Hey, it’s officially summer! Can we do a little summer dance?  
To me that would be a little jig outside by the pool.  I love summer!
Since I recently wrote about our family’s love for water and the exciting times we’ve had around our pool, I thought I’d share with you 5 ways that I try keep our pool area organized during the summer months.
I say try, because things are never perfect around our house!
To make it easier on the kids and guests, I came up with these simple, inexpensive ideas:
1. Take a coat rack and use as a goggle holder.
2. Towels folded and accessible in a $2 yard sale basket.
3. Sunscreens available in our outside bathroom.
4. Unique candle holder – a place to dry towels.
5. We’re beyond the pool toys now, but I used to keep them in a pool box, around the side of the house.
I’ll keep inexpensive items on hand, like pretzels and popcorn, or chips and salsa. The kids know how to make quesadillas if they are starving, or to throw in a frozen pizza (the extent of the frozen foods that I buy). They are pretty self-sufficient kids.  But I’ll explore snacks further in a future post.

What tips can you share that help keep your pool area organized and functional for guests?

How do you organize your outdoor toys/equipment?  
I need help with my badminton rackets and birdies!