My friend Jeannie had a great idea. She asked if she and her husband could come over for a float in our pool, and in exchange, she’d bring dinner!

Who’d pass that up?

Little did I know what I’d be getting in to! When the two arrived, I was ordered out of the kitchen and into the garage. After a few minutes I was told to shut my eyes, and led back to our patio where Jeannie surprised me with a new tablecloth for my birthday! She made it just for me – and that was very special. I love the vibrant colors and the zip it brings to our outdoor eating area! (top photo)

The first course of our meal was incredible! Made by Minor – it was homemade cold avocado soup with shrimp, green onions and cilantro on top! After putting many hours into this soup, just for my birthday, my mouth started watering because I knew it had to be good!

Delicious! After we devoured it quickly, we jumped into the pool for a refreshing float. The rest of the meal followed with Chinese Chicken salad and a fresh fruit spinach salad and bread. Were we spoiled or what? And waited on!!

We had a robust evening – full of life!

So here’s an idea for you! If you are “pool less” and “hot” and looking for something different to do on a hot summer’s night, take this idea of swapping a float for a meal, with someone you know who has a pool!

Thank you Minor and Jeannie, for a great night of swimming, awesome food, and for making my birthday special.