Mother’s Day $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway + 19 More Ways to Win!

Target $100 Giveaway

Happy May and Mother’s Day week ahead, Friends!

Today I’m offering a sweet giveaway to all my beautiful readers who are either mothers, have a special mother or mother-figure in their life, or you know someone you admire greatly as a mother. (Plus 19 other giveaways … keep reading!)

Target Gift Card Giveaway

All YOU have to do is tell me one virtue that you love about this special person in your life, and why she is so special, and you’ll be enterted to WIN $100. (Enter below using Rafflecopter.)

Why Target.

I did ask on Facebook if readers would like to shop at Target, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc. etc. – there are so many great stores! Target was clearly the winner, from all age groups! Everyone loves Target.

And I am grateful for so many awesome mom’s out there, and to so many of you who are faithful readers at RE.

Let the fun begin.

… and have a glorious Mother’s Day week.

Target $100 Giveaway

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508 comments on “Mother’s Day $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway + 19 More Ways to Win!”

  1. My mom is just the best mom in the world. She backs me up 100% always and would do anything for anyone in her family. She is amazing.

  2. My Mom has always supported me no matter the situation and is just so kind and loving.

  3. My mother has taught me so much about perseverance in the face of hard times. She has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was in her 30’s and so now approaching 80, she is all about “keepin’ on”!

  4. My mom is special because she is optimistic and usually has something positive to say about a situation.

  5. My husband’s step-mom is so special to me. She did not become his step-mom until he was an adult. She is so selfless always willing to help with anything at anytime. My mother passed away 9 years ago and she had been someone who has came into my life and has truly been like a mother to me. I am amazed how wonderful she is with our children because she never had children of her own. They love her to pieces and enjoy the time that they get to spend with her. She is a remarkable woman.

  6. My mom is always there for my girls

  7. My mom is amazing. We live 18 hours apart, but she is working hard to fill my parents’ freezer and my dad’s closet with clean and ironed shirts so that she can be with me indefinitely while we anticipate the birth of our first child. I’m sure that she will work just as hard to help us once she arrives. All of this is a beautiful picture of how she loves us (and this baby!). I know she will be a wonderful grandmother!

  8. My mom is the most genuinely kind person in the world. She loves everyone without reservation.

  9. I like my mothers generosity, she is also a fantastic cook!

  10. My mom was so special to me because she was always so supportive and such a positive person to be around.

  11. My mother is extremely generous – to a fault :) I appreciate that fact that she is always thinking about giving to us kids.

  12. My mother in law is very good with children and takes the time to make each of her grandkids feel special.

  13. I love that I can call my mom at any hour and she’ll be there!

  14. My mother has always made my struggles feel normal and manageable even when they seemed impossible to me.

  15. I have the honor of loving on my Mother-in-law in her days of Jubilee!

  16. Moms are the greatest!

  17. My mom is always so supportive no matter what the issue is. I don’t know what I would do without her or who I would turn to.

  18. Always there for her kids!

  19. My Mom is the calming but silly person in my life. Love her to pieces.

  20. my daughter-in-law, besides giving me two lovely grandsons, keeps me up to date on everything which I appreciate, especially considering how hard she works and how hectic their lives have been. I know only one virtue is needed, but with her husband, (my son) in medic school, while working full time, I want to also say how supportive and understanding she’s been, since many things now fall to her.

  21. My mom is so special because I can share my life with her, and it’s such a joy to do so. She delights in my success, mourns with me when I fail in something, and is there for everything in between.

  22. i love that no matter what you do or need our mom is always there for us and her strong will is one thing i whish i had

  23. My mom works, homeschools, and plays soccer mom. Not quite sure how she does it all…

  24. Unconditional love.

  25. My Mom is the most talented and well-rounded woman I know! She is so special to me because even if she weren’t my Mom, I’d want her as my friend!

  26. My mom is a wonderful, hard worker and taught me the joy of working together on projects! i love her :)

  27. My mom expresses a loyalty to her family that is unshakable. Pure unconditional love.

  28. My mom is selfless.

  29. The virtue I love about my mom is modesty. She taught me at a young age to be confident in the way I feel and look. She said to respect yourself and others and you will get respect back. I love my mom.

  30. My mom loves me no matter what and makes me laugh.

  31. My Mom passed away in January so this is my first Mother’s Day with out her. I will alway;s be grateful for the strength she instilled in me.

  32. I love hoe my mom always fights for what she thinks is right.

  33. She has always been fun & supportive.

  34. She’s always there to care for my daughter.

  35. My mom has the amazing ability to solve any problem that I have. She is amazing :)

  36. My mom pushed us to do our best. She knew what each of us were capable of and expected no less. She also knew each of us were different and set expectations accordingly.

  37. My mom is always willing to help me out whenever I need it.

  38. My mom is a very giving person. She rarely thinks of herself and is very humble.

  39. I love my mother’s determination. When times are tough she just pushes through without complaining.

  40. My mom is the most giving woman I know. She’s sacrificed so much for her family and loves more than anyone I’ve ever met.

  41. Very Loving and loyal.

  42. There are so many reasons why my mom is special, but the one that comes to mind is how supportive she is. She’s my biggest fan!

  43. She is always there to help ANYTIME!!

  44. My mom is always supportive of me. She’s also the best grandma!!

  45. My mom taught me that no matter how little you have, there is always someone who has less than you. Give what you can and always do it with an open heart.

  46. I love that she is faithful. Faithful through the years to always call, check in, show her love!

  47. Despite the fact that we live a couple of hours away, she still calls just to say “hi”

  48. unconditional love, supported me no matter what.

  49. My mom is always there for us. I went into congestive heart failure after I gave birth to our daughter who is now 23. My mom flew out to stay with us and help out with everything. She was up with my daughter for every feeding and made sure all our meals were taken care of. She truly loves her family.

  50. My mom is one of the most giving people that I’ve ever met. If she know that you like something, she will go out of her way to get it, and expect nothing in return!

  51. My mom is the best and special to me, she supports me in every way you can think of.

  52. My mom has never judged or looked down upon mine and my husband’s choice to not have kids even though i know she’d like grandchildren.

  53. I love my mom! She is the most trustful person; my mom would never repeat something private I share with the rest of my family. She always has my back!

