Simple Slip n’ Slide!

Who would have thought that 12-year old girls could have so much fun with a Slip n’ Slide?
I’m talking hours of fun with water, a hose and pure craziness.
It was a planned get-together, but it was my daughter’s idea to buy the Slip n’ Slide (using her own money).

I love how sometimes the simple things, like a Slip n’ Slide, can be entertaining even for bigger kids.
Put out a few snacks and let the fun begin!
Having fun was way more important than the matted grass and a messy backyard that I found the next morning.  

Don’t you think water is the best entertainment for kids?

I’m sad that it’s coming to an end! (School next week for our kids!)

18 comments on “Simple Slip n’ Slide!”

  1. looks like a lot of fun and yes water is the best entertainment, and so relaxing for the adults!

  2. looks like fun! I know another 12yo who would join the sliding, if only we were closer : )

    deb meyers

  3. A slip n slide is the best! What fun!

    I am sad summer is ending because the fall and Christmas are busy and coming!!!


  4. I want to come play at your house! :)

  5. I had a wonderful childhood playing with the slip n slide. I am so sad that due to the drought and water restriction we have in my part of Australia (and have had for many years now), my children are yet to enjoy this type of summer fun. At least we can enjoy the pool.

    Julie in Australia

  6. Princess started school Monday, as you know (we talked about it)

    I love how you wove these pics and others together for such a wonderful post :-)

    I want to go get a slip and slide.. and my body from about 15 years ago, too.

  7. Looks like a lot of fun and laughs! Slip and slides are just part of summer!
    sandy toe

  8. I love summer because of the water activities! It looks like they had such fun.

  9. Oh, the good ol' slip-n-slide! It's a sure guarantee for fun, no matter what the age! Glad they had such a great time!

  10. Looks like so much fun – one of the best..and easiest…forms of entertainment!

  11. Yep, water play is the best-our kids love it and will miss it when it comes to an end. (and here's the cool part, they're young enough that they think it's cool to add soap-saves time on bath nights!)

  12. We had a slip n slide earlier this summer. It "somehow" got ruined in the garage but NONE of the kids knew what happened. You know how that goes. haha Yeah, I'm a little sad about summer ending too. But on the other hand, ready for some peace and quiet while the kids are at school.

  13. They sure looked like they were having fun!!
    Back to school for most of the kiddies next week and I am sure they are as excited as we are!!

  14. Water play of any kind is a hit around here – they especially love jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler or water hose.

    Great pics!

  15. Yes, we have great memories of a slip and slide, in fact a great video clip of when my daughter was still in training pants and she was about to "lose" them from sliding! My son was trying to help her keep her pants up!! :)
    Your daughter is a doll…..


  16. School starts next Tuesday for Hunter. Our church is having a "Back to School Burger Bash" next week with a lot of water fun and games planned. The kids will LOVE it!

  17. We loved our slip-n-slides!! They are so fun!! And the grass here apprciates any water it can get!! Enjoy those last few days! We've been in school for a week now!

  18. Having fun and (sort-of) getting clean at the same time. It's the best!!

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