Next time you have a dinner party, turn your music volume up a little louder than you might think – and see what happens!

This post was inspired by a reader who recently wrote me:

What is it that you have learned that causes you to turn the volume up a bit more with larger groups? I would have thought the opposite would be true to alleviate “extra noise” with so many people already in attendance.

My husband and I have learned to turn our music up a few notches, especially with a larger group. We have found that it inspires more vigorous conversation, as it causes our guests to speak louder, creating more spirited interaction.

Last week, during our traditional Flashkeglia dinner, we had very lively music playing by an incredible musician whom we recently discovered, Ramsey Lewis. At one moment, we were singing and waving our hands in the air to the song, O Happy Day. Even as my brother-in-law and nephew serenaded us on the piano, which is right next to my dining table, we still conversed with one another, and every now and then we’d all chime in to the lyrics that we knew.

The spirited music (and volume) brought out more liveliness around our table that night.

It’s the opposite of what you might think – but it works! Now you may not have a piano in your dining area, or even musicians to play for you – but find a way to bring lively music into your home during the dinner hour.

Watch and see what happens!

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