Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

Enter this Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY, with more details of Melissa Michael’s new book, Simple Gatherings, 50 Ways to Inspire Connection!

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

Friends, are you wanting to host a gathering this fall, but your fears or time constraints are telling you “don’t do it?” Melissa Michaels has just written a brand new book, Simple Gatherings, and it includes 50 simple ideas for how to connect with others, with some really fun simple party ideas!

This book IS about making a gathering feel special, but NOT about doing it all perfectly :)

Guests tend to remember these four elements of a gathering: the feast, the conversation, the atmosphere, and the special touches. But what if you can’t get it all right, or this becomes too overwhelming?

Then this book is for you (and me)!

Today is BOOK LAUNCH DAY for Melissa!

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

Melissa tells you why hospitaltiy is a matter of the heart, and shares how to find your style, leave your imperfections at the door, and create a simple gathering.

Simple Gatherings is available today on Amazon!

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

I’m also excited to announce that today I’m part of a “Progressive Launch Party” to celebrate this book, with FIVE giveaway sets of unique, beautiful, classy hostess prizes.

One lucky winner will win THIS today on RE!

These 4 beautiful items!

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

But wait … you could win more than one, so click over and enter with everyone who is participating.

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Progressive Party: Melissa Michaels The Inspired Room (start here)
Emily Lex – Jones Design Studio
Beth Hunter – Homes Stories A to Z
Sandy Coughlin – Reluctant Entertainer
Bre Doucette – Rooms For Rent
Jen Schmidt – Balancing Beauty & Bedlam

Take a Quiz

By the way, what kind of hostess are you? Knowing your style may help you as a hostess! For example, if you’re an introvert, and you don’t like table conversation, come up with an easy question to ask your guests. Or, read Melissa’s “conversation” chapter! It will give you confidene and courage, I promise.

We’ve had some fun gatherings this past year in our new mountain home. Only a couple were really thought out with a lot of detail, but the rest? Casual, easy, low-key, come one, come all, which is my hostessing style! (PS–I just like to know roughly how many are coming, so I can have enough table settings and chairs!)

Take the short quiz, HERE!

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

Sneak peek at mine: Easy Breezy!

I really do like easy, a few details (like set a pretty table), but the table experience is what I’m all about!

Simple Gatherings Launch Party GIVEAWAY

Now for this BEAUTIFUL and unique prize set. Don’t forget to click over to each of the other hostesses to enter their giveaways, too.

You could potentially win more than one pack (5 total), so why not try? These gifts are gorgeous, Friends, and so classy! Click the links to the hostesses participating (above) today!


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Again, don’t forget to buy a copy of this relatable, easy book: Simple Gatherings, by Melissa Michaels.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a small amount at no cost to you. Thank you for support Reluctant Entertainer.

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  1. Love this!

  2. Love this! The last gathering I had was hosting a meeting for Bible study volunteers. 

  3. The last memorable gathering I hosted was an 88th birthday party for my grandmother. We jazzed up her favorite spaghetti and meatballs and had 25 guests. It was a huge success!

  4. we just did an at home party for my son’s 7th birthday

  5. How fun this is!

  6. Beautiful book! Can’t wait to read it!

  7. this is great! apparently I am a social butterfly :)

  8. Looks fun and fab! I love the towel and the shoes by the front door!

  9. Last Thanksgiving, at my son’s, broke a tooth on the Brussels sprouts

  10. We always have people over for the kids birthdays. Good food, good drinks, presents, and great company!

  11. Another fun book by Melissa – so excited!

  12. We planned an event for my daughter’s 5th birthday with the theme of unicorns. I did as much as I could to make the entire Living Room and eating area be unicorn like as possible. I would’ve joked and said, “WOW, a UNICORN exploded in here :) !!!” It was a lot of fun and to see the smile on my daughter made all the hours of planning worth it.

  13. Loving this giveaway! My most memorable so far this year is my best friend’s party that I helped cohost. It was decorated with fresh flowers and diy signs, markers and tags. We had balloons and finger foods that we all participated in making. Such a fun time.

  14. I love to host parties, but I am an admitted perfectionist. I need to learn to let some things go!

  15. My house is very small, so we mostly plan “family” parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc. with immediate family or host a couple over for dinner. Now that it is starting to cool down, we can have more people over because we do have a large deck and fall is a perfect time to have people over for a cookout and have it on the deck.

  16. Nervous nester :)

  17. Small group gathering for my Sunday School. 4 couples, margaritas, lots of chips and dips on the deck while the kids played basketball in the driveway!

  18. We recently had a birthday party for my daughter

  19. We have bible study at our home every first and third Sunday evening. I always prepare all the foods/refreshments for the group. It’s always a great gathering!

