Thank You for this Food: It Looks Very Experimental!

Sometimes it’s fun to wing it for dinner, cooking as you go.

That is what my husband and I did on this Saturday night. I had purchased chicken from the store, we didn’t have any plans this night, and we wanted to use up what we had in the garden. We also knew that our kids were joining us for dinner!

Many of you know me well now: It’s sometimes hard for me to stick to a recipe!

We started with chicken. Tenderized and cooked on the stovetop.

Sauteed garlic, bacon, mushrooms. Added the cream and seasoned to taste. Then delicious Swiss cheese.

Poured on top of the chicken.

Cut fresh garden tomatoes – the juicier the better. And fresh basil from the herb trough.

Then we sauteed up zucchini in butter and seasoned.

Fresh cantaloupe on the side.

And then cake from the freezer.

Our family (3 teens) ate together on the back patio. And my son prayed before we ate:

“Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for this food we are about to eat … it looks very experimental …”

I love my kids’ prayers. I will admit that I am going to miss them one day … Some of my friends record their kids’ prayers. I think it’s a fabulous idea, but have never done that.

Do you always have your menus planned out, or do you wing it and make up your own recipes as you cook? And how about prayers … how do you preserve your kids’ prayers?

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  1. Hey Sandy; I just saw this post. (I thought I had caught up on all of them LOL!)
    My 2 favorite kids’ prayers came from my son Mike, who is now 25. When he was still in the children’s choir at church, they were talking about the next week, when they would have a Thanksgiving feast.. He prayed that they would have buttermilk pie! (Of course, word got round to me, so they did… it’s still his favorite!)
    The other was when we had adopted a stray dog, Annabelle.. he requested prayer during the request time in “big church”– “We have a dog, Annabelle? and she has a skin problem, mange?”
    It was so sweet and so funny! But don’t you love that the Lord of the universe cares about the skin condition of a little boy’s dog?
    Have a wonderful day and keep up the great work! Loved your 30 days of summer entertaining, BTW!

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  3. I can’t say as I do well “winging it”. I try sometime. I usually have an idea of meals I want to make, but don’t set aside certain days. This sounds really, really good! I’m discovering that with the busyness that is happening around here, I’m going to need to incorporate more crock-pot meals and make ahead meals.

  4. Kids cut right to the heart of things. One night a friend of mine served a visually uninspired meal. Her daughter’s prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for this pale meal :) Yours sounds delicious!

  5. How sweet and you will miss those heartfelt little prayers one day so love every minute of it!!
    Food looks delish!!

  6. I don’t follow recipes, I don’t measure, and I don’t do much planning (other than having good ingredients on hand). I would love to enter contests, but since I don’t measure, I can’t! I look at recipes only for the beginnings of ideas, and have grown to LOVE my way of cooking. Would also love to open a cafe… set menu, but only willing (non-picky) guests with an appetite for healthy and delicious food.

  7. The prayer cracked me up!

  8. I love making up food ideas as I cook. When I feel bored and have nothing we really want to eat, I just to see what we have and “wing it.”

    Yours sound yummy. Frozen cake in that looks that good . . . wow.

    My kids are all grown now. I do remember some of their cute prayers and they are written on my heart. As I get older, I would have loved to have thought about writing them down at the time.

  9. I def like to start with a recipe but enjoy the experimental ride wherever it leads. :o)

  10. Wow – that looks dangerous!

    Hey, wanted to tell you that I’ve been planning to make some of the recipes in the book with some low-fat substitutions. I’m training for a triathlon and am working out like a maniac (not so much for the triathlon, but rather for my Maui trip next week!), so I’ve been eating really healthy. Some of the recipes look like they can easily be substituted with a couple of ingredients, so I’ll let you know how they work out! : )

  11. Hi Sandy –

    I popped over hear from Facebook. You have a beautiful website and blog.

    Your son’s prayer made me smile. Young people have such a way with words. It often puts us writers to shame.

    Your recipe looks yummy, but I can’t handle cheese (lactose intolerance). I notice Weight Watchers’ frozen meals are also laden with cheese. Perhaps some folks out there could develope low-calorie, nutritious recipes that don’t have cheese. Any ideas?

    Susan :)

  12. My mouth is watering! We tend to pray silently before dinner, but I’d like to do more praying out loud. It’s a wonderful way to learn what is on each other’s minds.

  13. Okay, that entree looks delicious but the cake appears to die for! Are you possibly up to sharing that recipe as well?! ;-)

  14. That is SO funny. Your son would get along very well with my 17-year-old.

    I must say, though, if that’s what your experimental food looks like, you’re doing something right. :)

    I re-did my pantry recently, and I put a line from that children’s prayer “Thank you for the world so sweet” on the wall of the pantry. I was dismayed at just how much was in my pantry, then I realized that I was so blessed to have that much in my pantry. So now the wall says, “Thank you for the food we eat.”

    Wish I could come to your house the next time you’re winging it! :)

  15. We did the same thing Sunday night, except we ended up with a blackened chicken over penne pasta with an alfredo sauce mixed with tomatoes and black beans….I thought it was delicious! I love the thought of recording your kids’ prayers….a simple journal would do the trick.

  16. My experiments don’t ever look that delicious! I need a cooking class one day. Sometimes, I jot down funny things or prayers the kids say- I have a word document for each of them.

  17. lol! My title should be “dump cook” – a little of this and a little of that. Wing it as I go. To which my husband likes to tease..

    Well kids, it’s a shame we’ll never have this again. (because I don’t remember what I did) Or. Well kids, no worries, I guess we’ll never have this again.

    Our kids are little. (3yrs and 2 yrs) But, they are learning to pray along side of us and we have a specific little lunch prayer that they like to sing. I would so badly like to video record it sometime… but I can’t manage to do it “secretly”. Maybe one day.

  18. There is a recipe I made while experimenting that the kids want me to make again. I have tried….but so far no success….they keep telling me what was in it. lol

    Your recipe here looks amazing and I so love that prayer!!!

    Becky K.

  19. That looks yummy to me! My family LOVES it when I say I’m just winging it because 9x out of 10 they end up loving it. My 8 year old will then say, “Mom, did you write this down?” It’s a sure sign that it’s a keeper! LOL!

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