UPrinting Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints: Giveaway!

I’m so excited to host this awesome giveaway today on RE from UPrinting! Not only one winner, but two, will receive ONE large gallery wrapped canvas print using your favorite photo! How fun is that?

A few details
16×20 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints for two winners
Free UPS Ground Shipping
Limited to US residents and must be 18 and above to enter

It’s been several years since I won my Dollar Store goblet canvas! My husband took the picture, and then I turned it into a gallery wrapped canvas. I still have it hanging in my kitchen.

Since then, it’s become my RE icon! In fact, one reader recently asked me: Did I see you say that those gorgeous cut-glass goblets you use for parties and in your masthead are from the DOLLAR STORE???

I smiled and wrote her back, Yes! I love a bargain that looks beautiful.

I’ve moved my canvas print around from room to room, but right now it resides on a shelf in my kitchen. See how it’s beautifully wrapped around the corners?

Perfect and elegant. And it’s … so RE! I love how it says: Entertaining is easy, affordable, and beautiful!

Your chance to WIN
Tell me what photo you’d turn into a canvas print if you won?

What to WIN
UPrinting is giving away ONE canvas print to TWO winners.

Tweet or Facebook or Blog
Do one of the above and get a 2nd chance. Come back and leave a 2nd comment so I know about it.

When to WIN
Come back on Friday this week and I’ll announce the 2 winners! Very exciting!

I especially think about my foodie friends who are amazing photographers, how just the right food or entertaining photo could turn into an amazing canvas! A work of your art!

(Thank you UPrinting, and for being a paid suporter of this blog.)

171 comments on “UPrinting Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints: Giveaway!”

  1. I would love to have a canvas to hang it our family room of my 3 girls in their red white and blue outfits…. so adorable! :)

  2. No doubts, I would choose a picture of my 3 children. Those photos of the 3 of them together are such treasures to me, especially now.
    I’ll tweet about it and come back to let you know.

  3. I would love a canvas of my two girls! We are actually getting some pictures taken today, so I guess I think I would use one of those!

  4. How beautiful! If I won..I definitely need some art in my kitchen so I would have to take a new photo with some cookies and milk sitting on a cute plate.

  5. I tweeted @ BellaMellaMel

  6. I tweeted about your giveaway!

  7. I would take a picture from the underside of part of one of my palm fronds to capture the contrast of the Carolina blue sky and would hang it in my light blue/coastal looking dining room.

    Thanks Sandy!

  8. I would take one of the photos from this past weekend up north camping and put it on your canvas give-away. Love the look of art on canvas!!

  9. I have a picture from the Cherry Blossoms earlier this year or I may take something new because I would love some new artwork for my kitchen.

  10. I have a picture of my daughter where she is 5 months old and playing peek a boo with a blanket. I took the picture just as she popped up from under the blanket. It is one of my favorite photos of her. I currently have it as my screensaver on my work computer.

  11. Wow! That’s gorgeous! I love the goblets and that canvas is so pretty! I’d love to win one!

  12. I would have to do a picture of my children! it would be something we’d treasure for years to come and could be passed down the family! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Wow love your canvas of the goblets! Would love to have a canvas of a sunflower I took at a local orchard.

  14. I would probably choose a photo I took of some soft pink roses extending over the rim of a favorite teacup. It’s soft and beautiful, and I would enjoy looking at it every day.

  15. My husband took an amazing picture of an eagle perched on a piling in the canal. The eagle is framed by a bare tree. I love it and think it would look amazing on canvas.

  16. I have a family portrait we just had taken that would be so beautiful as a canvas print! LOVE LOVE LOVE these :)

  17. A picture of my boys, of course!

  18. We have a great pic of the Smokey Mountains from our very first family vacation that would look great on canvas!

  19. I love your picture of the goblets. Wow! What a great give-away. I would love to have a picture of our 5 kids or picture of our trip to Alaska.

    Lynn G.

  20. We’re getting ready to go on vacation to some beautiful natural settings. I’m sure I could come up with some great pictures…good enough to get wrapped! ;-)

  21. I would really like to frame a photo of my husband overlooking Vatican City from our “babymoon.” It is one of the most sincere photographs I’ve ever taken. He didn’t even know. Just him in awe of the beauty of Rome at sunset. It’s perfect. It’s a moment I would always love to go back to.