  20. We hosted a birthday party for my son.

  21. The description from the quiz perfectly matches my style!

  22. I recently attended a wedding shower that had a shabby chic theme-everything was decorated beautifully!

  23. I don’t think I’ve hosted anything since Christmas Eve dinner and gifts with immediate family. And that was a few years ago!

  24. We love hosting Thanksgiving at our house. It’s the one time a year where our families from near and far can be together. 

  25. This nervous nester is excited for the chance to win!

  26. Navratri get together. Very traditional Indian gathering

  27. You are such a welcoming hostess, Sandy! I’m so glad I’ve been able to be in your home and feel the warm atmosphere you create for guests! You truly are a hostess with the mostess. I’m always inspired by your example to open my doors and gather people around the table! Thank you for celebrating with me today! xox

  28. I hosted a going away party for a dear friend who was moving. I have a little house and the turn out was incredible! No one felt cramped, which is always a fear of mine. No matter the size of the house people still had a great time! It wasn’t about me or my house, it was about my friend, which is important to me!

  29. Our last gathering was for Christmas when the whole family was together…memories! ;)

  30. How pretty! We’ll the prize packs are so special!

  31. Hilarious. I took the quiz twice because teh first was perfectionist and the second was nervous nester….Maybe I am a bit of both…I thought I’d have one that was more laid back. lol.

    The last gathering was probably graduation party for my youngest

  32. Congrats to Easy Breezy – I am a perfectionist, but I am getting better all the time… :)

  33. Love Melissa’s simply beautiful style!

  34. I love the cheese board & cake stand!

  35. I’m having fun checking out new to me websites!

  36. Our extended family gathers for birthdays – even for us “old folk” – so much fun!

  37. I took the quiz a 2nd time too. Apparently, I’m still the “perfectionist” even though half my answers were different. Not sure how that happened.

  38. last memorable party was a work party for my husbands work buddies we hosted. everyone was raving about my taco salad and meatballs which felt great

  39. I took the quiz but I don’t think I’m truly a perfectionist … I just like to plan and have things go well! Ha!

  40. My last hosting party at my house was July 4th. We just moved into our place this year and love having company over!

  41. We host dinner for our church community group every Tuesday! Love it, but would love to grow in simplifying:)!

  42. The last party I hosted was a meet and greet for new neighbors. We are new too! It went well. Kept it small. Loving all these blogs today! Thanks for being a part of the fun! SO enjoy your blog.

  43. Beautiful blog!

  44. The last memorable gathering was a spontaneous party at my house with a close group of friends. We were all a little bored on a Friday night, and one coupe after another ended up walking in my door for drinks and conversation. I luckily had a lot of pizza dough ready in the fridge, so we all grilled up pizzas and had a fantastic night!

  45. Time to figure out how to be a good (see, not putting too much pressure on myself) hostess!

  46. I am easy breezy too! 😊

  47. I’m not a big party person, but I love having small groups over for dinners and great conversation. Family get togethers tend to be more casual, louder affairs. Wonderful giveaways and I’m looking forward to reading Melissa’s latest book.

  48. My last memorable gathering was a party for my daughter who turned 12 last month. She wanted a party inspired by the Beauty and the Beast live action movie. Since she said 12 it had to be a bit more sophisticated than the usual Princess theme. The enterence ang gift table were set up like the village market, the drink and snack table was Gaston’s tavern, and the dessert table was the “Be Our Guest” dinner at the castle. It was a huge success, maybe too much! I couldn’t get anyone to leave whenever ever party was over! The party went on an extra hour into the night. Good thing it wasn’t a school night! 😁

  49. I love hosting outdoor parties( my small home makes it more comfortable to do outside) but I do need to learn to not stress about it so much! I worry so much about everyone else having fun that I forget too!

  50. My heart’s desire is that those in our home feel welcome and special.  I need to work on relaxing and enjoy times of sharing.

  51. While we host a small group from our church on a regular basis, the last big event we hosted was an impromptu End of School celebration for my daughter, her friends and lot of parents who really enjoy each others’ company. We sat in the back yard while the kids ran around and had a water balloon fight. Pizza, ice cream bars and juice boxes for the kids, with adult beverages for the adults. It was casual and fun, but ended up being memorable since one member of the crew of girls moved away unexpectedly at the end of the summer. so it was one of the last times they were all together.

  52. My family came and hosted for ME at my house! It was so special to get to sit back and relax and let others plan, shop and cook for the weekend. Great way to celebrate my 30th!

  53. I so appreciate Melissa’s heart to connect with people through hostessing as opposed to just focusing on impressing people!

