Seasonal or Halloween?

It’s October 1st and I’m dying to get that box of Fall decorations down from the attic, but this year it might not be happening. My challenge has been to decorate, using what I have, and to not spend a dime (well, except on a few pumpkins).
So taking an abundance of butternut squash from our garden, and mixing with decorative balls
And using what I already had on my front porch (planters & water cans)
And adding pumpkins
A fresh tablecloth and garden tomatoes (before I had to shrink my table down to pull up the carpet!)
Pampas grass from an early morning hike
Grocery Outlet $2.99 candles that I had stashed away
I’ve added a hint of Fall to my home, in the places that aren’t too dusty, as the drywall is now in place in our new kitchen!
And painting has begun.
Someone recently emailed me and asked about how to make memories for kids with Fall decorations, without making them too scary. It’s been a long time since I’ve decorated for Halloween (although I’ve never done scary). I’ve changed up my style a bit as I prefer the harvest, pumpkins, and fall colors that take us right into Thanksgiving. I just don’t put too much energy into making things “over the top” I guess you might say.
I don’t think by not decorating for Halloween, that it’s going to affect our kids and their memories. What happens in our home, like dinners and conversations, is what my kids will be remembering. Not the decorations.
My oldest is a senior in high school this year. We keep reminding him of how he is going to miss Mama’s home-cooked meals this time next year!
I’d love to hear if you add a more “seasonal” touch  or a “Halloween” touch to your decorating?
(If you have a minute, check out these Fall posts for tips and cozy details from Kimba, Melissa, and The Nester!)

25 comments on “Seasonal or Halloween?”

  1. Great post, as usual!

    I've nominated you for a blog award—keep up the good work!


  2. Wow, I feel like I have to speak up for HALLOWEEN! I LOVE decorating for holidays, any holiday and every holiday! So I put out the black cats, owls, skeletons, candy corn and spooky-looking houses along with the pumpkins and corn and fall leaves. Then after Halloween, I gather up the spooky stuff and leave the fall stuff. We are big Halloweeners!! (hehe, I said Hallo-weeners)

  3. I got so many decorations for Fall, I really would never need to shop again for the Fall Holiday. Now will I actually do that, probably not, but I could.

  4. We do seasonal … no Halloween. I decorate my home for fall on September 1st. Autumn is my favorite month, and in my world it starts September 1st. :)

    We decorate with lots of pumpkins … organic, metal and ceramic. We have lots of leaf decor, and our cornucopias are out in September. I change all the linens to warm autumn colors and an autumn wreath welcomes folks at the front door.

  5. I only do "Fall" decorations now that my kids are gone, but used to do Halloween witches, scarecrows and ghosts. I really now prefer the Fall look! I do have it all posted on RMS. LOVE your Fall decorations….and the pictures. The kitchen looks like it is finally becoming a KITCHEN!!!!!!!!! HOORAY for you!!!! Pinky

  6. Your kitchen is coming along!

    I prefer fall decorations because I can leave them out until Thanksgiving. I love fall much more than I love Halloween, although Halloween was a lot of fun as a kid.

    I actually have really fond memories of my mom decorating our house for the holidays. She added little touches for fall or Valentines day, and it added a little something extra special to our home.

  7. Your fall decorations were wonderful! Great blog.

  8. My kids are 15 and 20 so I stick to mostly fall decorating. I don't decorate for Halloween until the week before Halloween, and then I just limit it to the outdoors for the trick-or-treaters.

  9. I like seasonal decorations, just small changes like the candles you have. I pull out the warm yellow linens to go with my blue and white china.

    My only "requirements" are a pumpkin and a pot of mums.


  10. Beautiful decorations amidst chaos!! The progress is awesome!!

  11. I decorate simply for fall…leaves, pumpkins, gourds…this year I plan to cut my corn stalks to use as well as pumpkins from our own garden!!

  12. We do a little bit of both…the seasonal starts in September and the Halloween-ish in October. One of my kids favorite traditions is to get out the Halloween boxes and help me decorate. It is so much fun going through our decorations…we always find things we forgot we had.

  13. We're all seasonal and have never done Halloween. The "scariest" we've ever been has been the happy-faced scarecrow that used to grace our front porch.

  14. I am ALL seasonal no Halloween.

    Can't wait to see that kitchen!
    sandy toe

  15. Yeah, the painting has begun!!! I k now you are so relieved. I love Halloween but only the cute stuff. No scary Halloween for us.

    I will sign up for Blissdom today. Can't wait

  16. I do mostly seasonal – I love Fall, and love the accents of this season. For Halloween, I add a few fun touches – some of the pumpkins become Jack-o-Lanterns, etc. And I do the same at Thanksgiving, adding just a few things to change up my basic fall decor.

  17. Very pretty decor at your place Sandy!!!

  18. We decorate for fall…no Halloween for us. I really enjoy all the pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves and the fresh fall air after a long, humid, Tennessee summer!

  19. It's all seasonal in our home, and like you I try to stay cheap, simple but bring out my favorite season.

    When we lived down south we use to go collect huge fall leaves and decorate our mantle with them. Maybe I need to bring back that tradition…my kids loved it.

  20. The seasonal around my house has typically been on the table we eat at. I don't usually do the whole house up except for Christmas. Halloween decor if any is out for Halloween night only…just enough to let the neighborhood kids know there is candy at my house :0)
    It's great to see the progress of that kitchen!

  21. Hi Sandy! I'm much more seasonal, rather than Halloween-I love your butternut squash mixed in with the decorative balls. Looks great!

  22. Sandy, I do seasonal decor, too…I LOVE autumn. Halloween, not so much. My daughter is a senior this year, too…next year, my nest will be empty……


  23. I'm more of a seasonal (if that!) than Halloween. I agree on what make the memories. It's the time, not the stuff. SO exciting that you're starting to paint! Can't wait to see it.

  24. Beautifully done! Edible decor makes the best use of the plant's resources, even as you say… not about money at all…

  25. This time of year is my absolute favorite…Fall/Halloween. I truly love Halloween but I think it's because I just love the sight of pumpkins and I love candy! I don't do scary but I do decorate for Halloween. My Fall/Halloween decorations are pretty much the same. I now have a few Happy Halloween, Trick or Treat, and Boo signs, otherwise everything else can basically stay up until Thanksgiving. Simple, yet classy has always been my motto.

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