Special Touches!

Adding special touches to a meal can really make for a great dinner party.

But you know me – it never has to be complicated or overdone.

I can’t stand a messy, overly cluttered table!

A few weeks ago we had a couple over for dinner. I warned them that it was an Irish dinner, but not an Irish meal! Meaning I decorated in green for the Irish, but I cooked an American meal. I’m not so fond of corned beef and cabbage!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our husbands’ Irish heritage. But mainly the hours sitting around the dining table were the most meaningful.

True connection!

I set the table with a green theme

Picked fresh lettuce from our cold frame

Washed and spun

Dipping sauce for bread made with our fresh garden herbs, using Grandma Friesen’s sorbet glasses

Hubs getting music ready

Our dinner was simple, elegant and included possibly the best conversation we’ve ever had with this couple. A Thank you B & J!

With a few special touches, you really can really create a delicious meal and set the mood.

And what made it special for me was remembering my Grandma, and her green dishes handed down to me.

Do you keep in mind something special for your table when you have guests?

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  2. I am northern irish, and was so glad to read you did not cook corned beef and cabbage – because I know of NO-ONE here who eats it. I first read of it on American blogs!

    Love the table setting, and sounds like you had a lovely evening.

  3. I agree it is those little unexpected small touches that make it all come together! Great post

  4. I love that Modgirl noticed the book. I had missed it. I like to use books as part of my table decor from time to time, even used special books in our color scheme in the table centerpieces for our wedding.

    I don't remember if I've commented this before but each picture of your green glass dessert dishes makes me feel happy. I have been collecting these for a while and have all different patterns. I have not thought of using them for dipping oil for bread. What a fun idea!

    We are having company for dinner tomorrow so maybe I will copy.

    I completely agree with Linda about all being at the same table. I have been known many times in my little apartments to rig one long table going from the dining room to the living room.

    Like Stacey I like to use our stemware and silver when entertaining and even "just for us". I like placecards and holders sometimes and sometimes small s & p shakers for each person. I also like to hang things on chair backs like placecards or something. Kelly

  5. Ohh, forgot to answer the question! :) I try to always have a low but pretty centerpiece. I love the look of taller ones, but don’t like when guests want to move the centerpiece to see better LOL!! So, I try to be thoughtful and choose something lovely, but not too high! I also like to use our china and silver, even if it isn’t a very formal meal or time. Why not?! :)

  6. Love the table! Those dishes of your Grandmother’s really are perfect! :)

  7. I really like grandma’s dessert cups!! So is that a book of Irish verse? :0)

  8. I love the old, green book that you added to the table… unconventional but a very nice touch!

  9. One of things that is so important to me is that we all sit together. I have gone to dinner parties and rather than put us all together, we are split up into maybe two tables of four. I make a point of connecting tables so that we are all together… otherwise it feels like two parties are going on… and I go away not really connecting with those that I thought I’d get to know better. SOOO worth investing in those 6 ft. tables that can be added to your dining or patio area.
    I can see that you did that in your last post… what a sweet pic.

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