I was looking at my dining area the other day, and I noticed how drab and “wintery” it looked … sigh. (Sorry, should have taken a picture.) I really am not a fan of winter, and during those months I need to do whatever it takes to perk things up around here. So to the closet I went, to find a “fresh” ironed table cloth to liven up the area a bit.

Low and behold, as I opened the door, I could hardly see what I had! What a mess!

It was time.

Time to organize my tablecloth closet.

I refolded and hung them by their colors … white … pastel … darker colors.

Mission accomplished. It felt good to get that closet in shape! (My goal each day in January is to organize one small area of my house, be it a drawer or a closet.)

A beautiful bright, cheery Williams Sonoma cloth … 70×108 inches is the size I buy.

Ah … it makes me SO happy and ready for Spring when I change or move things around and liven up my house!

Do you hang or fold your tablecloths?

And if you’re a tablecloth girl like I am, which is your favorite?