Simple Luncheon: Store Bought Muffins and Desserts!

The last few days have been very exciting, to say the least – almost like a party! Thank you friends, for all of your comments over at Nesting Place.

Now on to this party.

No party is out of reach! Even a simple luncheon party for 4. I recently had a few ladies over for a yummy green salad. Perfect on a hot summers day.

Rotisserie Chicken
Salad greens
Red onion
Feta cheese
1 orange
Fresh raspberries
Your choice of toasted nuts
Add a light amount of your favorite dressing!

My original plan was to make my own muffins the night before, but I ran out of time! (Time is always the magical word, isn’t it?)

I had to give myself a pep talk and remind myself of what’s important: Less is more. Less time in the kitchen means more time with my guests, enjoying their company, creating deeper friendships, and forming stronger bonds. So it was okay that I bought already baked muffins from the store!

I also picked up a few desserts – only 79 cents each. All you need is a tasty bite for dessert, right?

The ladies who came were previous co-workers whom I’d worked with for over 25 years. We had a lot of catching up to do!

Simple times around the table are sometimes the beginning of beautiful friendships, or they’re a gift in nurturing what you already have.

When’s the last time you had friends over for lunch or to just be together? And what’s your favorite summer salad?

12 comments on “Simple Luncheon: Store Bought Muffins and Desserts!”

  1. I hope to have more people over in the future – my goal is to entertain at least once a month, which is a lot more than my usual frequency of 0 times a month! You are an inspiration to me!

    Can’t wait to read your book!


  2. I love the simplicity of this lunch. I had some women over one summer and had them bring their fav salad topping to share. I made Raspberry tea for us to drink. Since my house was too small for the group to just sit inside we set up a big canopy out back and put tables and chairs under that. I gathered wildflowers from the fields by the house and decorated the tables and we had a great time together. There is always a way if you just think outside the box a bit. Your suggestions are wonderful! Can’t wait to get my book too!

  3. I have friends over for lunch 3-4 times a month. We either have Chef Salads or salad greens with a chicken I pick up from the local deli when the weather is hot…no cooking, simple and yummy!

  4. I have people over almost daily right now…fun! My favorite summer salad peaches, goat cheese, organic mixed greens, toasted sunflower seeds, and oil/balsamic vinegar dressing.

  5. can’t say that i have had a friend over for a lunch in a really long time. however, i am a frequent luncher at my best friends house. She feeds me several times a week. You just stop by and there is always a buffet of choices. If you are not hungry she prepares you a to go container of something wonderful for dinner! She is amazing.

    I had a great salad the other day. It was an Asian Pear Salad with beats. It was fabulous for sure!

  6. hmmm…one of my favorite salads is yummy dark greens, with some grilled chicken on top, sliced hard boiled eggs, whatever other toppings wanted and homemade sweet and sour dressing!!! I included the link for the post with the recipe.

  7. I got your book in the mail today from Amazon…can’t wait to read it!!

    My fave summer salad is my Strawberry Spinach Salad. It is always a crowd pleaser and oh so simple to make. You can find the recipe here:

  8. Had a friend over for lunch last week. My favorite salad is Peanut Noodle Salad…pasta with cabbage, green onions, bean sprouts, carrots etc. wiith a peanut dressing! So easy! That way e can enjoy our guests!

  9. Stunning table! The tarts look delicious :-)

  10. My friend Tera just left a few minutes ago… after a 3 1/2 hour visit!!
    I too decided to go buy fresh scones from the Wildflower Bread Company rather than bake in this 110 degree heat. They were sooo yummy!
    And my favorite salad, why YOUR salad! The one with mandarin oranges and feta cheese and that yummy homemade dressing. Love it!

  11. Not a lunch time gathering but last Friday mid morning I inquired as to whether friends were available for dinner on FRIDAY night! They were. I put my chipotle roast in my crockpot and planned a simple meal around the roast: roasted potatoes, broccoli and tuscan bread with dipping oil. No dessert as I have determined to omit desserts for a couple of weeks. (I let them no this ahead of time.)
    It all came together even though I was just cutting the potatoes when the door bell rang. No worries. Within 30 minutes of their arrival we were putting the first forkful in our mouths.
    Favorite salad right now: mixed greens, pickled beets, goat cheese, red onion and a bit of Ranch dressing. I know Ranch dressing doesn’t sound very “gourmet” but I like it.

  12. I just love reading your blog. You inspire me to better myself. I love that about you!

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