With many rainy days this week, I’ve been dreaming about hot summer days, my garden, and growing delicious tomatoes.

A few weeks ago my friend Terri sent me a list of “this year’s offerings.” I love how she is so generous with her greenhouse, sharing it with many. So the dreaming begins … when we get to place our order with her.

This year I put in for Cherokee Purple (Heirloom) Health Kick Hybrid, and 1 Burpee’s Burger Hybrid.

We love the Tomato Sweet Tangerine.

Actually we’re trying a few different varieties this year. But here’s a picture from last year’s crop.

Did you know that as the most popular summer crop, tomatoes are the easiest to grow?

I love the color, sizes, flavors – each one different for however you’re cooking, or you may want to eat it fresh off the vine.

Make sure the frost has passed and the soil has warmed up a bit.

1 1/2 – 3 feet apart if you are staking or supporting them.
3-4 feet if they are not going to be supported.

One of may favorite summertime salads!

So enjoy. And dream along with me of the beautiful color … and delicious flavor.

Oh … come, summer, come!

What’s your favorite tomato to eat or cook with?

Also, I’m posting over at SC Johnson today … Would you join me there and comment? It’s called, Pesky Friends Called Weeds!

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(Terri is our choir director at church and a fabulous woman! So very generous!!)