  54. My mom’s endless patience with me. But I’d also like to mention my grandma and how I love talking to her. Some people say they talk to their grandma’s once a week, but at times I find myself calling her daily and we’ll talk for an hour a day if time permits! What do we talk about!? Everything and anything! I love it!

  55. My MIL listens to me and helps me work through any issues without coming out and telling me what I should do.

  56. My “moms” would have to be my sisters. My mom has passed, but my sisters are the greatest. They give me honest advice and are NEVER judgmental about anything, I can always count on them to just be there for me.

  57. My mom is special because she’s so giving!

  58. My mom is very supportive

  59. My mom is so special because she is so compassionate!

  60. One virtue I love about my mom is that she never butts in anyone’s business. I know hubby loves that about her too…no MIL jokes coming from him…if I can learn to control my tongue and wanting to put my two cents in with my kids, I’ll be happy.

  61. My mom is amazing–she always, always, always puts the needs of others first. She’s the most caring person I know!

  62. Sometimes you open your mouth and your mother comes out!

    And I couldn’t be more proud of that. Awesome giveaway!

  63. My Mom has the best wisdom in all life situations. She’s never steered me wrong. I’m 31 and still consult her on everything

  64. My mom is always taking care of everyone no matter who they are.

  65. She’s always there for me when I need a hug!

  66. I lost my Mom about 3 years ago. I have a co-worker who is about my Mom’s age. She has been hand dipping chocolates for 45 years at the same job. She is so thoughtful and sweet. I like to help her out when I can.I know it is not easy to still be working at her age.

  67. Mom with endless patience!!

  68. I love my Mom because of her ability to put others (like my family) needs before hers. She’s selfless, and I admire that. :)

  69. love my mom. she has taught me so much but most importantly she teaches me about kinds towards others.

  70. Resilience. My mom has been through so much, physically and emotionally. She really deserves to be treated like the special lady she is.

  71. I admire my Mother’s strength and her faith. She’s lost her husband, a daughter, and very recently, a grandson, but she still remains strong and resilient.

  72. she values my presence and puts before herself

  73. i love my mom because she prioritize us before herself

  74. My mom is always there for me, after all these years. She’s helped me be a stronger person and a better mom to my own kids.

  75. My mom is honest to a fault and tells me the truth no matter what. She actually passed that on to me and I’m horrible at lying.

  76. My mom is so thoughtful — she thinks of doing things for others that no one else ever thinks of <3

  77. Love that my mom is non-judgemental and supportive everyday of my life.

  78. My aunt is an amazing mother. She supports her children with any crazy endeavor they choose to undertake!

  79. My mom has taught me to put others before myself.

  80. My mom is very strong and determined, and taught me the value of hard work and a good education (as well as a good glass of wine!)

  81. She’s always there whenever I need help and she is fun to be around!

  82. My mom is so supportive, loving, caring, understanding and patient. I enjoy having long conversations and spending time with her. She is a huge blessing in my life!
    Thank you!

  83. My mom is selfless and that is huge to me. She is my best friend and she means everything to me.

  84. My mom is patient and selfless!

  85. Patience and compassionate.

  86. I love that my daughter is such a great Mom for my Grands!

  87. My Grammy was mom to me… she is so sweet and thoughtful :)

  88. My Mom was special because she always believed in me.

  89. I love that my mom is always there for me and everyone in the family.

  90. My mother is selfless, brilliant, and humble.

  91. I love that my mom always has a positive and encouraging attitude!

  92. My mom is patient, kind hearted, creative, and compassionate.

  93. My brother’s mom-in-law is special to all of us, she has a great sense of humor which you need when life is unpredictable. I appreciate that a lot in her, it keeps us all moving along even in the most discouraging times.

  94. My mom was a strong, independent lady, who taught all her kids that we could do *anything* we put our minds to. I miss her every day.

  95. When my own mother died of breast cancer 3 years ago I was devastated. My wonderful mother-in-law has been there for me. I love that she is so supportive and loving.

  96. I miss my mom so much. We always had such fun and no one can replace her.

  97. My mother Linda. Growing up she never, ever raised her voice raising us 5 children. That’s saint-like in my book, lol. Kindness is her best virtue.


  98. My sister has become a super great Mom to her brothers and sister since our Mother’s death. Love shared is love multiplied and we live that every day.

  99. Unconditional love and always being there for me.

  100. My mom was always kind and considerate to everyone. It taught me it doesn’t take much work to make a big difference in people’s lives.

  101. I miss my Mother so much,her greatest virtue was bringing up four children and having a good meal on the table every night.My mother went to work part time every night to bring in some extra monies.My Mother was a part of The Greatest Generation~born in 1920,reading that book brought my Mother back to life through her childhood.The book was wonderful and it made me understand all she went through and who I am today,through her teachings.My Mother passed her virtues on,and she lives through all of this today with me,her Daughter.
    Miss and Love you Mom
    Forever in My Heart.

  102. My mother-in-law is always game for anything!

  103. My mom was my best friend. She’s been gone for 6 years and I miss her terribly. Love you mom!

  104. My mom was a selfless GIVER. She was everyone’s friend, and she had a heart of gold.

  105. My grandmother has shown me unending, supportive love my entire life, thereby teaching me how to love.

  106. My mom understood me like nobody else…I swear she had ESP!

  107. My mom has stood by me through thick and thin…love you, Mom!

  108. My own mom has many wonderful virtues — but… I will pick one. I love the spirit of “fair play” that she brings to our family. Everyone is treated equally, and receives special treats and the gift of time together (w/ Mom/Dad) equally. My mom is very generous with her resources, and she always shares what she has with all of us. She gives of her time equally, spending time with my kids and my sister’s kids — as well as with my sister and I. Mom has a way of making each of us feel as if we are the most important to her. She is such a blessing to our family!

  109. Memories. All I’ve had since 1981.

  110. I have a relative who has a special needs daughter, and it is 24/7. She is her daughter’s angel.

  111. My mothers’ greatest virtue is that she is not and has never been judgmental. She always sees the good in everyone. I LOVE her so much!

  112. My mom is fearless!

  113. My Mom’s best friend – she was the one person my Mom could rely on 24/7. She has always been honest with me, was always honest with my Mom, and she’s been there anytime I have needed her since my Mom passed. “Aunt” Lois is my second Mom; I love her to pieces!