  54. I love her blog and I am super excited for this new book! I never know what to do with shoes at my house while I am hosting. Especially the kids shoes.

  55. My daughter’s bridal shower last month for 25 people was a beautiful garden party. It turned into a collaboration of family and friends to make this a very special day for her. 

  56. I hosted a cookout for our church’s Musicians and families. There were about 35 of us!

  57. I’m an Easy Breezy with a side of Perfectionist. My heart is all about the people. In the everyday, I can get caught up on the idea/illusion of perfect. Working to let go and focus on what matters.

  58. I’m easy breezy too! I think I used to be a perfectionist, but I have since realized I have a lot more fun when I worry a little less :)

  59. Recently hosted an impromptu pool party. With little planning still made folks feel it was thoughtful with simple lemon drinks and peanut butter and chocolate cookies…simple. 

  60. It was over Labor Day at my sister’s place. Family members were in town.

  61. Last one I hosted was about 7 months ago so I’m having friends over for Bunco the end of this month. I stepped up to host because Reluctant Entertainer always gives me great tips & tools & confidence on hosting, no matter what. Every time I do, it turns out great!

  62. My mountain top home is small and cozy, and I love hosting dinner parties – 8 around the table is comfortable, and the perfect amount of people to keep the conversation flowing and the laughter coming!

  63. I am easy breezy too. Love to have relaxed gatherings, but admire people who take the time to make everything beautiful.

  64. I’ve loved all of Melissa’s other books and can’t wait to read this one. It is definitely an area I need help with. My quiz results said perfectionist which I knew already. Hoping to change that.

  65. Just last night I had about 25 people over for a BBQ. Wanted to squeeze in at least one more outdoor get together before it gets too cold!

  66. We had a house warming party for the new house that we had just bought. It was different from our other parties because we still had boxes everywhere but we couldn’t wait to show off our new house!

  67. Last week our Girls Supper Club Ha day our monthly get together. Only half the group of 13 could make it but the laughs and great food were wonderful as usual. Some in the group have been together 30 years!!

  68. Last memorable party was my youngest son’s first birthday – lumberjack themed!

  69. The last memorable party that I hosted was my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Our home was the after party gathering.  I offered snacks and drinks, because everyone had already had dinner and dessert at the reception.  It was very casual and relaxed.  I think the family was glad to have more time together.

  70. I’m a social butterfly which hits the nail on the head! Love your website and look forward to reading my book!

  71. Looks like a very useful book!

  72. These things are beautiful, thank you for the Giveaway.

  73. What a fun giveaway! Looks like a neat book. 

  74. My husband and I just had a special dinner with friends last weekend–only 7 of us total–but wonderful meal, great conversation and time together.  Time around the table is priceless.

  75. Social Butterfly here! I love to host gathering in my home and have hosted my fair share as a former military spouse of 30 years! Simplicity is my game! Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful home items!

  76. I love to entertain! ;o) Just give me a reason ;o) ox Kim

  77. My son’s giraffe/dance party. It was great! Fun five year-old dance moves, hot dogs, delicious cake, wine and beer for adults…wonderful!

  78. The last party I was at was a going away party for my family. It was a simple potluck but was one of our favorite evenings as it was shared with some of our dearest friend. 

  79. My biggest struggle is we live in a condo in the city and can’t really fit that many people comfortably – but I’ve found that most people just gather in the kitchen anyway and just love being with friends!

  80. im burned out from hosting! i need to read this book!

  81. I love to entertain, but probably spend too much time worrying about getting everything just right. Trying to be more spontaneous. 

  82. I am always a little anxious about hosting people but my heart is always so full after everyone goes home. I never regret saying yes to hospitality! I look forward to reading this book!

  83. This is such a fun idea for a book launch. Beautiful items. Hope to host a lot more in our new house! 

  84. Easy breezy… haha maybe sometime. :)

  85. The only thing I’m attending these days are birthday parties for my kids!

  86. I have a huge family Thanksgiving every year. This encompasses ~40 family members. It’s all the traditional dishes. It’s fun, not fancy, very crowded, and yummy! I love it!

  87. Gorgeous!

  88. I am the perfectionist…maybe this book can help me ease up a little bit!

  89. The last memorable gathering I attended was a Bunco group. The formula is pretty standard – a little snack before starting, nibbles at the tables, and a nice meal and special dessert between the second and third rounds. Anticipating what each lady has for the meal and dessert is part of the enjoyment. It’s my turn again next week, and I’ve already started with the lists!