  22. I would choose a garden photo I do believe and have it for my kitchen that is under renovation (hopefully finished in two weeks!). Love this giveaway!

    I retweeted this as well


  23. There is a photo of my Husband and I kissing on the beach at sunset. His best friend took it years ago and we just love it. Right now it is just a 4×6 print, but I would love to make it bigger!

  24. I had no idea about the story of your icon! Thanks for sharing this! =) I LOVE the photos on your blog…love them!

  25. Lovely! I’d print a photo of my girls walking on the beach from a trip we look a couple of years ago. Living in Colo the beach is the one place I long to visit.

  26. I would use a photo of my three kids. With my oldest going to college in a few weeks, I’m finding I want more current pictures of the three of them around my house.

  27. I shared the giveaway on my FB. =) Thanks for introducing us to UP Printing.

  28. Ooh, this is a hard one…What picture? What picture? The one that instantly comes to mind is of my dog that we recently had to put to sleep. It’s an angled head shot and he’s sitting in the yard, with his eyes closed. It’s like he’s having a zen moment….so peaceful. It makes me smile everytime I look at it and brings back all the wonderful memories that we had with him.

  29. Hmmm…that’s tough. I think I might do one of the pictures I have of some dahlias from my yard a few years ago.

  30. I have a cute little picture of my honey, taken by his fishing buddy, out on some lake in Canada.
    Summer of 2008. They were out fishing, he’s running the boat, shirt unbuttoned, feet propped up…so relaxed.
    When I saw that picture, I gasped and said…oh you look so relaxed and happy…and he said, you know I just told L I was gonna marry you…and he took that picture. *sigh*
    He didn’t ask me for two more months…but that’s a whole other story.

  31. One of my best friends is a photographer and shoots our family photos every year. This last year we took our pictures on the train tracks running through our town. She got a shot of my two boys (ages 1 and 7) from behind walking down the tracks (hand-in-hand no less). In the editing process, she added the quote “Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero.” This is the picture I would use!

  32. I recently got a great shot of my boys on the beach, in the waves, with their arms around each other. And they are smiling. A rare moment I would love to look at every day to remind me that deep down, they really do love each other!

    Great giveaway! Thanks Sandy!

  33. I would use it for a black and white picture I have of a tree taken in a cove in TN. I love tree pictures. :)

  34. Tweet tweet and FB, mission accomplished. xo

  35. Since I just got married I would probably use one of my wedding photos.

  36. The picture I would love to have captured in canvas, is the one my husband took from the balcony of our amazing suite in Bay Harbor on the morning of our daughter’s wedding day. Bright Red & white striped umbrellas from the lakeside cafe below, reflecting all the joy yet to come that day.
    PS How amazing would it look in my red, black, & white kitchen.

  37. Your goblets gave me the idea to use a picture of my huge crown lamp. Its my favorite thing in the house and It would be fun if I could have it in a second room!

  38. It would be hard to choose what photo to enlarge. I know the grandparents would love one of our kids, and Christmas is just right around the corner.

  39. My (12 year old) daughter has become quite the photographer! She took some pictures of a plum we had that was shaped like a heart. I would probably choose one of those, or one of her flower shots, or…one of our family, or our English Bulldog! Uh, it would be hard to decide, but I’m sure I could do it! :)

  40. Oooh! I would definitely have a photo of my little girl printed. Or maybe one of the three of us (me, my husband, and my daughter.) So many choices!!

  41. Hmmm…I think i’d frame one of my two pups! I tweeted about this too


  42. Oh my…

    It would be a toss-up between some incredible shots of my kids, and some shots of flowers that I somehow managed to take.

    But I’d figure it out! Promise!

  43. our family pet just passed away last week after 13 1/2 years and I would have this photo put on canvas to hang above our hearth


    we miss her and it would be nicer than just a photo in a frame!

  44. I have a beautiful photos, taken on my wedding day by my step daughter. Of my husband hands putting the wedding band on my finger. It was such a beautiful shot made special because she took it. I would love to have that on canvas right in our bedroom.

  45. I’d probably replace a tired painting in our kitchen with a food photograph… either purchased from one of my favorite bloggers or maybe, if I get lucky, something I took.


