There’s something about spring and the newness of life that gives me hope.

The dreariness of winter is put to rest and there’s a feeling of excitement in the air. Lately I’ve sensed a hint of spring on my early morning workouts. Several times my girlfriends and I have stopped just to smell “spring!”

We start dreaming about Spring, where I live, in February.

The crocuses have reappeared. And although I just captured this picture in our front yard, words and pictures can’t portray its beauty.

I can’t wait for this bud to be bursting at its fullest.

The garden beds that lay dormant will soon have life.

The pool will be warm and full of laughter.

We’ll soon catch a whiff of fresh cut grass.

Our animals just love sunshine.

As I dream about spring and long for the warm days of summer, I can’t help but think of the simplicity of the crocuses and bulbs popping out of the ground, and the welcoming sign of spring.

They say to me, “Spring is here – get ready!”

Do you find yourself dreaming and wanting warmer weather like I do?

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