Mrs. P pulled me aside at school and said, “The word is spreading!”

What?” I asked.

Teachers cannot believe that you moms would bring me and my family dinner!” she said.

As she was walking out to her car after a very long day, with dinner in one hand and her keys in the other, a couple of teachers stopped her and asked what the “food in the box” was all about.

Mrs. P went on to explain that a few moms have organized dinners for her family, and bring it to her a couple times a month.

The teachers were shocked!!

What kind of parents would do such a thing?” they asked her.

More than a smile formed on Mrs. P’s face. Inside her heart was a feeling of gratitude for the supportive “invisible moms” that take hospitality seriously in our school. The moms who step outside of their comfort zone, who want to reach out and bless their child’s teacher.

What better way then by giving her a night off from cooking?

Yes, the idea is spreading!

(Photo: My last quart-jar of home-canned pickled beets! These beets are like gold to my family, served with one of our favorite traditional meals. What do you think I served these beets with?)

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