Our whole family looks forward to Thursday nights, starting at 5 pm.

What is so special about Thursday nights, you might ask? Is it a TV show? Do we get to eat out? Does someone come over? Do we win something?
We do win something. We are the recipients of a beautifully home-cooked meal every Thursday evening, as our friend, Hoppi, has cooked for our family for almost two years now.
She chose this night at the same time I started my Balcony Girls group on Thursdays, as I would pick the girls up right after school and bring them home with me. And thus ran out of time for dinner making!

It’s humbling for me to write about it now, because our family is so very thankful for Hoppi and her friendship and giving spirit.
I asked Hoppi why and how she came up with this idea? Because in the busiest season of our lives, these dinners are such a benefit to us. And even in Hoppi’s very busy work situation (Hankicards), she still finds time to perform this act of love.

Hoppi has told me that, for her, “Everything is centered around wanting a family.”

Hoppi’s desire to reach out and bless is a result of wanting a better life, and better relationships for herself after a painful past. She deals with life’s disappointments and pain in a positive way, instead of becoming completely selfish.

Our family reaps the blessing of Hoppi’s labor, but I do believe that Hoppi also reaps a blessing from giving to our family. And what I love the most, besides delicious gourmet meals, is how our children have come to love and appreciate Hoppi and have learned a great life lesson from her determination to reach out and bless.

I’m telling this story for two reasons. One: if you are older and enjoy cooking, and you can think of a way of blessing a young family like ours, maybe you should consider who that family could be. And two: if you are younger and you think this is a great idea, maybe pray for, or seek out, older friends in your life, and ask if they’d be willing to try this.

I hope someday I will be able to repeat this act of love for another young family.

I wonder who it will be?

(Photos: meals cooked by Hoppi, Hoppi and her Auntie Betty whom she dearly loves, Hoppi helping me at my kids birthday parties with the Ice Cream Trough.)

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