Strawberry Pie & a Visit from Apron Thrift Girl!

My friend Selena (check out her blog, Apron Thrift Girl) and her family visited us last week as they were passing through town. We didn’t know how it was going to work out – but all of that worrying for nothing.

She ended up coming with her family, late in the evening, and as her kids swam, we talked for hours. She brought me a lovely stack of Everyday Food magazines, and I had made for her a beautiful Apron Thrift Girl apron – how appropriate for both of us!

We talked about thrifting.
We talked about gardening.
We talked about photography.
We talked about football (soccer!)
We talked about football (oh, did I mention that?)
We talked about houses, fixing up houses, character of houses.
We talked about food & cooking & cookbooks.
We talked about blogging.
We talked about family and life.

And we ate strawberry pie. Cooked up by my daughter Abby, we indulged in red, delicious berries from our garden and we talked some more.

We talked as we were walking out the door, and as they were getting into the car (thank you for your patience, Dave!)

Remember, practicing hospitality doesn’t mean you have to cook a full meal, or plan an entire dinner party.

You can start with something small, like dessert, which is simple and easy to serve. Keeping things uncomplicated takes the stress off of you, as the hostess, so that you can actually enjoy your company with ease and style!

I’m glad I opened my home to Apron Thrift Girl last week. Because not only was it enjoyable meeting a new family, I can say I’ve made a new friend!

How about you – do you like to venture out and meet new people? Or do you find it intimating and a little scary?

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16 comments on “Strawberry Pie & a Visit from Apron Thrift Girl!”

  1. Meeting you Sandy has honestly been the highlight of our trip. You are as warm and caring as you appear in your blog. I loved your home, your pool and your wonderful hospitality. I hope we can meet again very soon perhaps this time at our home.

  2. A woman after my own heart!!!!
    Love your blog! Great ideas for great fun… everyday!


  3. Oh it sounds like you had a fabulously wonderful time! And a yummy time! :-)

  4. Having people over for just coffee and dessert is a favorite way to get to know someone.

  5. Sounds like a WONDERFUL evening!

  6. I like to meet new people but it is slightly intimidating the first time they come over to my house. Your pie recipe looks yummy! Can’t wait to try it!

  7. p.s. of course I’ll blog it…

  8. oh how divine the strawberry pie looks, I will have to give that a go

    funnily enough I think that entertaining new people or those you don’t know is easier than those you do – new friends mean you have no expectations to live up to, for anything, house, home, life, food or kids…. I guess strawberry pie covers a lot of bases too

    i have made anohter invitation, that has been accepted for this weekend, just a little afternoon tea on the deck for me and a friend, nothing big like my first toe in the water last week, but actually just as important, inviting a friend to enjoy my hositality in my home, I’ve planned cute little cupcakes and I am soooo excited to set a table for two with my rosy posy vintage china that hasn’t seen the light of day for a few years…now I’m thinking strawberry pie could fit the bill

    thanks as ever for inspiration and making it all seem do-able


  9. Sounds like a lovely visit. Your daughter’s confidence in the kitchen is great. We hope to cook together more once dance recital season is over.

  10. That pie looks delish!! And I love dessert or cocktail/appetizers only parties, fun & easy.

  11. I clicked on Apron Thrift Girl’s link. She visited some of my favorite places recently! thank you for linking us~~just like a quilt!

  12. Definitely scary. I’m getting better at it though. I’m not quite so worried about being perfect.

  13. Oh it looks like a perfect evening and you hit on all my favorites, football (soccer), futbol, oh I said that already. Did you hear we’re getting an MLS team in Seattle. My son has 4 season tickets reserved already for the season. Oh and talking about blogging and photography and food with a slice of strawberry pie in front of you, what could be more perfect.

  14. We have done drinks and appetizers only and coffee and dessert before…it doesnt matter as long as they feel comfy and you do too…what is important is that you bond….great pics by the way.

  15. Thank you for another great post and thank you Abby for showing this old girl she doesn’t need to be afraid to make a strawberry pie :-)

  16. I’m jealous!

    When are you and/or Apron Thrift Girl heading south to my house?

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