Taking a Meal in a Repurposed Gift Box

One thing I love about Harry & David items is the packaging that their gifts come in. They are so reusable, and I always save them for just the right moment.

Like this moment that I’m sharing with you today.

My darling friend Fiona was coming over – just for a visit.

But what she didn’t know was that I planned to send home with her dinner for her family of 5.

Who doesn’t love a surprise dinner? I love having a night off from cooking – it’s a huge treat!

I made this amazing Minestrone soup, and put it in a Ziploc bag.

Added bread, salad, and a little dessert (homemade brownies).

And put it in a pretty box. A reusable pretty box.

A box that I had received a gift in, and saved, and repurposed for the perfect moment.

Now hopefully Fiona will find a good reason to share the box and repurpose it in a creative way. :)

Repurposing a gift box is a thoughtful, creative way to take a meal to another family in!

Do you ever save gift boxes, baskets or packaging – and what do you do with them?

17 comments on “Taking a Meal in a Repurposed Gift Box”

  1. What a cute idea, Sandy! Love it. Hope you are well; have a great week. Sending you hugs from NYC.

  2. Love this idea and what a lovely surprise for a friend!

  3. Harry and David boxes are SO beautiful, they’re impossible to throw away. Great idea!

  4. This is such a great idea. It gives the meal a little extra flare.

  5. Great idea! I love repurposing things, so much fun!

  6. You are so creative my dear. I have that box in the basement and this is a great way to share the cuteness. You rock!

  7. I love saving old boxes and reusing them – you just do it with so much more style than me! But you’re inspiring me to take it to the next level – love it!

  8. I usually do save things like this and now I know why. I love this idea!!

  9. I like how you combine practical — plain little Ziploc bags — with pretty… a pretty box, cheerful napkins. I do save boxes and bags and tins and pass them on to others with this and that. I love the whole meal idea. Lovely!

  10. This is such a great idea and you are the sweetest for feeding your friend’s family!

  11. I choked up just a bit when I read that you were making a meal for Fiona. You, dear Sandy, and Fiona made such an impression on my dear Jenny while she lived in Medford. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

  12. I cannot bear to throw beautiful perfectly good boxes (esp the Harry and David ones!!), baskets, and bags away. It’s completely wasteful, in my opinion. I love having cheerful packaging to repurpose for meal giving and handing down some of the kids’ clothing.

  13. What a great idea, I love that box!!! And what a nice thing to send your friend home with, love this.

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