Thank you, Craig’s List!

Two things that weren’t working for us with our old kitchen was the layout of the room (space), and the cabinets (original cabinetry but refaced cabinet doors).
The refaced doors weren’t all that bad, but the actual cabinets and drawers were literally falling apart. A remodel was a must, especially if we ever decided to sell in the future.
Our old floor looked like this.
Old kitchen window.
The lighting like this.
Carpet meets my old blue floor.
And we were always crammed in like a bunch of sardines, guests and all!
And remember this old beauty? I agree with The Nester, that when we were both little girls, we would have died to have one of these rich people speaker things.
Back to the cabinet doors. Why I love Craig’s List is that you can move your stuff FAST! 
I took a picture of a pile of cabinets, listed and gave my price, and I said, TAKE ALL OF THEM AWAY!
I got a few bites, and then Ed came along.  He gladly paid us a small amount, and he hauled them all away.
I love it when someone helps you out, and you help them out!
That’s why Craig’s List works so well for us.
Have you had good luck using Craig’s List? I’d love to hear the details!

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  1. We love Craigslist. Tons of the furniture in our house is from CL. I refinish furniture as a hobby, so I love finding good solid pieces with good bones that just need some paint and new character. We've bought and sold things on CL. It's a great way to keep your eyes peeled for an inexpensive option to find something on your want list!

  2. I bought the most beautiful Pottery Barn buffet on Craig's List for $200. It is in new condition. LOVE IT!!

    Also, 1 week ago, we adopted an 8 week old Aussiedoodle puppy off Craig's List for $75. He is wonderful..
    I love Craig's List.

  3. I've given away a hamster, sold an eliptical machine and sold our old house on craigslist

  4. I JUST had my first Craig's List deal on yesterday. We have had 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer die on us in the past year. We're down to this old beat up fridge that has been in a garage for 8 years. LOL.
    Yesterday I purchased, I still cannot believe it, a Sub Zero fridge in amazing condition for $195. I am feeling so blessed that I want to shout it from the rooftops.

  5. we've gotten two bikes at great prices, one a tandem . . . we got a small freezer to use for our costco stash . . . hmm . . . I'm sure there are some other things but that is what comes to mind first. :) Kelly

  6. I just wanted to let you know I love your blog…I have recently started one so if you get a chance let me what you think,,,''


  7. I love craigslist, but when I sell things, I get people who don't show up. I've also had people sell things while I was on my way over to get it, but the bigger issue has been no-shows. We have had a couple scares with people coming into the house and not wanting to leave or trying to get into the house when we've said no. Creepy. Mostly craigslist is awesome! Just be careful!

  8. My hubby is working on re-landscaping the backyard and we had a few trees (10-12') that we didn't want but didn't want to kill. We had a couple of happy takers for free trees!

  9. I love using Craig's List! I have sold a computer armoire, bed, and desk. I'll use it to advertise our huge garage sale in a couple of weeks. I have also been able to find a pretty library table that I wanted for $25 (vs. the $170 price tag at Ballard's!) and a Pottery Barn Kids book rack for $30.

  10. We love Craig's List! We've found (and sold) all sorts of things there-our most recent, and most exciting-our doggy Trigger. For free. I know-if you're not a dog person it's no biggie-but this four legged guy is a gift for sure! We love him. For free, on Craig's List! Love that!

  11. We've sold and bought many things on Craig's list. Although it is very time consuming when you want to look for something. Because I only buy stuff that have pictures attached, my husband made a tool to show all items on sale at once in one page. You can check it out I find items quicker with this.

  12. Never done Craig's List but I know a lot who do and love it!
    sandy toe
    p.s. how are things going for you??

  13. We have had an old water heater that Randy replaced Thanksgiving Eve of '08 and a ginormous ham radio tower in our side yard. But visible from the street.
    I hated the sight of both of them and wanted them gone!
    One day a man and his sweet daughter, that had to interpret for her Dad, knocked on our door and asked if they could haul them away. I was SOOO happy… and even happier knowing they would get some good money for scrap metal and copper. Talk about a win/win!!
    I had plans to list the tower on Craig's, but thrilled to meet a need for a family.

  14. So funny you have this posting because just a couple of days ago I posted about most recent Craigslist find–a desk for $10! And, a couple of postings further down are some other beauties I found on there. Just LOVE it! By the way, we were in Oregon (Grants Pass) in august visiting my husband's family. I SO wanted to contact you, but decided against it in case it wasn't a good time for you. but maybe next time we are in town I'll shoot you a line!?

  15. I have had great success with Craig's List! I have gotten a bench, nice area rugs and more. I like to check back often for the things we need.
    Like you said, it's helping us and helping other. Win win!

  16. We found lots of great stuff on Craig's list when we lived in Boston. Now that we live in a smaller town in the south, we've found that people don't use Craig's list as much so there's not a big selection.

  17. I check it all the time "just in case" but I haven't bought nor sold anything.

  18. We were happy to get rid of some chain link fence within 4 hours of posting on Craig's list! Love it…
    We used to have florescent lighting like that in our kitchen. We would kid around saying we could perform surgery on the island because it was so bright!

  19. I have sold a couple of cars on Craigslist and found a lot of great deals on things for my home. I am sort of addicted to checking it many times a day.

  20. I love Craig's- We have done a few small things, sold computers baby toys, and appliances. But the biggest and best of all was buying our van, and selling our old one on Craig's. The best deal for all involved.

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