  46. I tweeted about this giveaway

    thanks for the chance to win!!!

  47. Hard to say ….I took a photo of some boats on a recent trip to Finland that I think is canvas worthy. Or perhaps a photo of our little family in one of the many gorgeous places we’ve managed to visit….so many to choose from!

  48. Oooh…tough choice. We took some wonderful pictures in Spain that would look great as a canvas.

  49. Tweeted! (@goodcookdoris)

  50. I have a wonderful photo of my children (daughter at age 3 and son at age 1). It’s just their smiling faces and blue eyes…and it makes me smile every time I see it…

  51. So many choices! I think I would lean toward a gorgeous nature-style picture of a New England fall day.

  52. Retweeted! (@e1whoa) :)

  53. What a fabulous giveaway! We are working on (finally!) personalizing our condo after moving in almost a year ago– the walls are practically bare and could use some inspiration. I’d choose a photo of my sleeping French bulldog, or the crashing waves of my favorite beach. Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. P.S. I tweeted :) @ElizabethEv

  55. I would love the chance to turn a photo of my boys into a wrapped canvas! The one I’m thinking of is a shot of them from behind, they are walking in the woods on a late autumn day with their arms around each other….it is one of my favorites!

  56. It is easy to pick a photo, I just took a beautiful shot of my little boy on his first birthday-its a keeper.

  57. There is this wonderful picture of my dog, Max, that I absolutely love. He’s in our backyard and it’s just…Max. You can see the sweetness in his face but can’t mistake the power that is in that dog’s body. He’s a gorgeous dog and I’d love to have that picture on canvas!

  58. I would get one of our wedding photos done! We just got married in January :)

  59. I have a picture of our dining room table a friend shot before a dinner party at our house. It would be a gorgeous canvas!

    Also tweeted! @flyoverfoodie

  60. Beautiful! I would love to do this with some of my wedding pictures. We never had ANY, not one, printed and framed, couldn’t afford to. It’s been over three years and I would love to have a few hanging around the house. The gallery wraps would be perfect!

  61. I would do a nature picture

  62. The photo I would use I took in my front yard during a cold snap. My Christmas latern outside had beautiful ice crystals all over it. It was breathtaking. Thank you.

  63. I have a lovely photo of my children walking on the beach together towards the surf at sunset. Noone can believe I took that picture with my cellphone-it’s so pretty! I would look SO fantastic on canvas!!

  64. I have a picture of my son that I absolutely love – just an everyday shot of him eating waffles in his high chair – but it’s my favorite photo of him and I would love to have it “immortalized” like this!

  65. i have a picture of my old 1962 schwinn hollywood bicycle. i can’t ride it any more due to arthritis in my knees, but it’s still my favorite picture!

    good giveaway, great hostess!

  66. Ooh-tough choice! It would be easy to say I’d take a picture of my kids to blow up, but I also have some great photos I’ve taken on vacations and just around town that would be neat too.

    Great Giveaway!!!

  67. I would wrap one of our pics from skiing in Park City, Utah.

  68. I think I would use my all-time favorite picture of my five sons. They’re standing all together in their swim shorts (and diaper for the youngest) soaked to the bone with their arms around each other. It remains my favorite picture of them.

    What a COOL giveaway prize!

  69. Wow! What a great giveaway! I have a couple of pictures in mind that I would use. The tough part is deciding which one to make into this gorgeous piece of art!

  70. One of my 8 nieces and nephews…Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. What a sweet husband you have!

    What a great giveaway…this would be a great way to showcase some of my daughter’s photography adventures!

    Thanks and thanks for your blog!

  72. I have this great photo I took of my son at the international festival here in Houston. He’s wearing a light blue shirt and standing in front of a textured “castle” wall that happened to be the same hue. I think it would look great on the wrap around canvas.

  73. A pink dogwood blossom that I’ve been wanting to get printed for my daughter’s bedroom.

  74. I would go with a recent one of my daughter Emma playing on my grandpa’s property. She’s in a cute dress but is completely dirty and she’s calling to his cows… it’s such a great ‘childhood’ shot!

  75. Posted to facebook.

  76. Sandy, your photos are so amazing they make me look at things in a different way. Somehow, what you do brings out the love and caring thoughts behind the picture. You are truly one of the kindest people I have ever known.

