Meet my Guest:
J J from Blah Blah Blahger

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I was so happy to meet J J in Nashville earlier this year. We had a short conversation, but I’m telling you, we just hit it off. You know, when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you’ve always known them? Yup, it was that way with my friend, J J. I think I could relate to J J because in her happy, zippy, enthusiastic life as a single woman, I too was single until 28, and then my Prince Charming, Paul, came along.

I love J J’s fun-loving attitude … and as she linked up yesterday to Home is … wearing an apron, with her post, A Darling and Flirty and Sparkly Apron, I brought it over to share with you today!

J J says …

I LOVE to entertain, even in my small home.

I LOVE to have my friends in my space drinking good wine, eating yummy food, sometimes playing games, but always sharing our lives together.

In spite of my small home, in spite of my singleness, in spite of the fact that I sometimes feel I don’t measure up to my friends’ beautiful lives, I choose to have them in my home where I can share my life, my encouragement, and my hospitality. Sometimes that’s all I can give, but it always (in that moment) feels like enough.

To me, my home is not just my shelter; instead, it is an extension of me. I want to share my life with my friends and that means bringing them into my home…a place I’ve lovingly renovated and decorated…for me and for others. I always set a pretty table, create a centerpiece, buy flowers, put out the good dishes, and attempt a fancy meal (sometimes it fails!). But my effort is a part of my heart and my friends and family are worth it.

What does this have to do with my cute apron? Well, I’ll tell ya…if I’m playing the hostess, you’re darn well gonna see one who has gone to the extra effort. If you knock at my door, I’ll greet you in my darling and flirty and sparkly apron, too!

So here’s a pix of Blah Blah Blahger (J J) and Reluctant Entertainer (me)!

Please do tell … do you have any fun sparkly aprons, or do you wear more practical-type aprons?

Don’t forget there is still time to link up to Home is … wearing an Apron! Please join in and share your apron stories! Or at least view some of the links – there are some great stories and precious pictures to view!

(J J says: If you’re ever in Orange County, you MUST stop by the Heavenly Hostess. It’s a beautiful shop with wonderfully fun gifts for the hostess in your life!)