  114. My mom is always there to give advice when I need it

  115. My mom is special because she keeps me grounded.

  116. I love that my mom cares and worries so much about the people she loves, even though she’s going through a more difficult time than anybody I know!

  117. My mom taught all 4 of her children to garden and we all grow lots of things in our gardens.

  118. i have the best mom ever :)

  119. Kindness; my mom never shies away from helping others out and that is something that I will always treasure about her.

  120. My mother has a strong virtue of faith. Since she was a little girl she loved going to church and living a kind and giving life. She has always lived with my husband and I. She helped us raise our four children plus she raised her own kids. Her sense of faith gets us through difficult times and I am thankful she has shared her faith and love with me and my family.

  121. Her honesty and unconditional love throughout my life has been a gift I hope to pass to my children.

  122. Selflessness: My mom so freely gives her time to us always.

  123. My mom never forgets a special occasion, birthday, or anything else. She sends cards, makes phone calls and makes all her friends and family feel special and remembered.

  124. My mom is always ready to listen & is a great sounding board.

  125. She knows how to have fun, she taught me how to cook and she is a strong woman.

  126. My mom is the smartest, wisest, most compassionate woman I know. She is just so kind to others, and such an example of being the hands and feet of Jesus. I love her!

  127. My mom is the most selfless person I know – always putting others needs and wants before her own. I hope to be just like her when I’m a mom one day!

  128. My momma can make me laugh and doesn’t act her age at all — it’s great!

  129. I have a very dear friend who is like a mother to me! She has taught me so much and lives her life in such a God honoring way. She teaches by example. So thankful for her presence and guidance in my life!!

  130. Shes very kind and is always there when I need her no matter what.

  131. She is selfless!

  132. I admire the way my mom I’d always thdre for me, eilling to even take off work to stay with me when I need it!

  133. My mother is strong. She knows what she deserves in life and will continue to fight until she gets it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  134. My mom passed away nearly 10 years ago. I still so often want to give her a quick call to ask her advice about this or that. She and my dad passed on their sense of humor to me and I hope I’m passing it along to my children. To not take one’s self too seriously is a great gift.

  135. My mom is full of joy and she teaches me so much about choosing joy in my own life!

  136. My mother has never been perfect & we have r been terribly close, however, she has always tried her best. She is amazing for that alone.

  137. My mom has always been very thoughtful toward others, and I’m thankful she modeled that.

  138. My Mom had the strongest work ethic ever

  139. she never gives up on me. she supports me after i fall down over and over again. and loves me unconditionally.

  140. My mom is always willing to help others.

  141. Supportive!

  142. My mom is special because she’s always been there for me.

  143. My mother is a selfless person who will do anything for others.

  144. How truly lovely to say something about my Mom. Her name was Pearl—-and she was indeed a gem. I lost her 35 yrs ago way too young, but her unconditional love has ever been my foundation. I miss her so even after all these years. Yes, I am wiping away a few tears. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

  145. My mother-in-law is always there to listen , she is now my best friend, since my own precious Mother is gone.

  146. My favorite virtue is her respectability.. she has raised me to not only respect myself but also respect others around me

  147. My lovely mother is so sweet, kind and loving beyond measure! I do lover her so

  148. I would have to say my mothers generosity! She retired about 5 years ago, and now volunteers at the hospital. She just got an award last week for putting in over 5000 hours! She goes every morning Monday thru Friday and works almost all day long….volunteering! A true role model to me!

  149. My mom passed away 8 yrs ago and I learned kindness to others from her.

  150. My moms optimism is a great thing I learned from her.

  151. My mom’s patience is her best quality, especially when she was patient with me throughout the years.

  152. I love my mom’s ability to see the bright side of everything!

  153. My mom was the most unselfish person I ever knew. She was a stay-at-home mom and always made breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family. She passed away at age 69 and I miss her so much.

  154. My mom who died 10 years ago was the kindest and sweetest lady and I really miss her but so thankful for the great memories!

  155. I absolutely love my aunt’s sense of adventure and positive attitude. She is like a Mom to me! (Mjen on rafflecopter)

  156. My Mom is a GREAT listener!!

  157. My grandma has been through so much and still never thinks about herself. Everyone else comes first.

  158. I love my mom’s creativity. Doesn’t matter if it’s crafty or figuring out something to help me with my kids, she always has great ideas.

  159. My mom is my biggest fan <3

  160. I love my mom’s optimism. She always sees the best in every situation.

  161. My Mom worked hard at her job and at home in order to raise 9 children as a single mom We are strong today because of her sacrifice!

  162. Her home is always open to anyone :)

  163. My mom is extremely selfless.

  164. Honesty, selflessness, loyalty, compassionate describes my mother and more. She sacrificed so much for her children and as a grandmother she is even more.

  165. My Mom’s unconditional love!

  166. My mom is just awesome at everything she sets out to do and cares so much about everyone around her even if she doesn’t know them! Thanks for the giveaway

  167. I love my mom’s ability to see the bright side in every situation.

  168. I love that my mom loves her kids more than she loves that they “like” her. She always does what is best for them, no matter what.

  169. My mom is my best friend.

  170. My mom is very generous and loves spending time with her family and grandchildren!

  171. My mom is amazing, always selflessly doing service for me!

  172. I learned strength and fortitude from my mother during her fight with cancer and every hardship life threw at her. It was her willingness to keep at it even to the very end. This marks my 22 nd Mother’s Day without her, and my 17th as a mother, her legacy lives on…

  173. My mom is incredibly loyal and a great example of an excellent wife!

  174. My mom is incredibly giving and patient. I only hope I can be that for my kids.

  175. My mom has always been very easy to talk to because she is NEVER judgemental of anyone. I think that is an incredible trait to possess and especially in this day and age.

  176. My mother is so kind…I wish my disposition were more similar to hers.

  177. My mom is the kindest and most selfless person. I love her so much, she raised 4 kids all on her own.

  178. My sister in-law inspires me to be a better mom and that I can do better.

  179. My mother-in-law was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.

  180. The virtue I love most about the mom-person in my life is her acceptance and non-judgmentalism, and her joyous outlook on life.

  181. My mom is so caring about everyone

  182. My mom is special to me because she is very supportive.

  183. My mom truly cares and is always watching out for me and my husband.

  184. my mom is always there for me and is always there when i need someone to talk to!!!

