearing down!

Yes, another impacting life lesson was learned last week at Balcony Girls, and I even overheard the girls singing Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T song!

(The girls made a jar of “dinner” for their Moms for Mother’s Day. Layering “Friendship Soup” in a jar, and personalizing and writing a special note for their Mom, they were excited to present this special gift, in a bag, on Mother’s Day.)

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