    I would wrap a photo of Courtney in an amazing stride—kicking a soccer ball because that is the kind of moment that does not last.

  77. What a great giveaway! I recently stayed at a great B & B on Vashon Island near Seattle, and I took some pictures of the garden. I’m thinking one of those pictures would look great on canvas.

  78. I have always loved your glassward canvas. I would use it for a picture of my kids. They are teenagers, and for some reason, that makes me anxious to have more pictures of them around!

  79. This one is easy! We have a condo at the lake and I’ve been wanting to add some photographs I’ve taken around the lake. Recently I decided that instead of framing them I’d like to do a canvas print so your giveaway is perfect!

  80. Just posted on Facebook. Now looking through my pictures to see which one I should turn into art!

  81. I would take a photo from Russia where I first met my husband!

  82. Definitely one of my three kids. It seems they are always the main focus of my pictures lately. Would be so fun to have!

  83. Probably a photo of our silly cats! They make us laugh daily.

    Great giveaway!

  84. Either one of the five grands altogether or a nature pic probably! Thanks!

  85. it would be a hard decision for me. A family photo of my kids that I adore…a picture we took of the space needle here in Seattle…a cathedral in Puerto Vallarta or maybe a picture when I head to France next month??? I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to win!

  86. Years ago at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival my husband took an awesomee picture as a balloon launched.

  87. I have several of these of my children in my home and love them! Even though they are expensive, we don’t have to buy frames which saves us money and they mix it up on the walls. I don’t have any of our latest addition so I would choose a picture of her!

  88. That would be a tough choice, but I’d probably choose a picture from our trip to Greece. So many pretty views there!

  89. I would choose a picture of our native plants. Our purple coneflowers, bee balm, joe pye weed and brown eyed susans are all flowering right now! How lovely to have them on the wall during a Minnesota winter.

  90. I have been wanting to put one of our wedding pictures on canvas…or maybe one that was taken when my grandson celebrated his first birthday. Oh, I have so many ideas! Thanks for this opportunity to win one!

  91. I have so many to choose from!!! I think I would end up with a floral or one of my pooch!

  92. Pictures from a Europe trip!

  93. pictures I have taken of flowers

  94. I have a beautiful picture of an old mason jar that I would probably use…or one of my son. It’d be a hard decision!

  95. I have dozens and dozens I’d love to print, but there is one in particular of my boys that needs to be elsewhere than my hard drive.

    This is an AWESOME give away. Kudos to UP Printing.


  96. I have a picture of my son’s face when he was about one and it’s a close up of his beautiful face and blue eyes looking up but I also have a lovely photo of my gorgeous grandmother from when she was young and well. I miss her so I might choose it. Got my fingers crossed.

  97. I would use a photo of the Tellico River in Tennessee. It’s my dad’s favorite place in the world, and I would give it to him!!

  98. My husband and I build a house in Mexico among some 400 year old, 30-40ft tall amazing cactus and I have a really cool picture of one cactus with the sun setting behind it in the background. It would make an amazing canvas that would remind me of our second home when I can’t be there!

  99. My brother just took a picture of my daughter’s on his swing in the front yard, the sprinkler was going and rainbow showed up just outside the sprinkler. It is the perfect picture of summer fun to me, with my girls have a blast and grinning from ear to ear! Sooooo that would be the one I would choose! Love the website …found you from Nester….love her too! :)

  100. I would do a picture of my girls. It would not only be a piece of art on the wall, but a treasure in my heart.

  101. I would love the chance to turn a photo of my boys into a wrapped canvas but I would have such a hard time deciding which one!

    What an AWESOME giveaway. Thank you.

  102. I love taking pictures, and I’ve been wanting to try turning one of my photos into a canvas! :)

  103. I would use the photo of the barn at the family farm where my husband spent his summers as a boy.

  104. OHHHH I hope I win! I would love to have a picture of my dog who just passed away! It would be such a keepsake! !

  105. I would have the photo of my two oldest children walking down a dusty path at a local farm on their way to pick blackberries. My oldest is 12 and the next in line is 9 yrs. younger so to see her hand on his back guiding him down the path is priceless.

