Secret Sourdough Waffles: Make and Freeze!

Years ago my husband and I went to Buckhorn Springs, a very cool bed and breakfast outside of Ashland, Oregon. They had the most amazing circular garden we’d ever seen. I looked through old pictures but couldn’t find the one I was looking for, but here’s a map of the property (see the garden in the center?)

For breakfast one morning the owner told us that they ran out of sourdough for the waffles.

But every bite was delicious and tasted as if they had used sourdough … it was amazing!

The gentleman went on to tell us that to get the sourdough flavor, they used plain yogurt.

How simple. Plain yogurt!

I now keep plain yogurt stocked in my fridge. No matter what kind of waffles I make (scratch or from a mix), I add the yogurt.

I made them for breakfast last week before school.

With leftover batter I use it up, and then let the waffles cool on the counter.

Bag them in Ziplocs for the freezer.

Even with a tiny amount of batter left over, I never let it go to waste.

Waffles in the freezer is such an easy snack for the kids to grab when they’re on the go!

Do you make and freeze your own waffles, or do you have a secret waffle ingredient?

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  1. Do you share your waffle recipe?

  2. Sandy –

    Leftovers? Is there really such a thing?

    We use to have a waffle maker (actually we have gone through three – they die from being used so much!). We love waffles – they are a wonderful meal or snack any time of the day.

  3. thanks for the tip….I will be adding yogurt from now on =)
    Happy Day

  4. my son and daughter in law live in ashland – what a great place! lots of wonderful restaurants. one really great one is morning glory restaurant..yummo food. these waffles sound delish also! thanks for sharing

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  6. Not only do I freeze my homemade waffles, but homemade pancakes & french toast too! My boys LOVE having waffles, pancakes or french toast for breakfast everyday before school & it’s sooo much more affordable (as well as healthy) for them to eat them from scratch :) Since I cook breakfast every Saturday I just make whatever we’re in need of to freeze & triple the batch.

  7. Please share your waffle recipe with yogurt!

  8. How much yogurt? Do you use this in place of something else or just add in?

  9. Yummy! I have frozen waffles too before. Often I just make enough for what we’re going to eat. When I do have extra I make them up, cool them on a cookie rack to keep them from getting soggy and then freeze them in plastic bags.

    We love waffles!!!!!! Especially belgian waffles

  10. I try to make them ahead and freeze as well (also pancakes) as my boys love them! Thanks for sharing a new recipe I will have to try!

  11. Oh yes. .indeed I do make my own waffles. I make mine with yeast and the batter can be made ahead. It is featured this month on our blog. My dil usually snaps up the leftovers to freeze for the kids. Everyone is happy.

  12. Bump up the nutrition and omega 3’s by adding wheat germ, fresh ground flaxseed and oats to your dry ingredients!

  13. What a great tip! Tips, I should say. I love the idea of freezing the leftovers– my kids love waffles.

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  15. I got a belgian waffle maker as a wedding gift years ago. I rarely use it. I don’t have any idea why either. This has inspired me to get it out from the back of the cabinet and start using it again. With 4 kids, the idea of freezing them for quick breakfasts and snacks is welcome to me. Thanks for the post! I, too, would like to know how much yogurt to add. I just happen to have a carton of plain yogurt in the fridge right now. I’ve always used the waffle recipe on the back of the Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake mix box. It’s pretty good too.

  16. My recipe is like Vicki V’s, but I use club soda.
    How much yogurt do you add? Sounds yummy.

  17. Love the idea of freezing the left overs. I don’t have a secret ingredient, but will be trying the yogurt this morning.

  18. We’ve never had a waffle iron, but our friends do and they taste so good. I think if we got one we’d eat them so often! It’s a great idea to freeze them, the thing we freeze most often is soup which is a great snack and good for a packed lunch too.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  19. My “secret recipe” was actually given to me by my aunt. These are very light, crispy waffles:

    2 cups bisquick
    1 egg
    3 T. vegetable oil
    12 oz. DIET 7-up or sprite (must be diet)

    Mix together and start waffling! To keep warm, heat in 200 degree oven with a sheet of foil between each waffle.

  20. My youngest loves waffles. Her cousins just bought her a waffle maker for Christmas, so we will have to try adding the yogurt next time we whip up a batch.

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