  90. I recently hosted a bridal shower for my best friend, Natalie – just two weeks ago! It was a dusty rose color palette and we had brunch foods! Such a fun time :)

  91. was a couple of months ago when the whole family got together right before the hurricane

  92. Beautiful book, beautiful give away items. Thanks!

  93. The last event I helped host was the first birthday party my granddaughter.  It was mostly family so not too stressful.

  94. I just hosted my niece’s second birthday!  It was fun but I am definitely a nervous nester.

  95. My sweet cousin had me over for my birthday yesterday for lunch. Even though she has four little ones and her house wasn’t perfect, she really thought through the details and worked hard to make a meal she knew I would love! Sweet tea, paninis and strawberry walnut salad. AND she gave me some amazing soap and lipgloss! It meant so much that she would take time in her busy life to remember me, and show love through cooking.

  96. The last gathering we had was our son’s 5th Birthday in June. I was fed up with exhausting myself over parties so I just let it all happen and everyone had fun :)

  97. My Daughter’s Birthday Party.  Hosting Gatherings can be a struggle for me.  Looking forward to Melissa’s Book I pre-ordered.

  98. We had a “demolish this house” after the flooding in Houston.  20 gathered to help take the house to the studs during which we had a lovely lunch of ham sandwiches, then back to work.  took everyone out to eat at a restaurant-smelly but loved each other’s company.

  99. What a fun book! I’m a “nervous Nester” so I obviously need all the help I can get 😂

  100. I love to host a gathering.  Looks like a perfect book for me.

  101. Gearing up for the holiday season. Hosting a Halloween brunch this weekend for myself & two young boys this weekend while my Hubs is out of town. It’s a great excuse to make something special out of something as ordinary as pancakes on a Saturday morning. 

  102. Thanks for sharing! I’m easy breezy.

  103. We just had a few people over to celebrate our daughter’s baptism. It was pretty chill, but we had a nice time.

  104. This summer my husband and I spent a month with my parents, and I think I counted that we had guests over eight times in four weeks–everything from overnight guests to campfires to formal sit-down meals, all while my parents’ house was being remodeled! It was a great way to soak up the summer with people we love!

  105. Our sweet niece’s 3rd birthday party :)

  106. I’m a Nervous Nester. Hoping to become more comfortable hosting friends and family :)

  107. Great book!

  108. I host Bible studies in my home often and welcome help as a nervous nester!

  109. I am a nervous nester even though guests have a great time.

  110. The last memorable event I attended was for leaders at our church. The hosts took care of every detail and made the guests feel relaxed, cared-for, and at home. I hope to learn some of these tricks!

  111. Last event attended was a lovely baby shower for my Godson and his wife.

  112. The last party I hosted was my 6 and 2 yr old’s joint bday party- pirates and mermaids. It was so much fun!

  113. The Perfectionist here… totally nailed it!

  114. I don’t know that this would be the most recent, but certainly one of the most memorable gatherings I hosted was Christmas for my family at Hayden Lake, ID. We were staying at a friend’s summer house while building our home and were stacked on top of each other. The snow was epic and after backing into the neighbor’s house, my mother in law falling and injuring herself, barely surviving the terrifying drive home christmas eve, christmas morning we were told to move all the extra cars or they would get towed and my family had to all pack up and park a half hour away and shuttle back to the house. What a nightmare!

  115. This is such a fun idea!! I love hosting parties!

  116. The last party I hosted was for a friend who requested a special cake.  It was intricate and she did not like to bake.  I texted her and told her I would make it and we’d call our party “celebrating God’s goodness”.  We invited a group of women and enjoyed the cake, friendship and celebrated God’s goodness!  It was so much fun!

  117. Beautiful items! My last party I had had foot surgery and entertained in a cast, but it came out perfect!

  118. From graduations and college sendoffs to a golden anniversary and birthdays, we’ve had a lot to celebrate in recent months. A birthday brunch for my sis last week was casual but memorable.

  119. We have a small group that gets together once a week. I love getting together with them!

  120. The last gathering I hosted was a bunch of 13 year old girls for a back to school spa party. It was so easy and so fun! Goes along with my easy breezy hostessing style. 

  121. What a great giveaway!

  122. My son’s girlfriend’s birthday. We had a special dinner, all her favorite!

  123. That cake stand is calling my name

  124. Can’t wait to read this book!

  125. Getting ready to have a photo sorting (?!) party…hoping good food will encourage a fast, friendly finish!

  126. Beautiful gift!  I’m a perfectionist and would Ideas on how to relax more.

  127. Hospitality seems to be a lost art but it means so much to be invited into someone’s home to enjoy a meal. I want to grow in this!

