I found the notebook.
I was cleaning through the kids’ stuff upstairs, and I found the notebook.
For years we struggled with computer time with our kids, especially our middle son.
We came up with a great solution, that worked for our family.
1. Decide how much computer time each child can have per day
2. Buy a notebook, and keep it by your computer – it never leaves that area
3. Each kid makes a log of their in and out times, on their own page
4. If you catch them on the computer, and they didn’t log their time, then a penalty must be served
The consequence for saying, “Mom, I forgot?”  
No computer for a week.
Hard lesson learned.
But it really simplified our problem and it held our kids accountable!
The goal for parenting is to take the pressure off of ourselves and on to our kids, right?
Do you struggle with computer time with your kids, and if so, what is your solution?
(I love Abby’s 9-year old notebook cover design. By the way, I’m KEEPING this notebook as a keepsake for Garrett.  I’ll sneak it into his memory book).