Thanksgiving table

Relaxation and family time are key for us during the holidays.

I’ve rushed around way too much in earlier years. And I will admit, it gets easier as our kids grow up and become adults. I think all of our perspectives change as we admit to commercialism, over-indulging (food and gifts), and it no longer feels right.

This last weekend, I am thankful for the simple things.

Little family members.

Building snowman



Tickle belly.

Tickle bug

Good food.

Eating Thanksgiving

DIY simple table.

High Dessert Thanksgiving Table

Little wonder boy.

Little wonder boy

Lovely niece (oh, and nephew).

Sandy and Addie

Great family. Period.

I. Am. Thankful.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday to start the “holidays” off with. The focus for me is to stay away from the mad rush.

I love the gift of looking back, and the reminder of what’s ahead.

Are you looking forward to a simple Christmas holiday season like I am?