  185. My mom’s patience is something I did not inherit and I admire her greatly for it!

  186. One virtue I love about my mom is her unconditional love towards my siblings and me. We have gone through some rough patches as a family, but her love never wavers. She has such a big heart!

  187. My mom has so many virtues. The one that stands out to me the most is her work ethic and how hard she worked as we were growing up to keep us together as a family.

  188. I would have to say her unconditional love. Even when she was really mad with me!

  189. I love that my mother in law is so giving of herself, she always puts others first and is probably the most kind person i’ve ever met.

  190. I’ve always liked my mom’s creativity. She is a good painter and used her skills to help provide for the family.

  191. My mother has always been there for me, no matter what. She is so special because of this. I just hope that I can do this for my children.

  192. My mom is selfless-she puts my brother and I first and it is one reason she is the best.

  193. I always admired the patience my mom had with us. That’s love!

  194. I’ve always admired my mom’s creativity.

  195. i love that my mom is so giving and caring

  196. I appreciate how perceptive my mom is. She always know if someone’s embarrassed, hurting, lonely, etc., even if they never say it.

  197. My mom has a great sense of humor!

  198. My mom is the most generous person I know, generous with her words, kindness, smiles and everything else!

  199. The best thing about my mom is her gift of encouragement. She always knows what I need to hear to keep me going.

  200. i love that my mom is ALWAYS there. No matter what.

  201. I love her helping heart

  202. i guess for me it’s about always being there.
    my mom can be mad or disagree with me.
    if i need her she will be there though!

  203. The “giving” spirit….whether food, time volunteering, or money…Mom was always giving to others, especially her family.

  204. she always wants to help others

  205. My Mom is my bff and she is always there for me no matter what

  206. I love her supportive-ness and faith in people.

  207. I love that she always tries to see the positive.

  208. I love that my mom is always ready and willing to listen to my problems and offer advice or help when she can.

  209. My aunt is a great “mom” role model. She is so giving to her family, and was also there for my family when I was pregnant with twins and on bedrest — she brought me huge home-cooked dinners for me and my husband several times during those two months.

  210. My mom has always been accepting of me. No matter my mistakes, or stage of my life she’s always been my best friend.

  211. Unconditional love <3

  212. I don’t really have a mom figure in my life, my mom died when I was 15 years old but I will say I am proud to be just like her as a mom and my children love me.

  213. My Mom lives a few thousand miles away in a different country, but I so appreciate the way she keeps connected with my kids(her grandkids). Even thought they don’t see her every year, they “know” her. She takes the time on the phone(she doesn’t skype :-) to find out what they are doing, ask about their friends, call right after a special event. She sends little(inexpensive things) that she has picked out with them in mind and it is always “just what I wanted” in their minds. My Dad passed away 2 years ago and I know I willmiss my Mom as much, if not more, when she passes away…so every phone call is treasured and never an inconvenience. Even if I am busy, I put her on speaker phone so she feels like she is int he kitchen with me while I’m prepping for company etc.

  214. My mom loves her kids no matter what crazy things we do.

  215. She is always on the go, and involved in everything!

  216. My friend Tara has such patience with her little ones! I really admire her. I wish I knew her when my kids were younger – I could have learned so much from her.

  217. She is a Christian. She has sting faith & taught me the same. She is always there for me.

  218. My Mom would always be cheerful and ready to do whatever we wanted, no matter how bad a day she was having personally. She always put her family first. I miss her so much, but often still “talk” with her in prayer.

  219. My mom is very strong, independent, and persistent. So many great characteristics!

  220. My mother has the virtue of unconditional love and family unity.

  221. My mom was the most gracious woman I know. She was a true lady who loved God and her family, and who always saw the good in others.

  222. My mom was like a play mate when I was a kid,she was so much fun and always so sweet. I had a wonderful childhood because of her.

  223. My mom has always been there for me & my family through good times and bad.

  224. I love that my Mom and I actually get along and always have. I see torn relationships between mothers and daughters and always feel so blessed.

  225. Charity, my Mom taught me by example how to truly care for and love others. She always loved me and put me first….even when I wasn’t the most ‘loveable’ child.

  226. My mom has always been there for me, especially when my life was falling apart.

  227. She is the best and has been there for me always..:)

  228. My mom is very kind!

  229. My mama is there no matter what !!!!!!!! ALWAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. My Mom is always there for me, my siblings and our families!

  231. My mom is a great friend to me, in addition to being an awesome mom. We can goof around just as easily as having a great talk.

  232. My Mom was always good about complimenting me in front of other people. This made me want to be better for her.

  233. I love that she taught me to laugh and find the good in everything :)

  234. my mother is so thoughtful

  235. my mom is the ULTIMATE problem solver. couldn’t live without her!

  236. My mom is gone, but I have a mother-in-law who is such a dear; always cheerful, steady as a rock!

  237. the fact that they are loving and they don’t judge you.

  238. My mom has the biggest heart of anyone that I know!

  239. I love my moms giving nature! She sacrificed all her dreams to be a stay at home mom and bring up her three children! Shes my rock. I love her!

  240. Unconditional love and understanding is what makes her so special to me.

  241. My mother taught me that unconditional love can transform a person’s life. She lived it beautifully until her very last day.

  242. My mom is the world’s most patient person. I have been such a pain in the butt in the past, and she’s always been pretty darn great to me.

  243. My mom is can be so persistent about whatever plan she has in mind. She doesn’t do it very often (she picks and chooses), but my oh my it makes me crazy but never lets me forget how much she loves me.

  244. To be completely honest.. there is no way I could just limit it to just one. but here goes..

    I love the way she snorts and laughs..
    I love the goofy way she jokes around..
    I love the way that we go on adventures and spend time together..
    I love the woman I’ve become because of her..
    but one of the most important.. is I love when I make her smile. <3

  245. My mom was an inspiration to me! She lived with grace and compassion and she is my hero. I miss her so much.

  246. My Mom was a good listener, kind, loving, compassionate, told you exactly what she thought, honest, reliable, thoughtful!
    She meant the world to me. She was always there for me! She was an adviser, confidant, role model, cook, taxi driver, nurse, just everything!
    I miss her more than I can say!

  247. My mama is my best friend and is there for me whenever i need her.

  248. My mom is always there for me, no matter what! Her generosity always shines!

  249. My mom has a great sense of humor, so it always made life fun growing up!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  250. My Mom is very understanding of me and is always there for me. :)

  251. My Mom has had some major setbacks in her life and is a great role model on how to move forward and keep on living.

  252. My mother-in-law is the mom graceful woman I have ever come across. She is so strong and knows how to show her love.

