Two things that weren’t working for us with our old kitchen was the layout of the room (space), and the cabinets (original cabinetry but refaced cabinet doors).
The refaced doors weren’t all that bad, but the actual cabinets and drawers were literally falling apart. A remodel was a must, especially if we ever decided to sell in the future.
Our old floor looked like this.
Old kitchen window.
The lighting like this.
Carpet meets my old blue floor.
And we were always crammed in like a bunch of sardines, guests and all!
And remember this old beauty? I agree with The Nester, that when we were both little girls, we would have died to have one of these rich people speaker things.
Back to the cabinet doors. Why I love Craig’s List is that you can move your stuff FAST! 
I took a picture of a pile of cabinets, listed and gave my price, and I said, TAKE ALL OF THEM AWAY!
I got a few bites, and then Ed came along.  He gladly paid us a small amount, and he hauled them all away.
I love it when someone helps you out, and you help them out!
That’s why Craig’s List works so well for us.
Have you had good luck using Craig’s List? I’d love to hear the details!