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I love this time of year, when my daffodils are in full bloom.

It’s as if they are saying, “cut me, cut me!” because they make a beautiful tablescape for entertaining, don’t you agree?

Usually we don’t entertain 2 nights in a row, but last week we did. It just worked out that way and to be honest, why not entertain back to back? I decided to write a post on the benefits of entertaining this way because it actually worked out quite nicely!

Easy Entertaining 2 nights in a row:

1. The bathrooms are already clean. Just put out a fresh, clean towel.

2. The centerpiece/flowers are already in place. (Add a new table cloth if you need to, and fresh napkins).

3. The entertaining dishes, goblets and supplies are already out. As they come out of the dishwasher, set them aside for the next night.

4. You’re already going to the grocery store, so just plan out your 2 menus in advance (make sure to delegate so you don’t have to do it all!)

5. The kitchen floors are already clean and the house is semi-tidy.

6. You’re already mentally in the “entertaining” mode.

So why not plan back-to-back nights of entertaining?

I’ve found it works for me, it’s not exhausting, and I really enjoy it.

Have you ever tried entertaining two nights in a row?

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