Tablecloths: Do You Fold Them or Hang Them?

I was looking at my dining area the other day, and I noticed how drab and “wintery” it looked … sigh. (Sorry, should have taken a picture.) I really am not a fan of winter, and during those months I need to do whatever it takes to perk things up around here. So to the closet I went, to find a “fresh” ironed table cloth to liven up the area a bit.

Low and behold, as I opened the door, I could hardly see what I had! What a mess!

It was time.

Time to organize my tablecloth closet.

I refolded and hung them by their colors … white … pastel … darker colors.

Mission accomplished. It felt good to get that closet in shape! (My goal each day in January is to organize one small area of my house, be it a drawer or a closet.)

A beautiful bright, cheery Williams Sonoma cloth … 70×108 inches is the size I buy.

Ah … it makes me SO happy and ready for Spring when I change or move things around and liven up my house!

Do you hang or fold your tablecloths?

And if you’re a tablecloth girl like I am, which is your favorite?

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  2. Well I am not a tablecloth “girl”, but I am a tablecloth GUY. I have a weakness for all linens, and have at least 30 white table clothes, of various sizes, because we entertain different groups of people and need different sizes for the table size. I also have at least 25 colored tableclothes and napkins. I would love to be able to hang them but all of our closets are full of other things. So I just iron them and fold them, then stack them on a shelf in the closet in our laundry room. We both love to change out the clothes it can make your table look so festive, or elegant depending on what you choose. We are right now enjoying a white table cloth with my Blue Willow dishes on it, makes the dishes really POP!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  3. Definately, hang tablecloths but still have to iron before using. I needed something new for the breakfast room table, to get through the Winter blahs too. Williams Sonoma Provence in white. Love it!

  4. I don’t fold or hang them because I’ve never had one! This post made me want some though! I will be on the lookout now. What a great way to make our table look beautiful with decor that I can easily change any time I want. If I do eventually get some I think I’ll hang them in the back of the coat closet. : )

  5. When my aunt and uncle had their house built they intentionally put in a closet near the dining room for tablecloths. It’s lovely.

    Feel free to completely disregard this idea but if you put your tablecloths all on white hangars they would look even more stunningly organized. (I’m a white hangar fanatic though.) :)

    Presently I fold my huge collection of mostly vintage tablecloths but I really should probably sort through and purge some. I like the idea above of rolling them. hmm . . . We’ll see. I can’t use tablecloths day to day right now because my small son would be able to pull them off the table. At nine months they just don’t know that’s not a good idea. :)


  6. Wow Sandy, I can’t believe all your lovely tablecloths! I thought I had a lot at around 10! Mine are hanging in our foyer closet…..I hope your organizing and freshening up your table brought you some winter cheer!

  7. If they are ironed, I hang in the coat closet. Before my son was born, I went crazy and ironed every single one, along with all the napkins. My linen closet was a thing of beauty!

    Alas now I more often iron as a go. I love my April Cornell cloths – they scream Spring! I may just have to throw one on to cheer up the place, now that you mention it!

  8. I learned a secret when I lived in Sweden..they roll up all their linens so that they don’t have line or wrinkles in them. Works really nicely and I seem to have more room in my linen closet when I do this…plus it makes your linen closet look really pretty. I wanted to get some information from you on your balcony girls book. Can I purchase it on my kindle? I can not seem to find it. I want to start this group with some of the young girls in our church and I love the name Balcony girls too. Let me know ho I can pick up this book. Hugs and blessings =O)

  9. I fold them, but if I had the space, I would love to roll them around cardboard tubes (like fabric comes on) so that they stay crease-free. I saw that on Martha Stewart’s show once.

  10. Mine are folded in my china cabinet…because I have never ONCE thought about hanging them. LOL! Love the idea.

  11. Hello, dear R.E.! :)

    I fold my tablecloths, although as soon as I live in something besides a cottage and have more closet space, up they shall go.

    I wanted to let you know that I changed mantras from you and the Nester last night. I hosted ten ladies in my home this morning (see: cottage and think: small). As I was cleaning in preparation and thinking of what REALLY needed to be completed, I kept saying “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! No perfection needed. They are coming for YOU, not your things.”

    Thanks for what you have done. :)

  12. I hang my tableclothes too! They are in the guest closet with the table runners and extra holiday flags. I love changing them and setting the table for friends and family coming over. Doing a tablescape is fun and relaxing for me.

  13. I do both because I don’t quite get my act together to iron them all after laundry. My daughter is 15 now so she is usually assigned cloth ironing duty….she doesn’t seem to mind too much! Someday they will all be hanging neatly in the guest closet…..I said someday not Sunday! As for my favorite….I think of them like little children, they are all unique and each one brings something special to the table!!!!! Setting the table for me is the best part of entertaining (not so much the cooking!) Have a wonderful and blessed Saturday! Denise

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