  106. My 12yo son is an amazing photographer. I’m thinking one of his photos – water splashing over a red leaf, green mossy stick & rock, full of light and beauty.

  107. My sister took are really great close-up of my son…I’d love to have that on a canvas. Or, a really big hostess cupcake (homemade, of course!) would be kind of cool!

  108. I was just coming over to tell you that I got three of your books in the mail today. I found you from Nester and just love your blog! I am taking your book on vacation with me on Sunday… I can barely stand the waiting! I just posted about your book on my blog and now will have to go back and post about your give away tomorrow. Will let you know when I do.
    As for what photo I would use…. that is really hard. I might have to wait to see if I get something good form vacation we are going to the beach and New York City. I am a die hard for beach photos so one on canvas would be fabulous!

  109. Wow, that goblet photo is lovely!

    I am expecting our first baby, and trading some violin lessons to get professional photographs taken of my pregnancy – I’d choose a photo (yet to be taken!) of her daddy and me to hang in her nursery.

  110. I love your canvas print! I would have to say that I would probably do a family picture. I think nothing more beautifies a home than pictures. Great giveaway; thanks for this opportunity to win!

  111. I just had some fabulous family photo’s done in our backyard last week and I would love to have one on canvas!!! Your photo of the goblet ROCKS!!!

  112. What an awesome give-away! I have a picture of some mushrooms that were growing in my yard that I think would make a pretty snazzy canvas.

  113. I would do a print of my grandmother. Maybe her sweet face, maybe her beautiful, wrinkled hands. She was my kindred spirit, and I’d love to have a such a special reminder of her to look at every day.

  114. What a great giveaway! I sure hope I win! I’d have the hardest time ever in choosing a photo, but probably I’d pick one of my families home in Vermont.

  115. I have a couple of my photographs up on canvas throughout my house and I have one of some orange slices that is next on my list to do!

  116. I have some GEORGEOUS flower pictures I took with some friends wandering around campus one day. Good memories and great images. I would love the chance to put them on a canvas– for FREE! :D

    LOVE the goblet canvas! I would never have thought to get that, but it’s STUNNING!

  117. I took a great picture inside a church that has a lot of sentimental value for me. I would love to put it up on my mantle! Thanks for the chance!

  118. We have some pretty pictures we took while we lived in Monterey- we loved going to Point Lobos to hike.

  119. Probably a wedding picture as a gift to my hubby for our upcoming anniversary…..OR a picture of Montana. I have several beautiful pictures of the mountains there. It is where I grew up. I miss it dearly!

  120. Wow. Your gallery piece is gorgeous and I can’t believe that those are dollar store finds…

    If I won I would print a very old photo of some pioneer buildings in downtown SLC, UT

  121. I adore the goblet canvas. What a great story! I would probably do a picture of my young grandchildren taken in their swimsuits this summer. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway.

  122. Pictures of family or some of my shots of flowers from my garden.

  123. I just remolded my kitchen and have a blank wall where I am looking for the “right” picture to hang. I would use a black & white photo of my kids, or photo of my sister or sister n law deployment to Iraq — I’ll have to think about it. I have ordered your book — can’t wait to receive it.

  124. I’d use a photo of something my DH grew in the garden. I have quite a few of those photo’s. Right now I’m thinking of one with a bowl full of bright red tomatoes. Perfect for my blue and white kitchen.


  125. I’m not completely sure which photo I’d choose, it would certainly be difficult to pick! Perhaps it would make a good gift to the mother of this beautiful girl???

  126. Wow! Those are beautiful! I would have to go through all my pics to choose the perfect one.

  127. It would have to be a photo of my 4 girls…maybe one that hasn’t been taken yet :).

  128. Wonderful giveaway. Thank You. I would have to say that a picture of our Weimaraner Elise. She has a most expressive face!

  129. I would have a hard time choosing. We went to the arboretum last week and took same great pictures of the gorgeous flowers so it would probably be one of them.

  130. It would have to be of my 14 grandchildren…that would be fantastic!

  131. Last year I took this wonderful picture of my daughters on the beach. It’s early morning and the sun is shining down from behind the clouds as if heaven were shining on my girls and they are looking out to the sea. It’s my favorite photo.

