The Gift of Today

My heart swells when I hear the excitement in my elated daughter’s voice, saying, “Oh, Mommy! Mommy!” She can also cause my heart to ache, while crying out those same words when she is in pain.

She asked me a few weekends ago which name I prefer to be called: Mom? Mama? Or Mommy?

I told her “Mommy.”

We had just had a girl’s weekend together, as our son Elliot was in Mexico on a mission trip and Garrett and Paul went camping and fly-fishing together. We cleaned out closets, re-organized, shopped, ate at Wendy’s, played badminton, swam and watched Little Women together. It was a charmed weekend.

Ten years ago today I was crying out those exact words. “Oh, Mommy, Mommy! Do you really have to go?” as my Mom left this life, after a long battle with cancer.

I read the Love Chapter this morning:

Love …
Trusts God always
Always looks for the best
Never looks back
Keeps going until the end

My Mom was a saint. She loved deeply and was a model of hospitality (see APRON and MY MOM, MILLIE posts) to so many around her.

The smile on her face and the gentleness she had toward others was rare. The concern she had for the sick was beautiful, as I remember a neighbor who had cancer and how Mom would take food to their family, and sit with the dying woman.

Mom took the Word to heart and lived out I Corinthians 13. She fought the good fight up until the very end.

Ten years later, today, I am reminded not only of my Mom’s passing and her gift in my life, but that I have been handed another very special gift right now.

The gift of “today.”

(Photos: (very top) me and my daughter, Abby; my beautiful Mom, Millie, and her granddaughter, Kayla; some of our first garden crops this year, another reminder of my Mom and her love for the garden.)
For the record, I’d better tell you that the names that my kids call me the most are: Madre’, Moblo, and sometimes even Mother! They have witty personalities like their Padre’.

21 comments on “The Gift of Today”

  1. We certainly are not promised tomorrow … and we must grab hold of today! Thanks for the sweet reminder, and the beautiful memories of your mom!

  2. That is such a beautiful post. Thanks for reminding me about what is important today.

    My kids call me Mama, and it is music to my ears.

  3. I love this, Sandy, thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. :)

  4. What a wonderful post!! I’m so happy that you have fond memories of your Mom, but I’m also sorry for your loss!!!

    Enjoy your own children!!! and yes there is just something special about our little girls!!!

  5. Hi, Sandi, what a special mom you had. There is just nothing like our mamas, is there? I’m so blessed to still have both my parents & I’m so sorry you had to lose your mom too early.

    but, what a great tribute to her.


  6. Sandy, this was such a beautiful reminder…to treasure each day and also those we love! It had me holding back the tears…

    (Btw, last year, my then 7 yr old asked if she could start calling me Mom…and I said …maybe, once in awhile…but to throw a “mommy” in there a lot, too! Thankfully, it the “mom” never took, and it’s still “Mommy”!) :)


  7. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. She sounded like such a wonderful woman of God.

  8. Sandy, just catching up on your blog today. You have so many beautiful posts and are so encouraging and inspiring! I think we are going to try Outdoor Movie Night very soon. (And I need to buy a Cut & Seal sandwich tool, too.)

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful weekend with Abby. Mother-daughter time is SO special. Have a wonderful week, Madre!

  9. Oh – my heart aches for your loss but what a beautiful selection of words to share about your “mommy” (my favorite name too). You are in my prayers on this difficult day.

  10. Sandy, it is always hard to say goodbye to Mommy, no matter how grown up we are. This was a beautiful way to share her spirit with us.

  11. Beautiful and inspiring as always. I nominated you for the Blogger Reflection Award.

  12. Beautiful Mommy Beautiful remembrance and outlook of truth. Blessings…

  13. well, you just have me in a weepy mess, now don’t you?! I can’t even imagine being without my mom. Losing my Dad to cancer a short 9 months ago was so hard. I think this was a wonderful tribute to your mom.

  14. What a beautiful post. :)

    I don’t know where he got it from but sometimes my 12 year old son calls me “Toots”. Makes me laugh every time!

    p.s. I am bottom ‘right’. ;)

  15. I prefer Mommy, too. Isn’t it fun to spend time alone with your girl, even if you’re doing mundane tasks? Those are the memories both of you will cherish the most.

    Your blog is such a blessing to me, Sandy. Thanks.

  16. I enjoyed this post today (no surprise!). My dad (daddy) is 67 and battling a terrible cancer right now. He will always be my daddy no matter how I old I get.

  17. My thoughts and prayers are with you on this day. This was a wonderful tribute to your mom. I prefer mama, and I refer to myself as that with my son. He calls me mama, except in times of distress,when he calls me mommy.

  18. Oh my friend… saying a special prayer for you today as you remember the cherished memories of your “mommy” and create new memories that will be cherished as a “mommy”!

    What a beautiful and touching post!

  19. What a wonderful tribute! I’m so sorry you lost her before she was able to see your children grow up. (((hugs)))

    This hardly seems fitting… oh wait, perhaps it is. Your mom would surely be proud to see you teaching and encouraging the rest of us to do as she taught you. In that case, I thought I’d say thank you – we just moved to a new house, been here 6 weeks. Now we’re pretty settled in, and tomorrow I’ve invited an older couple over to our home for the afternoon. Very simple… and thanks in large part to your blog and your encouragement! I’ve learned much from you already. Anyway, if you care to visit my blog, I’ve posted more about it there.

  20. Beautiful tribute to your Mom. I prefer to be called Mommy too!

  21. Amen. And what a beautiful tribute to your mom. I so hope that my girls will be able to say things like that about me when I’m gone.

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