Do your friends feel better after spending time with you?

This was the question I asked the girls last week during our Balcony Girls time, while the girls built their own masterpieces with dominos. Some of the towers were taller than others, but they each had a goal of using every tile in front of them, and making something big!

Then we talked about the power of words, in how they can build up or they can tear down. Which is not a new concept to my Balcony Girls; after all that is the motto of the group!

As the girls put great detail into building their towers, unexpectedly it would happen. One of the girls would accidentally bump the table and Down! Down! Down! the pieces would fall. And then frustrated, they’d have to start over.

I then asked the girls to think of one destructive comment. And as they voiced that comment to the person on their left, at the same time I had them take their fingers and quickly destroy the “masterpiece” by knocking it down.

We saw how something that took so much time to build, in a matter of seconds was quickly destroyed.

The lesson was how the power of words can destroy – so quickly!

Toasted Cheese
I brought toasted cheese sandwiches over to the table, which the girls quickly devoured. I told them that I grew up with “toasted cheese,” but every girl there knew it as “grilled cheese!” Yummy, buttery, with hot melted cheese oozing out …….

More Talk
Then the girls lined up every domino, covering the entire table. With the strike of a finger, just like gossip, we watched every domino fall down, pushing the one behind it down – until they were all down! I explained that the power of destructive words can be just like that. Once a rumor gets started – it spreads like wildfire, and can go on for a long time. And can be very hurtful.

In between the domino lessons we moved into the kitchen and started making truffles – so very tasty, easy and fun.

And Final Talk
Even though I was a little grumpy, short-tempered and on the verge of getting sick last week (little did I know!), I so appreciate my Balcony Girls group, the fun and love that these girls have for each other, and how their lessons always speak directly to me!

The morning I wrote out my lesson, I realized once again how words of affirmation really are so important.

And how they are required of us!

• Learn how to affirm our friends, and make a practice of it.
• Make a habit of appreciating them!
• Accept friends as they are – resist the urge to “fix” them!
• Point out the positives in their lives.
• Look for ways to build them up – and not tear down!

So to answer my beginning question, would you say that your friends feel better after spending time with you? (How about when you open your home to others?)

I would only hope that my friends would …

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Share the LOVE with others
Don’t you think these Truffles are a great idea for Valentine’s Day? To package and give away to your sweet friends, teachers, neighbors or even grandparents?

I’ll be posting the recipe ahead of time so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare – to share this tasty “love” with others!