When we strive to make hospitality perfect instead of excellent, we isolate ourselves from others. – The RE

I laughed at my own quote from my book the other night, as guests were coming to dinner. I had set the table, placed the ironed napkins on the left side of the dinner plate, and as I was setting down the forks, one lonely napkin stood out.

It was different.

The stripe was actually ironed the opposite way than the rest.

But who would even know?

I moved on to finish setting the table, but later as I walked by, I noticed it again.

Part of the of noticing was to remind myself that things do not have to be perfect.

My goal is to strive toward excellence … to do my very best, make my table pretty, and give my all to my guests when I entertain.

But perfect?

Did you know that kids don’t start out in life being perfectionists? They learn from us!

My daughter and I laughed together as we were mingling by the table. She glanced at the imperfectly ironed napkin and said, Oh, great, Mom. (She was my little ironer!) And that’s when I took the opportunity to say, Baby, it’s so fine. Things don’t have to be perfect all the time!

I know this is a simple observation today, but it’s perfect for the week ahead. How many people will be entertaining and getting flustered over certain things either not turning out or being perfect?

Success is defined when we can laugh, relate, engage, and see beyond ourselves.

Will you keep this motto in mind this next Christmas week?

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