  128. Our last gathering was a dinner for our small group:)

  129. Last memorable gathering—my grandson’s 2nd birthday!!

  130. Being nervous about having people over, I really like simple with one amazing cake or decoration.

  131. Love the giveaway! Thanks!

  132. Fun giveaway!!! I hope to host more, we’re in need or a large dining room table 😉

  133. Great idea. Thanks

  134. I’m Easy Breezy, too! I generally tend to be a perfectionist, but somehow I decided a long time ago that entertaining that way was just not, well, entertaining :)

  135. I have Reluctant Entertainer on my shelf and can’t wait to read this new book. Thanks!

  136. I recently had friends come for a launch party for Karianne Wood’s book So Close to Amazing. It was lots of fun!

  137. Love all the prize options!

  138. This is so fun!   Thanks for doing this!   

  139. I’m also an Easy Breezy gal! I like to go above and beyond occasionally, but my favorite gatherings tend to be the “come over for supper, nothing fancy, just friends and food” gatherings.

  140. I love, love, love putting on birthday parties for my son- his last was a book theme and was so so cute!

  141. The last gathering I attended was a birthday pool party…Make A Splash.

  142. My most recent memorable event was as a guest at an Oktoberfest party. The invited and graphics were cute, but the best part was sitting outside by the firepit drinking beer with friends. 

  143. Ordered the book. Hoping to change my nervous nester attitude!

  144. I love the ‘idea’ of hosting but never really do much of it. Maybe this book will help me! 

  145. Can’t wait to read the book!

  146. We hosted a Labor Day party & had a great time!

  147. We have a large family so gatherings happen all the time. I love coming up with food themes and having a good time. And I am definitely Easy Breezy!

  148. I’m excited to read the book. This Nervous Nester needs some tips!

  149. I am in love with the recipes on this site. I can’t wait to try them out.

  150. We celebrated our youngest sons 18th birthday in August which was a lot of fun for the entire family!

  151. I hosted a bookclub dinner meeting at my house.  Even though it involves a lot of preparation on my part, I still enjoy the end result of a fun evening with friends. My favorite part is setting the table and selecting the centerpiece.

  152. Such a fun way to be introduced to new blog sites!

  153. Just discovered your blog and Love It!!! I enjoy all of Melissa’s Books.

  154. I have your book and and all of Melissa’s too, but Im still a nervous wreck when company comes.

  155. We recently hosted a small group from our church and the thing I did that was a hit was make two desserts: a homemade apple crumb pie and an ice cream cake. What can I say? I just love dessert!

  156. I got Nervous Nester and this book seems perfect for me to learn to be more relaxed about hosting. 

  157. Our church had the monthly potluck in homes instead of at the church building and we had a lovely time visiting with two other families in a different environment. We nearly stayed until the next meal we were all having so much fun!

  158. I love the cake plate!

  159. Last party I hosted was a graduation party… my “perfectionist” came out, but I really just tried to enjoy everybody instead of stressing!

  160. The last memorable event I attended would probably be my son’s graduation.

  161. This is my first time visiting your blog! I can’t wait to explore it more! Thanks for all that you do and continue to do to enrich and encourage readers!

  162. Perfectionist, unfortunately. Trying to roll with it and learn instead of fighting it!

  163. I love Melissa’s books and just received Simple Gatherings in the mail today!  Looking forward to ideas to share our home with family and friends.

  164. We organized a giant pizza party in the summer for the kids’ friends and our neighbours (who are also friends) and had as much time planning it as we did actually hosting. We went crazy with the pizza theme and made giant floppy pizza sun hats, a pizza-shaped piñata, a pizza bean bag toss and more. And served pizza, of course! :)

  165. Just discovered your blog.  Love it.   Love Melissa’s books.

  166. Can’t wait to read!

  167. I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner! All of the family, food, and football!

  168. My family loves to be together. We just gathered at our house Saturday for chili and to watch college football.

  169. Love hosting any kind of casual gathering. Usually dinner parties!

  170. I co-hosted an un-birthday party for a good girl friend whose birthday is near Christmas. So we threw a fabulous picnic on her half birthday! It was so fun and so many guests were able to make it even though we gave less than one week invites! 

  171. I have not had very many hosting experiences but one of my few was not very long ago when several members from our church came together, it was quite a bit of fun!

  172. The quiz says I’m a social butterfly but I’m not sure. Looking forward to reading the book. 

  173. We hosted people to watch Sunday afternoon football.  It was fun and little pressure for my Nervous Nester hosting style.

  174. I got easy breezy as well. Also, that bowl is gorgeous!

  175. I need this book!

  176. Nervous nester, I HATE to throw a party. Or go to them . 😬

  177. Easy breezy…party on the patio anytime! ;) Love Melissa’s style! Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. I am a full time event planner at my Alma Mater and have learned to be a perfectionist! I love every minute of pulling off events.

