Unique Kitchen-Warming Gift: Beef Bolognese!

Beef Bolognese

Our friends showed up at our front door with a large, heaping grocery bag.

Happy Kitchen Housewarming! they said.

I love surprises like this!

Inside the bag were ingredients like fresh ground beef, fresh pasta, ungrated parmesan cheese, pancetta, and red wine – along with a copy of the recipe using all of these food items to make Beef Bolognese Sauce!

Beef Bolognese

Absolutley creative and thoughtful!

A few days later our family enjoyed a meal of Beef Bolognese Sauce with Pancetta and Red Wine. Utterly delicious.

Beef Bolgonese

Super duper yummy. (I added my frozen roasted tomatoes!)

Beef Bolgonese

And it created a memorable time in the kitchen for Paul and me making the meal together. (And it made me think of Julie and Julia!)

Beef Bolgonese

It was also a reminder for our family of good friends.

Beef Bolgonese

I’m not sure I’ve taken a Kitchen-Warming gift to anyone. But now that I’ve experienced the element of surprise and the fun involved, I’m going to keep this idea in mind.

Beef Bolognese

Besides, I love taking surprise gifts to others.

When is the last time you thought of something creative to give to a friend?

(Thank you Stephen and Judy, for this gift!)

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  2. Love it! What a great idea.

    I stumbled across your blog. So glad I did! Will be visiting often.

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