Spirits – Chili and Cider


I’m over at Blissfully Domestic today, reminiscing about past Halloween nights (written a couple of years ago).

And in the meantime, I have my chicken cooking on the stove (in salsa).


And my cans of beans laid out.

chic 3

And a very special friend dropped a “new kitchen housewarming” gift by (perfect timing).

chic 1

We may do Halloween differently this year. We may just put on a pot of Chicken Chili and open our doors, and stay home!


Cider on the stove. Chili in the pot. The kids are older and doing their own things, but our house is always open.


What are your plans for the weekend?

(Photos taken by my husband last Halloween in the corn maze!)

Want to try a yummy dessert? Check out Grace’s (A Southern Grace) Easy Bars, Halloween Style! YUM! And I’m linking to Melissa’s Beautiful LIfe today, because opening our homes to others is a beautiful thing!

11 comments on “Spirits – Chili and Cider”

  1. Oct 31st unfolded as my college son and 4 friends had arrived at 11:00pm Friday. They were on an impromptu road trip to see the Redwoods and Coast, and get back to GFU by 8:00pm (Sat) for one young man to go to work!!! I got the inquiring call on Friday at 4:00pm—mom can I bring some guys home tonite? (the answer to this is always YES) can we mooch breakfast and maybe stuff to pack for lunches—-the whole trip had a $20 budget! Again the answer was yes. Doug and I served a pancake breakfast and sent the adventurers off by 7:30am, thankful to put faces with the names of new friends.
    Later that afternoon, we spent in the home of our dear friends to watch “the Ducks” and share supper. We were interrupted (expected) by a call from our oldest to pick her up at the Greyhound station. She will be renting a van tomorrow am to move some of her things from storage at our house (she’s spent 3 years in Italy) to her new apartment in Portland. What a blessing to see my oldest and youngest in the same day!

  2. I could go for some cider right now. I have not had one cup all season!
    sandy toe

  3. Our girls will both be gone at parties with their small groups from church (sleepovers). Our property is enough out of the way that I don’t think we’ll get trick or treaters. Hubby and I were going to go to a movie but nothing playing really caught our eye, so I think we’ll rent one instead and stay home.

  4. Sounds wonderful!! We are getting together with friends and sharing an early meal! Then, it will be off trick ‘r treating with the kids!

  5. I love the new look! Fabulous.

    We’ve been super busy working on costumes. It was worth it, my 10 year old won first place today for her headless Marie Antoinette.

    We’ve got three that still need help trick or treating! One of us will be roaming the streets the other (ME) will be handing out candy.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend all month long. Planning to play with my delightful grandchildren and passing out lots of candy!
    Great recipe — thanks for sharing.

  7. Wishing your family a fun Halloween!

  8. Chili is exactly what I fix for Halloween EVERY YEAR! YUM!!!

  9. Love it. Such a “cozy” post! Whatever that means? IDK, it just made me feel cozy.
    p.s. Love the corn maze photos!

  10. Brilliant – I am well pleased – I’ve been looking for a tried and true chicken chili recipe and now, thanks to you I have one!

  11. We’re hosting our first Halloween Party tonight – chili, cider, bobbing for apples & a big bonfire. We’ve always gone somewhere; this is the first year we’re staying home.

    This is a story for you, Sandy – not waiting until things are perfect to entertain – we’re not even moved into our house yet, but we’re still partying there tonight!

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