Yesterday was a yard sale SCORE day for me and Apron Thrift Girl. As Selena was passing through town with her family, we met up early for coffee and hit a few sales together. We only had an hour, and I was a little bit nervous because you know how yard sales are … either hit or miss! But we really found some great bargains. (I’m sure she’ll be sharing her finds over at Apron Thrift Girl.)

I think my VERY favorite find was this $5 beauty. Okay, Selena saw it first as I came up behind her. But we both decided that it would go perfectly with my style of home, and how was she going to get it back to CA? (Oh, and I just offered the guy $5 and he said, “sure!”)

A beautiful lamp (heavy-duty!) for my back patio and other fun stuff.

Flowers, decorating items, cards, and books for only a few dollars.

And this $1 find. Can’t wait to make it a DIY project.

My favorite memory from the day was hanging with Selena. She is so lovely, so full of wisdom and great tips, and I really gleaned from her keen eye. (I also brought her to my house so she could see my new kitchen and signed a RE book for her.)

But my favorite part of the evening was when our friends came for dinner last night and we were able to enjoy the back patio. The new lamp (tray and grass) added a touch of ambience that our patio was missing.

After spending very little money, it felt completely like a new space!

Did you have a good week of thrifting?

(This post is linked to Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality. I hope to share with you the results of what I do with the cool glass, retro, 3-colored hanging light fixture. I have the perfect place for it!)