  253. My mom really is the greatest! Although the list is endless when considering what I appreciate most about her, there is really only one thing that matters most to me; she loves me and wants nothing more than for me to be happy in life.

  254. My Mother in law is so caring of anyone she comes in contact with. It could be someone she meets for the first time and if that person needed something she would drop everything to help them out

  255. I love that I know that I can always count on my mom for anything and everything, no matter how big or small it may be. She is always there for me whenever I need her and even when I think I don’t! :)

  256. My mom died of cancer 2 years ago, but she is still a central figure in my life; despite her illness, she was full of love to the end. She taught me that’s what it all comes down to… just love.

  257. My mom is a wonder woman. She is so selfless and giving of her time, heart and belongings. She is always cheerful and her life is a reflection of Christ at work in her!

  258. My mom is constantly giving of herself to her family and others in need.

  259. I have the best mom in the whole world. Loving, very giving, unconditional love, she was with me through my first pregnancy when I was on strict bed rest. She now has stage 4 cancer and there is nothing I can do to help her=======but PRAY which I am doing constantly. This giveaway would make her happy!

  260. My mom has always been an example of “faith in God”. She’s gone through several lifetime traumas but always believes God to see her through.

  261. My mom is always there for me! She’s very generous!

  262. My mom is very smart and always knows best. Plus she’s a great cook!

  263. My mother in law treated me like family from day 1. Love her!

  264. Both my mom and mother-in-law are amazing. They gave both myself and my husband the eternal legacy of knowing God. And they continue to show us how to grow in our relationship with God, we are blessed beyond measure for them in our lives!

  265. My mom has many health problems but she always seems to keep a positive attitude and is always there to for me when I need her!

  266. I would have to say that my mom is so giving. If ever we need anything she drops everything and is there to help. She’s also a wonderful Grandma!

  267. Two words…unconditional love.

  268. It is special when my Mom cooks for me even though I don’t live home anymore. She is sure to make all my favorite when I visit and even sometimes drives them to me and my family too. She bakes and cooks with her heart.

  269. My Meemaw….her faith and her kindness for others!

  270. My mom gave me the drive and passion to cook in the kitchen!

  271. My mom is always there to support me, no matter what.

  272. Her love

  273. My Mom loves and helps me so much all the time.

  274. My mother is home. Wherever she is, it’s home.She provides a sense of comfort and joy like no other!

  275. My mom has always put myself, brother, and dad before herself. Always. It takes a really strong person to do that, and whenever I have children, I hope I have the strength to do so as well.

  276. My Mom is the ultimate example of hospitality. She’s always reaching out to anyone and everyone around her to make them feel valued and special.

  277. Since my mom passed away my mother-in-law is a wonderful “mom” in so many ways…I am so thankful and blessed to have her in my life. She is one of the most loving and compassionate women I know

  278. To never give up, no matter how rough things get.

  279. My mother passed away four years ago but I am so thankful for my mother-in-law, she is smart, funny, very loving and caring and I could not have asked for a better in-law to come with the package of my amazing husband!! He clearly takes after her!! :)

  280. I just love your blog…..I would love to win that giveaway!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!!

  281. I know everytime I need something I can call mom and she is always there.

  282. My mom is always here to help whenever I need her. She is so caring and gives all of herself for her family.

  283. My mom loves and serves everyone. She is very busy but always has time to give.

  284. My mom is super creative – she would always have great ideas for any trouble – she is pretty cool!

  285. A strong and gentle faith in God.

  286. My mom is the most generous person. She gives herself to others daily, and even stopped working when I had my son so she could take care of him while I worked. I’m blessed to have her close to me and get to spend a lot of time with her.

  287. My mom always tells me like it is!

  288. My mother is and always has been, my biggest cheerleader!

  289. My mom taught me to see the good in people going through bad times.

  290. My mom understands me. I don’t get that from anyone else, not even my husband, who won’t take the time.

  291. My mom has always played a huge role in my life, I would not be who I am today without her.

  292. Her patience with my children and me :)

  293. My mom is my best friend – patient and a great listener.

  294. My mother is very generous and is always there for me!

  295. My mom is able to make everyone feel comfortable around her and enjoyed life and what it has to offer.

  296. My mom is a single mom and she doesn’t have much of an income coming in and she shops at Target a lot so this would help her out tremendously!!

  297. My grandmother loved unconditionally and gave the best hugs.

  298. My mom is very generous, and is always good at finding something to celebrate, even in difficult times.

  299. My Mom has the gift of hospitality – wish I would have inherited that!

  300. My mother in law would be the only mother figure I have in my life now, even though my mom, who was my best friend, will always be my # 1 mom in my heart!! My mother in law has been there many times when we have needed help, and I appreciate everything she does for us!

  301. Opps I just realized that I forgot to add the entire reason why O was commenting– My mom is sooo generous. She will do anything for anyone and is constantly helping people with whatever they need help with. I don’t know any women more generous and giving than my mom!

  302. My mom passed away when I was 17. I remember her as an excellent mom and even better cook. She is still my inspiration in the kitchen.

  303. My mom is a survivor of physical/mental abuse …I love that my mom has taught me and everyone around her to stand up for yourself and keep moving forward with a strong attitude …She is def a awesome role model :)

  304. My Mother gave me the reason to be a Mom. She was amazing when it came to everything. She worked full-time. always cooked dinner each night, kept the house clean and fully functioning with love. We lost her last Christmas and some true joy has left my heart.

  305. My mom had me 45 years ago this mothers day. I sure wish she was still here , she pasted away when I was 24,
    I loved cooking with her, and still make her recipes for my family

  306. I love my daughter’s stepmom Brandi. I call her co-mommy! It is not everyday that you can blend two families together after a rough separation. We go out for dinner, and sit together at our daughter’s sports games. There was a time when I was reluctant to share parenting responsibilities with another woman, but today I can’t imagine doing it without her. I wouldn’t trade for the world the unconditional love she gives to our Amelie. She rocks!

  307. My mom is now also my best friend ~ always there for me.

  308. There wasn’t a recipe out there that my mom couldn’t make and it was always delicious! She also battled non-Hodgkins lymphoma off and on since 1970, her strength and fighting really inspired me as I took her to all her treatments! What an inspiration!!!

