Sweet & Savory: Roasted Tomatoes

Rich, sweet, savory roasted tomatoes – so scrumptious.

That is what I love about this time of year, the straggler tomatoes warm off the vine that go straight into the oven.

Roasting tomatoes is a cinch, and there are so many ways to cook with them. You can freeze, puree for tomato soup, make your own spaghetti sauce, and even salsa.

1. Wash tomatoes.
2. Cut in chunks and put in a baking pan.
3. Add 10-12 cloves of pressed or chopped garlic.
4. Drizzle with olive oil.
5. Add sea salt and white pepper.
6. Chop up fresh basil (lots is good).
7. Add sugar or Stevia for sweetness.

Bake at 450 for 45 minutes to an hour or longer. The longer you roast the tomatoes, the more the juices will evaporate. So if you want juicier tomatoes, cook for less time. If you roast a lot of tomatoes, they freeze well in Ziploc bags.

My favorite way to eat? On fresh baguette bread.

Mm-m-m-m. This is one reason why I hate summer to end!

Remember when we planted more butter crunch lettuce in our herb trough? It’s perfect right now for eating. This was our first year to plant lettuce so late. And being right outside our back door, it’s so convenient and easy to pick. (Here’s when we just planted it, and then a little bit of growth, and then now (above). You might want to think ahead to putting in a herb trough this next year. It was my fun Mother’s Day gift, and I’ve used it all summer long.)

Do you roast tomatoes, or how do you freeze them?

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  4. I was so happy to read your post this morning with the reference to this recipe.

    I started roasting tomatoes this weekend and just made it up as I went. Amazingly, I came very close to this recipe. The first time I did it I used olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil. My husband thought they were wonderful, but I thought they needed to be a little sweeter. When I made it last night, I added a sprinkling of sugar. That made all the difference! The addition of garlic will be wonderful! I hadn’t thought of that yet.

    Thanks for your wonderful recipes. My evernote is getting full!

    Judy :)

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  6. I have used your recipe so many times since I first saw it posted on your blog! It tastes like summer! It freezes really well in baggies, and thaws quickly if you freeze them flat. When our neighbour was on holidays he let us harvest his tomatoes, so I made a few batches for his freezer, as well. I sent them over with a package of buccatini pasta for a quick dinner the night he returned from a week long camping trip.

  7. I do. Often. My problem is that they rarely make it to the freezer. They go so well in so many sauces and as you said on a crusty baguette. Perfection!

  8. I love roasted tomatoes! Dad has grown tomatoes this year at my sister’s house. I am going to roast them the next time he brings me some.
    I posted about your book today! :)
    Love you!

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm……..this looks devine!!

  10. Tomatoes never hang around long enough here for any leftovers! We probably eat more tomatoes than anything else they’re just so versatile. I love this idea though of roasting them and the colours of your tomatoes are fabulous.

  11. Oh man, I was going to write a post about making homemade tomato sauce, but you beat me to it! ;)
    I hadn’t thought of roasting the toms, but have put them in a pot & let them simmer for an hour along with onions, garlic and a good glug of oil….then, whilst bagging it up into portion suss fir the freezer, I ‘sample’ my hard work with freshly made homemade bread (first time of making, I scoffed the lot!) – such great winter food!

  12. This post makes me miss my garden. I don’t roast tomatoes but I do love buying Muir Glen fire roasted tomatoes. They are fabulous in homemade salsa when you are in a hurry.

  13. My family eats roasted tomatoes like they’re candy! Have you tried a drizzle of balsamic? It brings out a rich depth of flavor, and is our favorite way to make these. I also add fresh thyme.

  14. My tomatoes are still green on the vine sad to say…..I have usually just canned mine, or use them fresh. I really want to try roasting them. Next year I’d love to plant a variety with lots of color. i always love the look of yours.

  15. I’ve never done this but I’m sooooo going out TODAY and picking tomatoes and roasting them. I’m DONE with canning for the year! :)

    Thanks for the simple recipe!

  16. I always forget to do this, but I love to roast tomatoes. I could just eat them all on their own, but they’re pretty good on a baguette too.

  17. I’m so disappointed with our tomato crop (or lack thereof) this year, I hardly had any tomatoes to harvest. I love roasting vegetables – no matter how often I do it, I’m amazed at how sweet they get in the oven!

  18. I roast tomatoes just like you do, except I usually roast onions along with, and blend it all and freeze as sauce. I am considering a herb trough for next summer to replace all the small pots that need watering so often.

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