The Pantry is Built!

Empty pantry

One thing about our kitchen remodel that has freed me from the idea that “we can’t have people over,” is that things will never be perfect!

If I would have let “perfect” stand in the way, our lives, individually and as a family, would not have grown in the way they have, when it comes to relationships. Because from Day #1 of living in our house, we’ve always had a project going on. You could always look around and see something “unfinished.”

Last week I’m happy to announce that my Dad and his wife, Ginny, completed our pantry. Yes, the two of them made a great team (I helped a little here and there), and what really took the time was installing the animal-door. And now getting our animals to use it is another story!

Pantry dog door

My friend, Deb, shared with me from this post, these 2 tips about the pantry:

1. Shallow shelves. No deeper than a dinner plate, at minimum for the shelves at shoulder level and higher. Items tend to be forgotten when you can’t see them.

2. Write expiration month/year in big black sharpie on items. Doesn’t look much like a Williams-Sonoma catalog that way, but works!

Great tips, Deb!

As we were semi-cleaning up, I got my favorite cleaner out, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day (basil scent), and wiped down the shelves. (I gave a bottle away in my 3-year Anniversary box!)

As boxes and tools line the dining room, we’re still waiting for another cabinet, and the wood floors aren’t down yet (won’t happen for some time, since we are doing it ourselves), but we still gathered around the bar that night, and we ate yummy homemade spaghetti …


Delicious cake – my FIRST CAKE baked in my oven …

Chocolate Cake

As we held hands and prayed and blessed the kitchen, I prayed for the many lives that would be coming and going, eating and laughing, sharing and investing in each other in the way that God created us to be.

So here’s to a NEW pantry!

And here’s to honesty: My pantry will be unorganized and messy, probably in about 3 months!

I’m trying to keep “order” in mind as I put stuff away. What do I really need in the house, and what can stay out in my garage pantry. I’ll be showing you in future posts how I organized it (I’d better show you while it’s neat and tidy, uh?), using what I had. My budget was small, so I only bought a few new baskets, learning to make use of other boxes and organizers.

It might not all match and be perfectly pretty, but function is what I’m looking for!

What is your pantry looking like these days? Is it organized or does it need a bit of help?

(Check out Melissa’s inspiring pantry pictures over at The Inspired Room!)

8 comments on “The Pantry is Built!”

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  3. My pantry needs tons of work. Shallow shelves are super important. I am working on our pantry, but I really feel as though it’s a constant work in progress. Just like the “garage pantry” – I need a system. I can’t wait to see yours.

  4. Oh Sandy, enjoy enjoy! I am so happy that your patience has paid off. God bless the labors of love that will flow out of that kitchen.

    And I love the pet door :)

    And I blush that you liked my “pantry tip”.

    yep, your friend,


  5. Oh I love the new look! LOVE IT!
    sandy toe

  6. How exciting!! Because my pantry is open and right in my “kitchen” area I work hard at keeping it organized. Hubby got me some baskets which I like using. I’d like to make (or have them made)…liners for them! I put my canned goods and jars of rice and beans. Hubby still has some shelves to put up on the sides.

    I’m so glad you’re having fun with your new kitchen! When we moved into our house I was so excited about te kitchen!!

  7. Congrats! You must be happy that things are getting back to normal.

  8. Currently, it is clean, but that is just because it is new! :) I am having fun organizing and finding baskets top group like items. BTW, Melissa over at the inspired room is about pantries today too! Are you too bloggy sisters????? :) Happy Thursday!

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