  309. This is my 9th Mother’s Day without my mom. I always remember how she was just “there” for me, supporting me quietly in all my endeavors even though both of my parents worked outside the home. She never missed a competition or concert but never showed any stress in order to make it happen. I was never aware of the sacrifices she made until I had my own kids.

  310. Someone I know is a great mom – she has a special needs daughter that she cares for and treats with such dignity and grace. I am in awe of her selflessness.

  311. My step-mom’s “love language” is cooking and she is always there with a delicious meal if anyone is sick, overworked, or just returning home from vacation! What a blessing!

  312. I love that my mother-in-law always tries to put herself before others. My mom was the same way. Our needs came first.

  313. My mom is a great listener and very generous

  314. I love that my mom is so funny. She is special to me because she is my best friend (after my husband)!

  315. My mom is incredibly compassionate and a wonderful listener :)

  316. My mom is special to me because she always listens to me when I need her.

  317. My mom is so loving and caring. Even when I am mean to her she still is nice back to me and always loves me

  318. My mom is the most giving person I know. Not only is she there for her children and grandchildren when we need her, but she constantly volunteers for the Salvation Army, our church, my Dad’s Ruritan Club and anyone else that needs a helping hand!

  319. My mom is lovely- she is crazy at times, elegant at times…always selfless and often fearless. I have so many fond memories of childhood made possible by my mom and by her mom and I hope that I can make life as magical for my kids.

  320. Wow! What a nice giveaway! I would like to be registered for your giveaway. Thanks.

  321. My mom is deceased and i’m single so no mother-in-law — but the person i admire the most as a “mom” is my dear friend jackie— she is so giving (and sometimes i’m certain it can’t be easy with 3 teenage kids!) she ALWAYS makes time for anyone in need, making meals, dropping off whatever anyone is in need for the moment! she’s pure joy to be around — always positive! She is a GEM! love her to pieces!

  322. As my Mom was raising three boys of her own she opened her heart and her home to an unwed mother who needed a place to live. That unwed mother gave me away to be adopted and consequently I was adopted by that wonderful woman….my Mom.

  323. My mom is my best friend! I hope that my son will always think of my that way too!

  324. A friend from church has become a sort of before and after school nanny to my kids – she comes early and feeds them breakfast and drives them to school, and then she picks them up in the afternoon & does their homework with them until I get home from work. She is very hard working and caring about them like they are her grandkids. We love her dearly.

  325. What I love about my mom is she is the most caring person I know . she will give any thing to help even tho that will mean she won’t have it any more

  326. My mom is simply the best. Can’t nail down one thing or another. I am very lucky.

  327. Very kind and forgiving. She doesn’t hold grudges and forgives quickly.

  328. My mom is always around to provide advice, no matter how random the subject.

  329. My sweet Grandma has taught me the meaning of persevering through hardship.

  330. Always willing to live in the moment and be with the kids…not worry about the dishes, laundry, etc.

  331. I love that my mom is humble and generous.

  332. Generosity and unconditional love.

  333. I admire how nurturing my mom is.

  334. My mom has been gone for 7 years now, but she is still the greatest influence in my life. Anything I know at all about being a woman of character or a godly woman I learned from her. I hope my daughter will feel the same about me some day. :)

  335. My mom is the most loving person I know. She is always there to take care of her family even well into our adult years. I love her and strive to be more like her every day

  336. I don’t have a mom but my grandmother is my rock

  337. No matter what it is, when it is, my Mom is always there for me. She knows when to give advice, and when to just hug me. She has supported me no matter what I go through. She is the strongest person I know and I lover her!

  338. My mom is always there for me! I love her so much!

  339. My mom is always there with her love and support!

  340. I love that I can call anytime, day or night, and my mom will come running to help!

  341. My mom is always willing to help me with anything! I just love her!

  342. Always look forward to your posts !!!!

  343. My mom was a very strong and patience lady. I wish I had those two virtues.

  344. There are no words that can describe the love I have for this beautiful women she has always been there keeping me up while I was down even when we were struggling she did everything to keep me moving forward she is not only my mother but she has also been a father to me she means so much to me I know it must be really hard to be a mother and a father to your children and I appreciate and thank every single day to God that I have this wonderful person in my life.

  345. My Mom is the most selfless and loving person I know–simply the best!

  346. My mom never wanted me to feel limited in my abilities. She was self-taught and excelled with so many different skills: quilting, sewing, gardening, cooking, baking, cake decorating, wedding planning, and on and on. And then she was patient enough to teach me!

  347. My mom is always so kind and loving to everyone!! i love that about her!! :)

  348. My mom, she always listens to what I have to say and respects my opinion.

  349. My mom, she was there to hold us and let us try a lot of things.

  350. My husbands aunt – she has always been like a mother to me and a grandmother to our kids.

  351. My mom was the most supportive person in the world!!

  352. My mom, she always makes me smile.

  353. My sister models great motherhood to me. She’s warm, welcoming, and shows great love to her family and friends through her actions and wonderful laughter.

  354. my mom is a very thoughtful woman! she is always looking to help anyone and has such a big heart! she is an amazing woman!

  355. My Nana (paternal grandmother). She spoke with a Kentucky drawl and always made me feel loved.

  356. My Mom inspired me to always work hard and do my best. She loved me and my kids with all her heart. What more could a daughter ask for? Thanks for the give away!

  357. My mother always tries her best when it comes to nurturing others. She has a kind generous heart

  358. My mom is very special to me because she has always been there for me. No matter what, I could always count on her.

  359. My mother has a strength that she has passed on to us kids and is in fact passed down to her grandkids.

  360. My mom is a great example of a woman of faith!

  361. My mom, always there for me!

  362. My Mom is the sweetest and everyone loves her!

  363. I just spent the weekend hanging with my mother-in-law. She’s so incredibly patient.

  364. My mom has always been a great listener and shows unconditional love.

  365. my mother is always honest

  366. My mom is so kind, she is always looking for ways to serve those around her. She is amazing!

  367. My little sister loves my kids like they’re her own. She is my best friend.

  368. My mom has always had the patience to not tell me what to do, just offer her advice, so I could make my own choice.

  369. My Mom is a great example. We share book titles that we enjoy. At 86, she continues to paint and take art classes. There was always music and art in our home. Thank you, Mom!