  179. I am easy breezy according to the quiz but there might should be a cra-cra option because that is what I really should be. We hosted our daughter’s wedding reception for 240 and our son’s rehearsal dinner for 110 AT OUR HOUSE! I guess after those two gatherings anything would be easy breezy, right???

  180. Such a lovely book. And even this “Nervous Nestet” would be eager yo host with gorgeous tableware!

  181. Gorgeous items! I entertain the soccer families a lot and would love to use these items.

  182. Nervous nester – Just went to a Great Gatsby themed birthday party. It was located at a formal venue, so the food, music, and clean-up were all taken care of by paid employees. That is my kind of party!

  183. The last memorable gathering I had was my family Christmas party! I almost had 2 parties…one for family and one for friends. I ended up with a bad cold, so I couldn’t host my friends’ yearly Christmas party. Thankfully my friend Lucy was able to host!

  184. Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement. I got perfectionist! Not surprising, and it’s something I need to work on. I love to-do lists and I’m exhausted before my guests even arrive. I stopped hosting last year for that reason and others. Maybe this will inspire me to ease back into it.

  185. The last memorable event that I hosted was my son’s first birthday party. The theme was “Where the wild things are” and we had so much fun! 

  186. I really don’t remember.

  187. How fun is this!!

  188. Can’t wait to read Melissa’s new book!

  189. Easy breezy–with a little nervous too! Thank you for the opportunity to win these beautiful gifts!

  190. I’m easy breezy and love to get together with friends. Impromptu gatherings are the bestest! 😊

  191. We had a progressive dinner hosted by 3 couples in August. We borrowed our church van and traveled together to each house. We had a great time!

  192. I recently hosted a baby shower for my friend while being 8 months pregnant myself! It was a hoot.

  193. On Friday night I went to a Girl’s Night out with homemade waffles and a movie at a friend’s house. It was a lot of fun!

  194. I love gathering the perfect pieces to entertain.

  195. Loved the quiz- social butterfly here. Which would surprise no one.  Thanks for Jen opportunity to win such a beautiful collection 

  196. Easy Breezy – definitely my style lately! 

  197. We just had my daughters 7th birthday party. It was fun but exhausting. We arrived home from vacation at midnight the night before! Yikes!

  198. I really love setting the table for gatherings. These hostess gifts would be perfect to set the right tone. Thanks for this giveaway and fun opportunity to win!

  199. Social Butterfly 😊

  200. This nervous Nester appreciates a chance to win. 😊

  201. Easy Breezy! But I still enjoy planning the details of the party and having an organized list :)

  202. I love to entertain but tend to sweat the small stuff. I wish I had an unlimited hostess budget. It would be so much fun to put together over the top, but tasteful tablescapes and menus!

  203. I helped host a bridal shower for my daughter–it turned out lovely.

  204. We had family & friends over a couple weeks ago for a football game watch party. I’d only say it was memorable in a bad way because nobody really got to watch the game & everyone left early… our guests weren’t willing to stay up late for the whole game, & nobody really seemed into it anyway, except for us. I guess they just came for the food; I’m not really sure, to be honest. Kinda disappointing, made me more sad than anything else… & that’s the reason I’m a Nervous Nester type.

  205. The new neighbors invited us over, and they have 4 kids. The house is not put together AT ALL – actually it was kind of a mess. However, it didn’t bother the hostess. The house didn’t really matter. It was crazy and fun!

  206. Not a big party giver, but when I do, it’s Easy Breezy!

  207. Love, Love, Love!

  208. Happy to be back on your site! I got the perfectionist. I cope with this by planning far enough ahead that once guests start arriving, I can turn off the preparations and be present!

  209. I am trying to make my home a place where everyone feels comfortable and knows they will be well fed! I’m so excited for these give aways! Thanks!

  210. So fun! Nervous Nester is spot on for me!

  211. I came for the launch party giveaway, but staying for your delicious looking food!

  212. Easy Breezy, lemon squeezy!

  213. Most memorable for me would have to be the year that we had our parents 50th Anniversary party where we were all involved in every detail.

  214. Perfectionist! Yep, totally me! I love having people over and having the perfect table set. I do a lot ahead of time though, so I can relax during the party!

  215. Hi, Sandy! Just a little something tasty and something to “wet your whistle”, a few friends (new or old!) and you’ve got a reason to celebrate life together. Let’s not make this complicated. Let’s just do it and enjoy each other…in person!

  216. We had a card party last month while our daughter spent the weekend at our grandparents. We always make sure we have a fantastic spread of food and drinks to keep our guests happy.

  217. I am easy breezy. love to gather a few friends for dinner.

    a big party can get overwhelming for me.

