Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! Tomorrow I will be sharing what this button is all about, so make sure and come back!

During our kitchen remodel last summer, I actually got sentimental as Paul and the boys took the “old green wall” down between the kitchen and the dining room.

(1/2 of it’s down!)

We talked about it as a family – what were the conversations this wall had heard?

If this wall could talk, I wonder what it would tell us?

Do you know how many dinner parties we’ve had next to this wall?

(Carrying out the wall!)

Good conversation is essential to a successful dinner party. Some may say the food is the most important to “wow” your guests, or some may say the atmosphere or ambience is the key, but I say that actually bad conversation can ruin the time spent together!


We surround ourselves with good company. And hopefully we inspire and spur each other on to a better life.


If your walls could talk, what would they say about past dinners held around your table?