  370. My mom for years was always volunteered to do something by myself or younger brother and not once did she ever complain about it to our faces. She took the task to heart and made sure it was done. I will never forget her being there for all that was asked or expected of her during those years.

  371. She loves me unconditionally.

  372. My mom is the best. Her unconditional love and fairness is remarkable. I hope the people I love FEEL as loved as many do by my mom.

  373. My Mom is so sacrificially loving! Totally models a servant’s heart.

  374. My mom is a good person…always so thoughtful, kind and patient! Love her so much!

  375. I have to amazing MOM and the best thing about them is athat they are best friend and do mot everything together. How luck am I.

  376. My mom’s wisdom. She always eases me by putting things in perspective. And lets me rant even if I seem irrational!

  377. My mom’s strength. My parents got divorced when i was young and she had to do it all herself.

  378. My mom is unfailingly devoted to my brother and I. I spent countless nights in the hospital as a child and she never left my side, even when I would be in the hospital for a week. Now that we’re adults, she is always there to listen or to help us out if we need something. She’s the best!

  379. Love Target! Keeping my fingers crossed I win.

  380. My mom is probably the most giving person I know, and I love that about her :)

  381. My mom can do anything. She is the glue that keeps our family close.

  382. My favorite thing about my mama is the love and nurture she carries – not just for her family but everyone she welcomes into her home and life. She has modeled that to me and it’s shaped me into the woman I am today.

  383. My mom is a wonderful teacher. With four kids, I have no idea how she raised us all to be the people we’ve become. Not to brag, but I’m proud of my siblings an what they’ve accomplished as adults, and I know it’s because education was so important to my mom!

  384. My mom is always willing to listen to me and share her stories with me

  385. My sweet Momma is gone from this earth, but her wisdom an kind loving soul will stay forever imprinted in my heart.

  386. My mom has always been there to support me no matter what!!

  387. I can talk to my mom about anything and she always gives great advice

  388. I love that my Mom is so thoughtful. She is always doing nice things for me.

  389. I hope I win!

  390. While thoughtful and sweet my Mom is also fierce! Great qualities!

  391. Lucky to have a fun and creative Mom!

  392. My mom is very giving and thoughtful

  393. I admire my mom for her good work ethic and her giving spirit

  394. Service! My mom lives her life for service to others. I lover her selflessness and her commitment to serving others.

  395. My mom is funny.

  396. My mother has the biggest and most generous heart out of anyone I ever met. She sees the best in everyone but still keeps a sharp tact about her. Its indescribable.

  397. I miss my mom so very much, so I try to spend as much time with my little ones as possible!

  398. I love my mom. She is the most caring person I know. She goes out of her way to make sure her 5 kids are happy, along with all her grandkids. I am so lucky to have her as my mom!! :)

  399. Although my Mom has passed away, I am grateful for all that she taught me…I think of her everyday.

  400. My mom is very patient! I could learn a thing or two from her :)

  401. My mom is selfless.

  402. My Mom is a great listener and gives pretty good advice.

  403. My mom is special because she still hosts and cooks for family functions. Also, everyone knows there is always room at her table for one more.

  404. A great mother-in-law who loves and prays for me – for 43+ years!

  405. My favorite virtue of my mom is definitely that she is determined and taught me to stand up for what I believe in!

  406. A great mother-in law who is always willing to help out and teaching us things she knows.

  407. Despite health issues and a husband with dementia my mom manages to stay positive at all times! Inspiring!

  408. My mom has always encouraged me in everything. I grew up thinking I could do anything!

  409. My mom is happy. She’s always happy. Even when she doesn’t know what is going on or when there are bad times. She’s happy. I don’t know how she does it.

  410. She’s a good cook.

  411. I love my mom for her unconditional love for her children. No matter what my brother and I have done, she has always loved us!

  412. My mom has been gone for 17 years now but my mom’s first cousin and her were raised like sisters. My “aunt” is so encouraging and will always find the silver lining in any situation. Even though she has her own daughter, she has always treated me like her daughter.

  413. My mother’s honesty.

  414. My mom is wise.

  415. My mom is generous, and patient! Even now as an adult, I have so much to learn from her.

  416. Love that my mom is very giving.

  417. Always positive attitude!

  418. My mom is her own person; she never lets pubic opinion or haters influence her decisions or her life and I have always admired that.

  419. My mom is special because she is so strong and always positive. She’s been paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis for over 25 years, but it never lets it get her down.

  420. She believes in me and my abilities.

  421. My mom is selfless. She is always loving and caring for people putting their needs before her own. I love her for all she done for me!

  422. My grandmother, is a strong woman, both psychically and mentally. I’m always in awe of her strength. Nothing stops her.

  423. Sadly, my mom is no longer with us, but my sweet Aunt Shirley is..She is like our Mother now to me & my brothers & she’s always there for us! I just wished we didn’t live so far away from each other now.

    Just found your blog & I really like it!! thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  424. My mom goes above and beyond to help me in any way that I might be in need.

  425. My mom is very understanding and forgiving.

  426. My mom and mother-in-law are so loving and helpful. They both came after my daughter was born and cleaned my entire house and made a bunch of frozen meals for my husband and I.

  427. My mom is a very generous woman. She is there for me whenever I need her.

  428. I love that no matter what my mom loves me unconditionally and is always there to lift me up.

  429. A friend of mine was like a wonderful Mom to me, she was generous and thoughtful.

  430. My mom is very generous, especially in her elder years. She is giving money to an international ministry that takes care of people with disabilities and she gives generously to her great grandchildren of which she has many!

  431. I love how sweet my best friends mom is, she has always been a bit of an other mother to me and now that my mother is dead and her daughter is dead, even moreso. We hang out and do things together and I even took her along for a trip to the dominican republic that I won from mcdonalds.

  432. I adore my friends mother who is like a pioneer woman! She can do anything! She raised 3 kids and she always did everything “homemade”. When her sons would go hunting, not only did she prepare the meat (my idea of totally roughing it) but she would tan the hides and make leather jackets for them! She is crazy resourceful!

  433. My mom is such a wonderful godly woman who is full of joy, laughter, and adventure.

  434. patience.

  435. walking in faith + reflecting His love at all times!