  218. I’m an Easy Breezy too! Would love to add this book to my collection

  219. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much!

  220. Oh, to be easy breezy! I came up as a perfectionist. Except for a couple of high school graduation parties over the past 2 years, we have fallen out of the habit of entertaining. Time to get hospitable again!

  221. Being out under the stars with a simple and elegant table setting discussing books.

  222. I’m Easy Breezy. I try not to sweat it by inviting friends I’ve known long enough that are glad to just be together.

  223. I host a holiday party every year, but still working on not being a perfectionist!

  224. The last memorable gathering I hosted was my daughter’s one year old birthday party! :)

  225. I hosted an eclipse party for the kids in our neighborhood. We have fun themed snacks and lots of families over and it POURED rain so we all had to eat in our garage and we didn’t get to see the eclipse but the kids sure had fun!!

  226. Wow, so many beautiful items! I have got to get my hands on the book!  I of course got the perfectionist result. Pretty accurate! 

  227. Two months ago I hosted a mermaid themed party for my friends daughter. It was beautiful and the party was an absolute blast!

  228. Already pew-ordered the book…thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  229. We hosted a wonderful 75th bday party for my Mother in Law. It was a great back yard bbq!

  230. I’m enjoying finding new blogs to follow!

  231. We celebrated my younger daughter’s 27th birthday in August. I brought the food to my older daughter’s home and we played games and visited.

  232. Mother’s Day was my last memorable get together, we had my mom , sisters and our kids and grandkids really was special

  233. I’d love to win!

  234. My Husband threw me a birthday party but hurt his leg the day before so I pretty much had to do myt own party, luckily we had friends staying with us and they helped out in a big way.

  235. Hosting an evening around the fire pit!

  236. Perfectionist.  Great ideas!!

  237. My grandparents host nice family gatherings for holidays and birthdays.

  238. The last memorable gathering I attended was a wedding hosted in a small home. It was the most beautiful I’ve attended. Small crowd and wonderful vows.

  239. The last memorable gathering I attended was a party at a friend’s house. Lots of food, booze, laughs and board games! Made lots of friends!

  240. The last memorable gathering I hosted was Christmas 2016. There were 11 of us and three dogs.

  241. I am also easy breezy…. my friends know where to go to restock their needs!

  242. Love the idea of this book!

  243. Can’t wait to get a copy of this book

  244. Beautiful book. Can’t wait to get it.

  245. I love Melissa’s books!

  246. The last gathering I hosted was in July. A friend from out-of-state was visiting and we invited some friends around to meet her.

  247. Lovely items in your give away. Thank you for the opportunity.

  248. Love to host gatherings, especially family ones.

  249. I love all kinds of gatherings! Since my husband and sons’ birthdays were last month we had multiple parties to celebrate them (and my niece and brother-in-law). I also hosted a small group of women from church for a casual get-together around the table.

  250. I love having and hosting parties. 

  251. The last memorable event I hosted was a canning party. We made lots of sweet jams and had lots of laughs and drinks!

  252. Love to have Family over! Have a nice big house to have more family and friends creating new warm memories.. Fun times!

  253. The last memorable event I planned was a girls night with painting, a favorite things exchange, and lots of fun conversation!

  254. I’m the perfectionist for my yearly girls Christmas party!

  255. As a full time caregiver for an 88-year-old mom with Alzheimer’s. Smaller get togethers are more manageable. I would love to win these goodies.

    Melissa’s book looks amazing. Thanks to all the bloggers for their inspiration and for offering these nice prizes!

  256. We host a pizza night every Friday for our friends and their families 

  257. I was thrown the most amazing retirement party just last Friday.

  258. I hosted Easter dessert, after Easter brunch. Love to do easy hosting!

  259. Love these giveaways! Cake stand is great.

  260. We just hosted my daughter’s birthday.

  261. inspiring – helps me feel better about hosting:)

  262. The last event I hosted was a senior high meeting with teenagers and some parents! We had snacks and it was very successful! I wasn’t stressed at all!

  263. I’m a social Butterfly but I think I am borderline laid back like you! Thanks for hosting us on your blog. I like your writing style. :) I’m up here in the PNW, too!

  264. Dinner parties are a favorite

  265. A bridal shower

  266. A casual party with close friends is my favorite.

  267. The last one I attended was a small gathering of friends for a simple dinner. Lots of laughs!

  268. I love your easy spirit and your comfy style! Thanks for doing this!

  269. I’m the party giver in my set. I have able and willing helpers who keep the drinks flowing, the food replenished, and help with all the details I set forth. I love having people over for any reason. Planning is key. My last favorite party was a good friend’s surprise birthday. Everyone enjoyed it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  270. Love this. Thank you!

