I am now my cousin Peggy’s little sister.

She calls my entire group of girl cousins her sisters, because just over a year ago she lost her only sister to an illness, at way too young of an age.  

So we now fill that void.

We are her sister cousins.

A few weeks ago she gathered us together at her home for a refreshing time together and a delicious lunch.

We all brought salads and she made the soup

She cut fresh flowers for her table

This is my favorite time of year to head to the garden and cut a fresh head of lettuce, wash, and spin, and I added feta cheese (and finely chopped red cabbage)

Avocado and red onion

Kamatla olives and cherry tomatoes

Even though Peggy’s life has been changed forever after losing her only sister, she has gained a deeper love for us cousins. And us for her.

We’re glad we carve out the time to connect. It doesn’t just happen though. It takes effort.

Do you prioritize getting together with your cousins, or people who you really love?

(Sister cousins almost 2 years ago, before we lost our special one …)