Sometimes it’s fun to wing it for dinner, cooking as you go.

That is what my husband and I did on this Saturday night. I had purchased chicken from the store, we didn’t have any plans this night, and we wanted to use up what we had in the garden. We also knew that our kids were joining us for dinner!

Many of you know me well now: It’s sometimes hard for me to stick to a recipe!

We started with chicken. Tenderized and cooked on the stovetop.

Sauteed garlic, bacon, mushrooms. Added the cream and seasoned to taste. Then delicious Swiss cheese.

Poured on top of the chicken.

Cut fresh garden tomatoes – the juicier the better. And fresh basil from the herb trough.

Then we sauteed up zucchini in butter and seasoned.

Fresh cantaloupe on the side.

And then cake from the freezer.

Our family (3 teens) ate together on the back patio. And my son prayed before we ate:

“Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this food we are about to eat … it looks very experimental …”

I love my kids’ prayers. I will admit that I am going to miss them one day … Some of my friends record their kids’ prayers. I think it’s a fabulous idea, but have never done that.

Do you always have your menus planned out, or do you wing it and make up your own recipes as you cook? And how about prayers … how do you preserve your kids’ prayers?

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