Turn Up the Volume!

Next time you have a dinner party, turn your music volume up a little louder than you might think – and see what happens!

This post was inspired by a reader who recently wrote me:

What is it that you have learned that causes you to turn the volume up a bit more with larger groups? I would have thought the opposite would be true to alleviate “extra noise” with so many people already in attendance.

My husband and I have learned to turn our music up a few notches, especially with a larger group. We have found that it inspires more vigorous conversation, as it causes our guests to speak louder, creating more spirited interaction.

Last week, during our traditional Flashkeglia dinner, we had very lively music playing by an incredible musician whom we recently discovered, Ramsey Lewis. At one moment, we were singing and waving our hands in the air to the song, O Happy Day. Even as my brother-in-law and nephew serenaded us on the piano, which is right next to my dining table, we still conversed with one another, and every now and then we’d all chime in to the lyrics that we knew.

The spirited music (and volume) brought out more liveliness around our table that night.

It’s the opposite of what you might think – but it works! Now you may not have a piano in your dining area, or even musicians to play for you – but find a way to bring lively music into your home during the dinner hour.

Watch and see what happens!

15 comments on “Turn Up the Volume!”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I wouldn’t have thought of this either. Looks like a fun night! I love having a big group around my table.

  2. Very interesting as is the entire science of sound. Gotta tell you, though, that I am notorious for leaving all places where the volume is too loud…wedding receptions, churches, stores. It must be my great age! :>

    Thank you for visiting me. I know that I have visited your wonderful blog several times and I’ll be back again some day soon, too.

  3. I need to disagree. My daughter has a hearing deficit and too much background noise, makes it impossible for her to distinguish what is being said and participate. The same goes for many older folks with hearing aids. I myself find extra noise exhausting after a time—-guess I need to get my hearing examined.

    So just be sensitive.

  4. I never would have guessed!

  5. What a great picture of your partiers… looks like it was a fun time for all.

  6. I think the key words are spirit and liveliness– who wouldn’t want a dinner party with those characteristics? What a great tip!

  7. Another great post Sandy.
    We have applied this theory to our own gatherings and it is true! We even have mixes we have created for our different parties, b-bq’s, rib fests and it does make for some lovely noise from our friends and family. This usually includes dancing as well and tons of laughter. Music adds so much to the memory of dining together.

  8. Goody goody…thanks for coming by. You know, don’t laugh but I just had to count the people in the dinner party picture…it immediately reminded me of the painting The Last Supper…twelve people…plus the photographer is 13…love your post today…gonna go check out the rest this evening…
    Sandi at Holding Patterns

  9. I always wonder how loud to turn up the music (and sometimes I leave it off altogether if I know we’ll be having oodles of kids and chaos). But this is some good food for thought, Sandy!

  10. Never in a million years would I have thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

  11. Ramsey Lewis! Oh my, does that name bring back memories of the 60’s. I’m sure I have several LP’s of his music in storage.

    I love listening to jazz.


  12. I never would have thought this either! But yes…we’ll have to try this!

    I love the photo of you and your sisters below, too…you are all so beautiful!
    (But sorry to say that beets is one just two veggies that I can’t seem to want to eat!) ;)

    Buy the way, stop by if you can and enter my birthday giveaway!


  13. I’ve kind of gone back and forth on the volume thing, but if it’s too low, and conversation builds, then you can’t hear the music at all, which is stupid if you’re gonna have it on. Better to have it a little louder. I especially like Louis Armstrong for a party or group atmosphere, or something equally peppy and happy!

  14. Wow!! I never would have thought of that. Thank you once again for thinking ‘outside of the box’. I love your ideas!

  15. Thanks for this information!!

    I will take your word for it and give it a try next time we have a group over. :-)

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