We met with friends in the high desert this past Thanksgiving weekend.

A feast we had, but what we really savored was our time together.

My goal was to plan, organize and prepare before we arrived.

Whatever was left behind – we’d do without. Whatever dish didn’t turn out – we’d eat it anyway. I even decided to change our tradition and take a pre-cooked smoked turkey, instead of the usual task of brining, bagging, icing, and cooking a large turkey.

Simplicity was what I was aspiring to.

We brought a few things along to make our table festive, we sang our song of thanks, we lined up our dishes buffet style, and we all enjoyed a beautiful meal together.

Togetherness – enjoying precious quality time together.

Enjoying the simple things – like tossing the ball back and forth with sweet one-year-old Andie.

Relaxation. Good sleep. Movies. Games (of course many Scrabble games). Conversation. Fishing. Puzzles. Nighttime walks in 20-degree weather. Solitude.

Celebrating the simple things created meaning for our family, in balance and brightness.

Now, heading into a more furious holiday season, I pray that peace continues.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post, Too Much Tradition?”

(Photos: God bless the cooks! Sweet baby Andie! Coughlin kids on the Fall River.)

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