This time of year I’m always looking for something to cheer up my home, make it fresh and … well, I wish I could say “summery.”

I love Spring and Summer, so if something bright and cheery catches my eye in the grocery store, and I’m looking for a fresh burst of color to liven my living or dining space, I’ll usually buy it.

IF, that is, it’s affordable.

I was in the grocery store last week and bought a handful of Fatsia Japonica Leaves – 6 to be exact.

I was charged $1.50. Yup, 25 cents a leaf, but what you can do with these leaves is really fun!

One way to use them was to line the center of our dining table, with candles and leaves, for the football party last weekend.

Another favorite is to line a vase on all 4 sides with the leaves. Then fill the vase with water.

Add beautiful yellow tulips ($6.99 a bunch at Safeway).

For around $8 I created a beautiful bouquet of flowers at a very reasonable price, which lasted for weeks.

What is Fatsia Japonica Plant?
Fatsia Japonica is a tender perennial shrub often grown as a houseplant. It has flat leaves shaped like outstretched hands with individual fingers. They are prolific growers and will eventually outgrow their homes.

This leaf always catches my eye!

My parents had a Fatsia Japonica plant in their outdoor entry of my childhood home. So pretty and classy!

And now, our table is graced with beauty and elegance.

What are some favorite leaves you add to arrangements or tabletop displays? Do you think to ask your florist or grocery store florist for help?

How to Prune a Fatsia Japonica plant? Read more, here.

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