  271. Perfectionist

  272. The quiz said I’m a perfectionist. That makes sense, I feel too much pressure to plan parties but my most memorable get togethers are when old out of town friends come to visit and I must swallow my pride and accept that my house still has some major flaws and just focus on my friends and catching up. 

  273. “Come as you are” front door rug…awesome!  How I like to entertain!

  274. It says “Social Butterfly”….but I’m not so sure about that. My introverted self questions that one! :)

  275. I hosted my daughter’s 4th birthday party – it was a blast!

  276. My daughter is hosting on Saturday, so this Nervous Nester just had to show up with chips and dip!

  277. The last memorable event I attended was my nieces 9th birthday party with family. 

  278. I guess I’m perfectionist though I don’t feel like it.

  279. The last gathering I attended was to welcome family just moving to our neck of the woods! It was wonderful to share a meal and see face-to-face instead of Facebook! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  280. What a fun book! I don’t host a lot…last time was bunco.

  281. I’m drooling over the cheeseboard in your prize pack. Is it also from Terrain?

  282. my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary…they renewed their vows

  283. Our last big event was a Super Bowl party. It was nice for me, because we got the majority of food catered, rather than cooking at home!

  284. Sandy, my last gathering was for a couple of neighbor kids. It was last minute in that they invited themselves for dinner. Of course, they had to ask their parents for permission to eat with us. The little guy had been by one day when I was doing a photoshoot for the blog and saw some pretty glassware and was totally smitten. So I made sure to use the same dishes and glassware for this impromptu dinner. I do not remember what I served, but I remember how excited the little guy was that he got to drink from those glasses (from the dollar store). He and his sister paid close attention to us and followed our lead the whole time. They had a blast and YES elementary aged kids really do care if the table is pretty. They noticed all the details. They pretty much eat food that comes from a box and no care is given to what the tablesetting look like, but believe me, kids care. Just yesterday, the little guy wanted to know if he could come for dinner again, and could “we” make homemade macaroni and cheese… and I can serve any vegetables I like because his dad doesn’t do vegetables like I do. :) I know these are memories that they will hold the rest of their lives.

  285. Wow, the recipes here look great. I prefer to entertain with lots of good food and when our guests and families can run in and outside. My husband and I really like to move from conversation to conversation. It’s a success when you see smiles and receive hugs as people leave. :)

  286. My most recent gatherings have been children’s parties, and they turned out great! I have toyed with the idea of children’s parties as a small business because I have gotten such positive feedback on my kids’ parties.

  287. Neat quiz! I love the ramp up to a party, and yet the quiz says I’m a relaxed hostess. The best of both worlds!!!!!!!!

  288. The last party i hosted was our small group bible study.

  289. Hard-won carefree and laid back after years of doing it the hard way. Now, give me 30 minutes and we can have a party. As Diane said above–put out a few pretties to make simple food shine, gather friends and let the fun begin.

  290. I am a Nervous Nester trying to improve my party throwing skills :)

  291. Love this!

  292. Beautiful giveaway,  Nervous Nester here.

  293. We host parties all the time but the one that stands out in my mind right now is my oldest sons graduation party. It was such a blast to plan all the details from food, drinks, pictures, decorations and flowers. My sister helped me with the flower arrangements which were stunning. I believe we had about 200 people stop through. My tip to anyone throwing a big congratulations party is to designate one person to take pictures. 

  294. I recently hosted my sister and a friend for lunch. It was lovely!! The small, intimate “parties” are my favorite!

  295. Love these prizes!   Having something beautiful always makes me proud to host!

  296. The last memorable event I attended was a graduation party.  Lots of neat details pulled the party together. 

  297. I had a lot of fun hosting my grandmother’s 89th birthday.   I wanted to make sure she felt special.

  298. A baby shower for a dear friend, and her mom is the queen of hosting.

  299. I love the name of your blog.  I am a reluctant entertainer.  I took the quiz and I am a Nervous Nester.  Maybe the book will help.ju

  300. Fabulous 4th of July..evening..rooftop cap of of fireworks over the river and downtown palm beach.
    You could see fireworks up and down the to city..from 22 floors in the air.
    Including food, fun, friends..casual and relaxed

  301. The last gathering I went to was a sweet fall party with my husband’s family and kids.  There was a caramel apple bar and cider and pumpkin carving. :)  So fun!

  302. What a neat book idea!

  303. what a lovely launch party!

  304. What a great book-  I can hardly wait to read it!  

  305. Love all of these prizes! 

  306. My sons graduation party and those of his friends.  Such momentous occasions.

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