There are so many ways to enjoy having guests into your home, and today I want to show you how simple a Christmas buffet can be. For very little work involved, if you start early by planning ahead and getting all of your dishes out, you’ll be one happy hostess!

Basically you can set up work stations around your house. I’ve used the side-table, the piano top for desserts, the desk area for drinks … use your imagination!

And the beauty is, you can do it ahead of time, complete with plates, flatware, glasses, linens, even drinks.

I set this buffet up 2 days before my event, so it would be ready to go!

-Plan ahead
-Pull out your serving platters and dishes
-Think about color schemes
-Think about napkins, candles, how to make it look nice
-Keep it simple
-Once it’s set up, it’s done. You can check it off your list!

What works perfectly for serving buffet-style is that guests can easily go back for seconds.

Yeah! We all love seconds, and thirds! (I do!)

You also get to mingle and enjoy the people around you, and sit by the people you want to sit with.

Many times buffet-style dinner means that there is no set table, and you sit around the living room, dining room, family room, even on the floor or on the stairs.

When the guests arrive–and hopefully they are bringing some dishes to share–you put it all together, relax, and enjoy your company!

Mm-m-m, so what about …

How do you commence a meal that’s random buffet?

Do people sit wherever they want?

Does someone yell when it’s time to eat?

Do you call everyone to pray first?

Do you explain the “rules” to people, so they know where they can be and not be in your house with their food?

Would you answer one of the above questions and share what you’ve learned when serving buffet-style meals?

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