Have you ever wanted to make someone feel special at a dinner party? Well, this last weekend we did just that.

After going to a local Cash n’ Carry store (groceries & restaurant supplies), we picked up this handy “reserved” sign. And we used it for a special guest who was coming over for dinner.

We decided to take a “not-so-great” situation (bum leg) and turn it into a fun night. We’ve yet to entertain with a wheelchair in our backyard, since we’ve lived in this home. So we rallied the troops (our kids) and we all pitched in to be available and cater to our guests.

It was an opportunity for creativity for my daughter, as she wrote out the menu and posted it in the center of the table, and “reserved” a special seat for our guest of honor (Mr. Wheelchair).

I always say, “HAVE A PLAN,” right? And of course you are all wondering what I served!

Friday night we were invited over to our friend’s house for dinner, and they sent the leftover Mexican dip home with us. So all I did was take that, and then add a fresh avocado!

Leg of Lamb
My plan consisted of cooking a leg of lamb (birthday gift for hubby, sent by our WI friends back in June, recipe, here), and used what fruits and veggies we had in our garden. My friend Hoppi, has always told me that mustard is the secret ingredient to cooking lamb. YUM!

Grilled Romaine Salad
We tried something new, too! We grilled romaine lettuce on the BBQ, topping off with a Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons.

We didn’t have a recipe to follow; we just sprayed the romaine with garlic oil, grilled, and then added the other ingredients. DELIGHTFUL.

The veggies were freshly-dug out-of-the-ground potatoes, with chopped mint, lemon thyme, rosemary and freshly squeezed lime.

And who’s this crazy guy with swimming goggles on? It was my daughter’s idea to get goggles for her Dad, whose eyes were burning and crying over the potent onions! Maybe we should market these!

After dinner, we headed inside to a more relaxing environment (for Mr. Wheelchair) – that was our favorite part. Talking, sharing and loving our friendship with this special family. We’re so thankful for the recovery of our friend Jason, from his freak accident, and for the progress that he is making.

Trading a leg for a leg (bum leg for a leg of lamb) was just what the Doctor ordered!

And we were glad we made it happen. Cheers to great friends!

(Yes, our kids each had to try out the wheelchair! And what dessert did I serve? SIMPLE vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top, served with a warm Ghirardelli white chocolate sauce).

My friend Selena just wrote a beautiful post on Meals with Friends in her home. You can read about it, here.

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