Adding special touches to a meal can really make for a great dinner party.

But you know me – it never has to be complicated or overdone.

I can’t stand a messy, overly cluttered table!

A few weeks ago we had a couple over for dinner. I warned them that it was an Irish dinner, but not an Irish meal! Meaning I decorated in green for the Irish, but I cooked an American meal. I’m not so fond of corned beef and cabbage!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our husbands’ Irish heritage. But mainly the hours sitting around the dining table were the most meaningful.

True connection!

I set the table with a green theme

Picked fresh lettuce from our cold frame

Washed and spun

Dipping sauce for bread made with our fresh garden herbs, using Grandma Friesen’s sorbet glasses

Hubs getting music ready

Our dinner was simple, elegant and included possibly the best conversation we’ve ever had with this couple. A Thank you B & J!

With a few special touches, you really can really create a delicious meal and set the mood.

And what made it special for me was remembering my Grandma, and her green dishes handed down to me.

Do you keep in mind something special for your table when you have guests?

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