Personal family time is essential to our family.

It’s a type of hospitality that refreshes the family, instead of stressing everyone out!

This Thanksgiving was that for our family, as the five of us had the opportunity to get away for a relaxing time.




The centerpiece was made by taking a nature walk with my daughter, and using “high desert” foliage. I cooked my sweet potatoes ahead of time, measured out my toppings and put into Ziploc bags, and I left the big “bird” at home, opting out for a smaller turkey breast.

Simplicity was on my mind, and we even used paper napkins!

Thankful for our time away, a relaxed holiday dining experience was created as “family” was prioritized, taking us away from what we all know as the “daily grind.”

I’m hoping you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with loved ones!

I’d love to hear about the highlights of your last 4 days?