Spreading Love

Mrs. P pulled me aside at school and said, “The word is spreading!”

What?” I asked.

Teachers cannot believe that you moms would bring me and my family dinner!” she said.

As she was walking out to her car after a very long day, with dinner in one hand and her keys in the other, a couple of teachers stopped her and asked what the “food in the box” was all about.

Mrs. P went on to explain that a few moms have organized dinners for her family, and bring it to her a couple times a month.

The teachers were shocked!!

What kind of parents would do such a thing?” they asked her.

More than a smile formed on Mrs. P’s face. Inside her heart was a feeling of gratitude for the supportive “invisible moms” that take hospitality seriously in our school. The moms who step outside of their comfort zone, who want to reach out and bless their child’s teacher.

What better way then by giving her a night off from cooking?

Yes, the idea is spreading!

(Photo: My last quart-jar of home-canned pickled beets! These beets are like gold to my family, served with one of our favorite traditional meals. What do you think I served these beets with?)

For another inspirational story of reaching out, you can read my Feeding Teachers post here.

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  1. I LOVE the foodie pics you’ve added to your sidebar! So beautiful – and I LOVE to can, as well. It really is a lost art, and I’m so thankful to you for keeping it at the forefront of peoples’ minds!

  2. What a lovely idea — organized dinners for a child’s teacher. Excellent!

    And. . .

    I love pickled beets! A real fav of mine!

    Thanks for all your great ideas and inspiring posts!


  3. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for the inspiration, Sandy. I will definitely be implementing this in my kiddo’s school!

  4. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Sandy, this is such an incredibly caring and thoughtful idea! A perfect way to “give of yourself.” And to bring others in on it is sheer genius! I bet some of them would never have thought of it or acted on it, but I bet they’ll consider doing it for future teachers and other people in the business of serving. Who in turn are more likely to do the same in the future… and so on and so forth. See what you’ve started?

  5. Truly a blessing and gift of hospitality for them I’m sure!

  6. Wow!!! You are such an inspiration! I am so impressed with your attention to all of the little details.

    The little things are what seem to mean the most and have such a profound affect.

    Keep the good work. You are truly an example of a woman who knows her giftings!

    Thanks again for sharing.

  7. This is a wonderful idea! I am going to organize something like this with the mothers at my boys school.

    I would like to introduce myself. I am a new WAHM and am excited to begin networking with moms and grandmothers who are juggling the many roles they have in life just as I am. I had a 15 year career as an accountant for a publicly traded company and I missed out on so many of the precious moments in the lives of my boys. In August of ’07 I finally took the step of faith and left my full-time employment so that I could have the time, energy, and flexibility to focus on the needs of my tween (age 12) and 1st grader (age 6).
    I have built a website which focuses on the essentials of family living, hence the name ~ http://www.essentialfamilyliving.com. One of my favorite topics of discussion is Family Fun Night and I have dedicated much of my blog space to this subject.

    I would love for you to view my site and blog then comment with any suggestions, advice, or encouragement. Thank you for the consideration.

    Blessing on your day!

  8. Hi Ladies – great question Meredith. I originally said “invisible” because after I cleared this idea with the teacher, I did not tell her who the 5 women would be bringing dinner. Each time, one mom just shows up with the dinner at a certain time. Now, of course, Mrs. P has been in the room several times when dinner has arrived … but that’s okay!
    It’s fun on the giving side – and I’m sure it’s very exciting on the receiving end!

    I love anyone’s cooking but my own! LOL.

  9. What a wonderful treat for the teachers – I would have loved to receive that when I was a teacher before children.

    Now, I homeschool – so I guess I am making my childrens’ teacher supper!! :)

    Oh, that salad on the post you linked too, I make that same poppy seed dressing – WE LOVE IT!!!!

  10. Very cool! I love this!!!
    You inspire me once again.

    Thanks for the comment yesterday. Today’s post is a bit lighter, stop by for a laugh on me.


  11. I love this idea–and I love that you cleared it with the teacher, yet kept the project low key and humble.

    How does the anonymous part work? The teacher knows you are the contact person, but not who the contributors are? Or did everyone find out in the end?

  12. I’ve said this before, but I think this idea is one of the best ways to reach out to people…simple hospitality in the most unobtrusive, selfless manner!
    So wonderful. Again…you’re an inspiration. :)

  13. I think I said this on your original post, but I just LOVE this idea, Sandy. I’m definitely going to put it into practice sometime soon. What a gift you are — to teachers and to us.

    But the beets? EWWW! Sorry. ;-)

  14. How wonderful you do this for your teachers. I may do this the week of Teacher Appreciation……a grand idea….wonder if I could a parent each might to bring her a dinner?

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