Six Steps to Setting a Classy Valentine’s Table Using What You Have!

In my years of entertaining, I’ve sometimes had dinner parties around Valentine’s Day, and some years we just celebrated with the kids, or my husband and I went out to dinner.

If you’re planning on guests this year, don’t forget to make it simple and don’t stress over going “over the top” in making it too Valentine-ish. If you know what I mean …

1. Use a red Christmas tablecloth. No need to run out and spend extra money on a new one!

2. Bring out the white dishes … white goes perfectly with red for Valentine’s Day.

3. Use small vases with white flowers. Grab some fresh rosemary (or other flowering herb) from your yard, if you have it.

4. Add low-line tea lights (lots of them, if you have them). Keep your basket of “extra” candles nearby, just in case you have a late night.

5. Any napkins will do – in my case I wanted bright and cheery so I grabbed some flowery polka-dotted ones.

6. And don’t forget a Valentine’s dessert – if you can pull it off like this one. Easy brownies made from scratch with vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle a few peppermint candies on top! Wah-Lah!

Often when we consider “themed” or “holiday” dinner parties, I think we stop the minute we think it might be fun, because we don’t have all the “stuff” or “supplies.”

Learn to take it a step further and use what you have, or think of what you can borrow from your friends!

Remember, your friends are coming to your home to celebrate life and get to know you more – not to judge your table setting, meal preparation, or if you have the theme just right.

That’s what I love about planning a dinner party. Once I learned to rid myself of perfection, I could let myself feel the beauty of planning and enjoying our friends!

Will you be planning a Valentine’s gathering this month?

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18 comments on “Six Steps to Setting a Classy Valentine’s Table Using What You Have!”

  1. Valentine’s Day is my birthday, so we will have kids and grandkids and a few close friends for pizza and cake–my sweet hubby will take care of all of that. We will have candles on the table–simple.

    I am decorating a table tomorrow night for a fundraiser dinner and I know it will be fun!

  2. Hope to be going out with my husband~but always do something special with the table for the kids! Love it!! ~Chris Ann

  3. Such great ideas here! We keep Valentine’s low key because we celebrate big for my husband’s birthday the day before. But we do make things special for the kids, so we’ll be making a special breakfast (heart shaped french toast) and planning a special dinner (waffle brownies for desert!) We light candles and set the table nice, because the kids love it. They get a nice meal and then we’ll put them to bed early! ;)

  4. No real plans here though I too like the idea of a special dessert.

  5. Beautiful! I love the polka dot napkins! Once again you’re teasing me with decadent desserts! ;)

  6. Just two happy campers for Valentine’s Day. And I really do mean campers…. we’ll be at the coast in a small makeshift cabin. I will make dinner – and it will be fabulous! Just much different than it’d be at home. Have to BBQ or use the top of the wood burning stove! We’ve been visiting this place for many years and have come up with some great decor and menus!

  7. We won’t be having a gathering for Valentine’s Day, but this post is encouraging to me. Here is the quandary I’m facing though: what if you don’t already HAVE that stuff? Do you have a post I haven’t seen (I’m relatively new here) with a list of staple items every entertainer should have around? I too often wind up going the tacky disposable route rather than make an investment just once.

  8. Simply elegant. And, yes. Extra candles in case it is a late night – wink wink.

  9. No Valentine’s celebration dinners here– just a quiet (or not) evening with the family. But I love the idea of a special Valentine’s dessert! I’m sure my crew will too. :)


  11. Thanks! I love reading your posts: its like youre speaking straight to me when you remind how to let go of perfection and have fun.

  12. What a pretty table! I always stock up on “red” things at the after-Christmas clearance. . . Valentine’s, July 4th, both benefit from RED.
    Happy Heart Day to you!

  13. This is a great post, Sandy! What fun to make a memorable table for Valentine’s Day, but how smart to do it with things we already have in our homes! I love pretty tablescapes, but honestly the company is so much more important that the prettiness. :)

  14. Love the table Sandy. It’s good to remember it’s about the people sitting around the table! No big plans for V Day. We are meeting up with one of the Mennonite gals and her husband for dinner on Sunday on their way back to Canada…

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  16. No gathering for us other than with our little loves here at home. We’d love to get out, too, but finding a reliable sitter has been difficult lately!

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