I cannot help but write about our leftover Easter ham!

I have great memories growing up with ham, as my mother usually cooked it at holiday time.  Sometimes at Christmas, always at Easter. 

Monday night I realized I did not have any dinner plans! 

Yes, sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants. Okay, much of the time I fly by the seat of my pants.

My son Garrett and I got creative in the kitchen as we added the leftover Easter dinner ingredients together like ham and asparagus, and then eggs, cheese, milk, sour cream and bread!

We popped our casserole in the oven for 40 minutes and had a lovely leftover meal!

I have such warm memories, thinking back to our wonderful Easter day, celebrating the resurrection of Christ and the gift of friends and family!

And a meal where everyone contributed …

Music from the kids …

A walk through the garden and greenhouses …

Amazing desserts …

Naps later that day, and then back to the kitchen in the evening for more rolls and ham.

We don’t let a bit of our leftovers go to waste in our home.
I’d love to hear what you did with your leftovers from Easter?

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