  436. My mom always makes time for, even when she is really busy herself. She is also incredibly generous and is always willing to help out when needed

  437. Wisdom and patience!

  438. I’m so excited to take my mom on a beach vacation for Mother’s Day this year – the first vacation we’ve been on together in years! Of course, I got a sassy new hat at Target for the occasion – it wouldn’t be a beach day without a sassy new hat.

  439. I admire my Mother’s selfless attitude and the fact she has always put others before herself. Its definitely a quality I have tried to inherit.

  440. I love target, I would get summer clothes for the boys!

  441. My mom is always there for me!

  442. I love target

  443. My mom is always there for me.

  444. Respect is one of the greatest virtues.

  445. My mom is always there to listen and chat. She cheers me up from far away!

  446. My Mom was not content to just love and raise my sister, brother and I. She decided her heart could wrap around one-little Vietnamese boy who escaped Saigon as it fell, two special needs kids from various places on the globe and finally a bright little person in a wheel chair who just needed SOMEONE to realize that she could speak, walk and live independently if only given the chance.

  447. Unconditional love

  448. A virtue that represents my mother is helpfulness. She’s always willing to help, no matter who it is.

  449. I have an older friend who has acted as a mother to me during a serious, extended illness. Although I am not Italian by birth, she is my Italian mother. :) They don’t get any better than that.

  450. My friend Cindi is a great mom that never stops doing things for others.

  451. My mom is so encouraging. Whether it be her children, grandchildren, family or friends, she is a wonderful listener and is always encouraging and focused on the positive. Conversations with her are always uplifting. She is so supportive to everyone in her life.

  452. A mothers best trait is love.

  453. I have always admired my mothers determination.

  454. The most caring person in the world, no one cares for you as much as your mom!

  455. My mom is very loyal. She’s special to me because she is always there for me.

  456. My mom is extremely caring and encouraging towards everyone. I especially love the way she is supportive of me all the time.

  457. My moms perseverance with everything.

  458. Mom is so very special to me for many reasons. The one reason that stands out is, no matter what bumps in the road of life she encounters,she always keeps her sense of humor! I try to follow that too!

  459. My “mom” person is kind and understanding. She always speaks truth to me even when it’s not easy

  460. My Mom is a loving Mom, but she is also a wonderfully supportive wife and has been married to my Dad for 55 years. She’s a tremendous woman and I love her dearly.

  461. My mom is always willing to help out, and do whatever she can for us

  462. My mother in law has been a big influence in my life and the way I think about family; she has always been there for me and has recently started helping my younger brothers out with their problems in a way that only a mom can. I love her very dearly.

  463. I love that my mom has always put her children first & has the purest heart of anyone know!

  464. She’s so understanding and supportive

  465. Oh there are so many things I love about her. I love most, though, that she absolutely adores her children. She has never made us feel inconvenient or like she needs a break. Now as we’re all almost grown up and moved out she takes our calls like they’re the absolute best thing to happen in her day. I love that. I always feel loved and special.

  466. My mother because she means so much to me and my kids. SERVICE is her MO and that is only one of her valuable qualities.

  467. Honesty. She always believes in being honest, and has been a great support in my life.

  468. My mom taught me about the importance of compassion for all living things. I will forever be grateful for that!

  469. she’s the most generous person i know

  470. hard work, that’s something big my mom taught me, and its paid off though all those late nights studying :)

  471. My mother is the most compassionate person I have ever know.

  472. My mother is strong. Morally, personally, physically, etc. Strong.

  473. I love her honesty.

  474. My mom is always helping people and putting everyone else before herself!

  475. I love my mom’s zest for life. Despite the pain she suffers from due to arthritis, she still goes out and enjoys the things that make her hurt the next day. She doesn’t let it stop her.

  476. My mom’s greatest virtue is her faith. She has had many difficulties in her life, but always her faith has remained constant and strong. My own faith has been strengthened by her example. I’m so blessed to have her as my mom! Thank you.

  477. It’s awesome of you ladies to do these mom is amazing id be lost with out her.

  478. Unconditional love. There is just something so comforting about knowing someone will love you know matter what. That’s what I hope my kids feel from me.

  479. Her selfless giving heart.

  480. She loves unconditionally

  481. My MIL is very welcoming. Even as I was dating her son (as a single mom), she embraced us with open arms, and included us in her close family circle right away. I have never felt the least bit not wanted by my MIL.

  482. My mom is selfless- she is ALWAYS putting others before herself!

  483. Her honesty. I need that and appreciate it. Thanks!

  484. Perseverance. The strength to keep going regardless of what life hands to her

  485. My mom passed away several years ago, and I cannot believe how much I miss her every single day. Fortunately for me, my friend’s mom, Emmy, is a special “mom” person in my life now. She is a wonderful gardener with a great appreciation for growing things, and she loves sharing both her knowledge and goodies from her garden.

  486. My mom is very supportive, she’s always been here for me.

  487. She’s always there for me

  488. Strength – getting through the obstacles regardless of the hand you’re dealt.

  489. A virtue I admire in my mother is tolerance . She raised 5 kids, never raising a hand and teaching us the necessary skills of life.

  490. My mother is incredibly thoughtful and compassionate. She is my best friend!

  491. I love my sisters Kind caring heart she is always ready to have fun and always there if I need her.

  492. She is patient and always understanding. She always gives me a second chance when I mess up.

  493. I love that she is caring and understanding. She is special to me because she is my mom and is always there for me.

  494. Protecting her children!

  495. My mom is so very generous.

  496. she is honest, even if it hurts! but she also loves all 7 kids!

  497. My aunt. She showed me that true beauty comes from within.

  498. My mom is so willing to give anything of herself to her children and grandchildren!

  499. A sense of humor. My mom can make any situation lighter. she has the uncanny ability to find the joy or at least something positive in anything!

  500. The mother that I love is forgiving of all faults, loves her kids no matter what they do and is always a shoulder to cry on and rely on.

  501. My mom, she is the fairest person I know, she gives people the benefit of the doubt.

  502. My mom’s sense of humor! My mom taught me to find lightness and laughter in even the most difficult moments, and look for the positives in all situations.

  503. My mom because she has taught me to stay strong.

  504. My Mother gave me all experience from all Her life, She gave me life lessons, She is a miracle from the God and amazing person in my life. She gave me the one gift – MY LIFE!!!
    Thank You , My MOM!

  505. Thank You Mammy that I have You in this life!

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