  132. I would probably have one of my husband’s recent fishing photos done. We have a “gallery’ of 8 x 10 but, this would be a nice treat to surprise him on our anniversary in November.

  133. There are a bunch of things I would like to have in canvas. It would be hard to pick just one thing!

    I have a 2 year old black and white pic of my older two that always makes me smile.

  134. My grandchildren are 70 days apart, one lives close to me but the other lives over 700 miles away in Alabama. While on her last visit here we had their pictures taken in a garden. Would love to cherish those moments in a wrap canvas. Thank you for the chance!

  135. I’ve posted on facebook!!!

  136. I have a photo of my two children that are adults now but it is my favorite shot of the two of them together.

  137. I think I would choose this photo:


    What a great thing! I may order some prints for myself anyway.

  138. And I tweeted (@momfood), as well.

  139. without a doubt I would turn my Gramma’s Prayer Journal into a picture. Thank you!

  140. I think a wedding photo would be so beautiful – thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  141. I would use a birth picture of my daughter. She was born at 26 weeks and is a reminder that God is good and is still in the business of performing miracles. Our daughter is now 4 and is such a blessing.

  142. Either one of my two children or perhaps one of seagulls that I made at the coast this summer.

  143. I would have a picture of my 2 angels on canvas, these are gorgeous!!

  144. A sunrise from our vacation in South Carolina.

  145. definitely the biggest gift from God….my husband and two sons and me

  146. Vacation shot of my entire family

  147. A butterfly from Calloway Garden or a cathedral from Russia…

  148. I would use a beautiful picture of my 5 year old granddaughter, Ava, with my 98 year old grandmother, Grace. It is so special and may be one of the last pictures we have of them together.

  149. think i’d get an artist friend to design something to print on the canvas

  150. Our family has a very favorite photo of our Mom and Dad when they were first married. They had just sold their car and were walking down Market St. in San Francisco with pure joy, love and expectation in their eyes. Now many years later, Daddy is gone and Mom lives next door where I can care for her and her friend. Mom has dementia and only remembers Daddy from the very early days. Sad and sweet at the same time.

  151. Sandy, I put it on facebook also. :-)

  152. I would pick one of my all time favorite picks of my daughter Mady & hubby. They are running down a grassy green floodwall hill. They’re holding hands & Mady is trailing a little behind. Her ponytail is swinging, she’s smiling radiantly, & clutching tightly to a dandelion in her little hand. They both look so happy & it seems as if they are going to run happily out of the picture together. Thanks for the opportunity, Mrs.C

  153. a picture of my 2 daughters holding hands and walking away from me down the beach at sunset when my youngest was just learning to walk, or a black and white close-up picture of their hands and feet I took for my mom’s mother’s day card.

  154. Those canvas’ are so beautiful!! What photo to pick? It’s a tough call between a picture of darling golden retriever or a canal photo from our Amsterdam trip (where we were engaged!). Thank you for the chance!

  155. Maybe a picture of the temple where my hubby and I were married, or maybe our sweet family.

  156. I have an awesome pic of our family in the strawberry fields picking berries. It is bright, colorful and I just love an outdoor shot. Or maybe a recent photo of my hubby and I on the Blue Ridge Parkway…oh I just can’t decide. If I win, I will be able to pick one. thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  157. Definitely one of my kids photos or one of them together. I love large, personal photos in a home. It’s so beautiful!

    Thanks for offering this! :)

  158. I would get a picture of me and my hubby!


  159. I’d like to get a canvas print of my sons.

    ddflores03 at gmail dot com

  160. I have a photo that I took of the early morning sunrise taken on a walk with my siblings an hour after my father passed away. He always loved beautiful skyscapes and called them “God posters.” The photo makes me smile because I can hear his voice saying, “Look, a God poster!” As the sunrise began and grew, it was as if his spirit moved from the house to the sky. The photo brings me a great sense of peace because it reminds me his spirit is all around.

  161. The picture of my daughter and her fiance on a bench at the beach the night he proposed to her! OR, a wedding picture (coming up in Sept.!!!!).

  162. Definitely one of my kids photos or one of them together. I love large, personal photos in a home. It’s so beautiful!

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  164. Thanks to my roommate who told me regarding this web site, this weblog is genuinely remarkable.

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