Some Traditions are the Best!

Abby Christmas cake

Another Progressive Dinner has come and gone. Same 4 couples, year after year. As we reminisced, we couldn’t remember how many years we’ve been doing this …

That is what you call a tradition. Some traditions are okay to break. Some last for a while, and then it’s time for them to end. (One thing we always do is take a pix of the girls!)

Progressive Dinner 2009

Our hope and prayer with this group of 8 is that it will go on for many more years.

shrimp cocktail

We started early. Appetizers at Jenny’s using her Grandmother’s very old shrimp cocktail dishes.

On to Kristi’s for amazing pear and blue cheese salad with glazed pecans. Then the most delicious crab cake dinner at Cindy’s.

Abby Christmas flower

And then dessert at our house. Except for this year I planned it differently. I asked my daughter to make dessert and serve it to our guests. So the day of, Abby worked hard in the kitchen (using modeling chocolate for the poinsettia leaves). [Read Our Cake Boss Girl post, here.]

modeling chocolate

Putting her fondant to work.

fondant Christmas

Designing her own poinsettia’s inspired by this.


Putting it together to make this beautiful cake.

Abby Christmas cake

Cute girls serving the adults.

Abby Erin serving

Laughter always with my girlfriends. A lot of laughter.

Progressive Dinner 2009

Progressive Dinners are a perfect way for the reluctant person to get involved in a dinner party. You serve one course at your house, and then go on to the next house.

In our case, we ended the night at our house.

Have you thought about a Progressive Dinner during the holiday season? Or, I’d love to hear if you are a part of them any other time of year?

(The winner to the Wild Wool Giveaway is Teresa from Blooming on Bainbridge!)

I’m also linking up today over at The Inspired Room where my friend Melissa is giving us her house tour!

10 comments on “Some Traditions are the Best!”

  1. beautiful cake! i haven’t done a progressive dinner in forever, i think it is time to do another one!!

    love that idea.


  2. Fun! Great job on the cake, Abby! Kelly

  3. We do a Tree Tour/Progressive dinner, which is so fun! Three families….appetizers and drinks at the first stop….something more main course at the second… and dessert and coffee at ours to finish off. We get to see everyone’s pretty tree’s, but it seems so much easier to just pull together one course of a meal, rather than the whole thing.

  4. Your daughter is so talented!

    Yes, I have been involved with progressive dinners when I was single. They were always so much fun!! This would be a great idea to bring back into practice.

  5. Progressive dinners are great, I remember doing some as youth group events when I was younger. Might have to plan some again-especially this time of year it would be fun to see everyone’s house prettied up for Christmas!

  6. Aren’t progressive dinners fun?! We participate in one each Christmas season with 5 other neighbors – it’s a wonderful tradition that was started long before we moved into our neighborhood. This was the 10th year that we participated. Thanks for sharing about yours!

  7. The cake turned out beautiful, Abbey! I love the prog. dinner idea. You only have to worry about one course! Love it!

  8. Abby’s cake is gorgeous! She did a superb job.

    As for traditions, before we moved to Nebraska our Sunday School class (around 30 couples) would do a ‘Who’s Coming to Dinner’ and a white elephant gift exchange. Some couples would host and the others would meet at the church & draw the name for whose home they would be going to for dinner. No one new who would be going where. It was so much fun. Those who did not host brought a dessert and we would all meet at a home at a designated time for dessert and the exchange. So many wonderful memories, I loved to host for this event. This is one of the things I miss most since moving.

  9. Whoa! Abby did a fabulous job on that cake! Just gorgeous. Her poinsettia is beautiful! Well done Abby!!

  10. what an awesome idea!! It’s been years since I’ve done a progressive dinner…so long that I can’t remember what I did!!

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