Secret to Saving your Kid’s Memories!

I knew I’d get asked what I did with all the papers and junk on my fridge when I cleaned it off, last post.

I’ve shared this easy system with so many of my friends. Years ago my friend Anne got me started with this simple organizational system for saving my kids’ memories over the years, by filing them into a binder. I do not have time to scrapbook and this method gets the job done!

Now my kids spend hours looking through their books! It’s worth the extra effort to be organized!

I’d rather my kids’ thumb through their books than watch a mindless T.V. show!

2″ white binders from Costco (4 in a pack)
Scrapbook paper (or plain colored paper)
1 box sheet protectors

Starting with Pre-K, I have saved art, special memories, class pictures, sports awards, first book report, every report card, articles their dad has written – you name it, and have filed these papers into these books.

Thank you notes from special people

Our beloved dog went missing

A letter to a teacher

What to wear on a field trip

Moving up to high school

Congrats on driver’s license

10-day backpack trip

Abby’s fist time away to camp

Sports pictures


Special school speeches

Annual family Christmas letters

Abby’s first post right here on RE

How to make the book:

• Have a place where you dump the memories (on top of my fridge!)
• When you’re ready to organize, make separate piles (3 kids in my case)

• Start with younger years and move forward (Pre-K is when I started)
• Create a binder for every 2 years (depending on how much you need to file)
• Slip memories into sheet protectors, sometimes folding in ½ or however you can preserve it

• Slip artwork into the front cover, or use a fun piece of scrapbook paper
• Make a side label with child’s name and year(s)

When my kids get old enough, these books will become their memories to keep!

For now, they are mine, and I find myself occasionally thumbing through them too. Of course I get a bit sentimental!

Oh, and one book I found on top of my fridge when I was cleaning it, that I couldn’t wait to throw away! You can read about our No More Science Fair Dinner celebration, here.

What’s the secret to this easy system? Have your books ready, so when the stuff comes home you can slip it right into the book!

Do you have an organized system for keeping your kids’ memories?

58 comments on “Secret to Saving your Kid’s Memories!”

  1. Great job on organizing all that "stuff" that seems to easily pile up throughout the year! I know the kids will get a hoot out of looking back on it all.

  2. I was thinking about doing this! But my little girl is just 5 days old, so it’ll be awhile. I love the thought though, as it keeps the memories organized, protected and clean as they are stored for future use.

  3. Thanks for the ideas and pictures. I was thinking of this today as school ends on Friday and I have a box of school stuff to go through. THANKS! Staci

  4. I blogged about this today. You have saved my sanity! This system works perfectly for me and my children. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea.

  5. Thanks so much. What a great idea! I have a total of 5 plastic sweater organizers under my bed FULL of the kids work! It is not accessable and difficult to find time to reorganize. This sounds like a much NEEDED solution. Thanks.
    Heather Mac

  6. I do something similar for my 2 boys. I make a school binder for each year of school and fill it with favorite pics, accomplishments, etc. The boys love to look at them and it doesn’t even take that much time. I use my scrapbook stuff to make it fun.

  7. What a great idea. I only have one child so far and I want to do this. I just am making a photo book for her to take some day. I saw this on tip junkie. Have a great day.

  8. I have a box for each of my kids. They’re sturdy decorative cardboard boxes from Ikea and I put paper items flat in the bottom and other things on top. I have my daughter’s first shoes – the ones we had to get even though they were 4 sizes to big, and she wore them for years until they were too small. My son’s binky is in his box, along with his favorite thomas train. I have the first hat I knit for each of my kids in their boxes and a few other things that are good memories. The boxes are stacked on the floor under my home office desk – easily accessible but decorative enough to be pretty instead of ‘clutter.’

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