When I got this lovely lined basket for Christmas, filled with some “carefully crafted, thoughtful, gourmet, Italian” ingredients (post to come), I knew I wanted to fill it with something special and not just store it with my other baskets.

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I’ve also had a running list of “thank you notes” running through my mind, of people I need to thank for some savory meals that we’ve had over the holidays.

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding whether you send thank you notes for every single gift you receive at Christmastime, or if you forego notes for verbal thank you’s?

I tend to send thank you notes for dinner parties or meals that we’re invited to at Christmas, but not for every gift, plate of cookies, or loaf of bread. I think at Christmas a call or an email or a “thank you” at the time of delivery is enough.

I decided to fill this lovely basket with my collection of thank you notes. What a brilliant idea! To have a place of their own, a basket I can carry over with me to the sofa and sit down and think and write …

Okay, this is my favorite box of cards that I have right now. I bought them at the CIA in Napa Valley during this trip

But usually I find my thank you notes at yard sales during the summertime. You can get such a bargain on unique cards this way.

Which reminds me, I have a few to write right now …

How do you handle thank you notes at Christmas time? And how do you store your cards?