Simplify Kid’s Computer Time!

I found the notebook.
I was cleaning through the kids’ stuff upstairs, and I found the notebook.
For years we struggled with computer time with our kids, especially our middle son.
We came up with a great solution, that worked for our family.
1. Decide how much computer time each child can have per day
2. Buy a notebook, and keep it by your computer – it never leaves that area
3. Each kid makes a log of their in and out times, on their own page
4. If you catch them on the computer, and they didn’t log their time, then a penalty must be served
The consequence for saying, “Mom, I forgot?”  
No computer for a week.
Hard lesson learned.
But it really simplified our problem and it held our kids accountable!
The goal for parenting is to take the pressure off of ourselves and on to our kids, right?
Do you struggle with computer time with your kids, and if so, what is your solution?
(I love Abby’s 9-year old notebook cover design. By the way, I’m KEEPING this notebook as a keepsake for Garrett.  I’ll sneak it into his memory book).

14 comments on “Simplify Kid’s Computer Time!”

  1. Oh do you have the best ideas. Logging time is so easy and love that you are keeping it for the memories.


  2. my kids have to earn their time…
    making a bed= 5 min
    swishing all the potties= 5 minutes
    matching socks= 10 min… nobody likes that job! lol

    you get the picture

    it has helped a lot :)

  3. Computer time… :) My brothers have to practice their piano before they can play computer. I confess, I am on the computer more often than them some days– writing, updating blogs, on Facebook. I probably should have the same rule.

    Hope you're doing well! Finally updating the blog after a rather lengthy break. :)

  4. We have 5 children so each child has a day of the week. Monday-Charlie; Tuesday-Gray; etc. They get 30 minutes of computer time on their day and then 30 min on Saturday. Since they are all excited for their turn on Sat they keep each other accountable.

    Also, they have to ask before they can get on so during the week I check the time they start then about 5 min before their time is up I give them a heads up.

  5. This is an amazing idea! Our kids usually do okay, but it's so easy to let that half hour turn into an hour-or longer. Our oldest is the one who struggles the most with this. I'm totally trying this!

  6. awesome suggestion!

  7. I don't have any kids but it sounds like a great plan. I will keep that in mind for the future. I wanted to invite you to participate in my giveaway. It started yesterday and it will go on until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. What a great idea!!!!! I really enjoy your blog!

  9. I struggle with this with my kids because I AM NOT IN CONTROL of my computer time. ugh. I'm a big hypocrite.

    I think your idea is great, though.

    deb meyers

  10. We too use a 30 minute timer. They are responsible for setting it and if they "forget" to start it they suffer with no "boxes" the next day. The 30 minute timer is for all the "boxes" (Wii, DVD, Computer)–the only one we don't include is the DS. In the summer the get one "box" in the AM and one in the PM. During school there are no boxes on school nights. Of course this may change soon as one of my sons can now turn in homework via email (5th grade). We'll see on the 10th when school starts.

  11. I thought I was the only one struggling with kids and their computer time!!

    What a GREAT solution!! I TOTALLY LOVE the binders for school info, too! Great idea! I'm going to purchase those very binders for my babies this weekend. Too good of an idea not to incorporate… imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. When my kids were small (back in the dark ages of the internet, 10 years ago), we didn't have as big a problem because there was no "wireless" 'net and we only had one family computer that we all shared!

    It's harder to control now, I see that with my stepdaughters who spend almost every waking moment holed up in their room and hooked up to their computers. :-(

    I love your idea but doubt I could get My Man to go for it..sigh…I think it's too late for his girls.

  13. We too struggle with how to manage computer time. It seems overwhelming for me to have to try and remember who was on when and for how long – ugh! Read your post to my hubby and we absolutely LOVE this idea!! Thanks :-)

  14. Yes, we struggle here. But, they each get 30 minutes a day in the time! Many days they never get on it. I just put the timer on and when it buzzes they are off. :) Love your log idea!
    sandy toe

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