White Dishes & Platters: Classy & Handy

When my decorating friend The Nester put out this cry on her blog:

Teach me oh wise decoratory friends, show me the folly of my naked top of cabinet ways. How do you decorate above your cabinets?

I jumped in and said white dishes and platters! Because they’re classy and handy!

Also, a girl can never have too many white dishes!

We were on a tight budget when we remodeled our kitchen a while back. So when Home Depot asked if we wanted our cabinets to the ceiling, or with space above, we had to save every penny and went with a “space.”

I really didn’t have a “plan” for the space until I got the actual cabinets put in, and then I knew. It was perfect for my white platters and bowls.

When my sisters and I cooked this meal, I reached for a few platters and bowls.

And recently I added some fresh daffodils from the yard!

So what to do with the space above the cabinets? Use white dishes and platters for a classy look and for simple, handy efficiency!

If you have the space between the cabinets and the ceiling or soffit, what do you fill it with?

I’m also happy to announce, and honored, that Reluctant Entertainer made the Top 100 2009 Internet Cafe Devotions Blessed Aroma Awards!

Thank you RE readers for your support.

Blessed Aroma showcases favorite blogs that have encouraged with written words and examples of faith in 2008. The list consists of some of the most encouraging and inspiring blogs with 10 categories, and listed below are 10 blogs that made “The Classics” (along with RE!)

What are The Classics?
Upon reviewing the nominations, several blogs received many nominations in several different categories. It was decided these favorites needed their own category. In no particular order, the most nominations were:

Muthering Heights
Lysa TerKeurst
Money Saving Mom
Like a Warm Cup of Coffee
A Familiar Path
The Bowyers
Big Mama
Other Such Happenings
Heart of a Pastor’s Wife
Reluctant Entertainer

If you have the time, head over and check out the entire list of 100 blogs. You will be uplifted and inspired!

40 comments on “White Dishes & Platters: Classy & Handy”

  1. I’m just discovering your blog today, over a year after you posted this, but I think it’s brilliant. I disliked all the dust covering baskets and collections on top of our shelves, so in our new home, we had the cabinets built to the ceiling. Serving dishes are such a great idea because 1. they are so much easier to clean than a wicker basket 2. will actually get pulled down and used, and therefore cleaned more often and 3. are difficult to store in other places.

    Really great tip!

  2. Following you on Facebook. Love your site. and the cute aprons!

    imquiltcrazy at yahoo dot com

  3. Following you on Twitter! Love the new aprons!!


    imquiltcrazy at yahoo dot com

  4. Wow…I LOVE that look and I use lots of white ceramic platters too! Where can I find the BIGGEST, LARGEST, HUGEST white platters? We’ve got a wedding reception to do! PLEASE HELP!

  5. I was looking at my cabinets yesterday and realized I really can’t put anything on top of my cabinets. While they don’t go all the way to the top, we added a soffit that goes higher than the top of the cabinet, thus it would be hard to see anything up there! I may still try and get creative, but we’ll see.
    .-= Kirstin´s last blog ..Works for Me Wednesday: When life hands you lemons, make: Cake Balls =-.

  6. No tips on the dust. I just try to use them a lot – and wash out before using, of course :)

    • I was thinking of some dust-prevention ideas and wonder if pulling plastic wrap tightly over the tops where you can’t see it would help? Not sure if that’s something that would be visible from the floor?

    • I personally don’t mind just scrubbing it out quickly, but that is a fabulous idea Dawn!

  7. I’m wondering if you have any tips to keep dust to a minimum when storing those types of items on top of your cabinets?

  8. Your white dishes and platters do look pretty, and they also brighten up that space above the cabinets. My cabinets go to the ceiling, so I don’t have that extra decorating space in my kitchen. This is my first visit to your blog, and I get to congratulate you on being in the top 10 of such a wonderful list! How wonderful to get that kind of recognition! laurie
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..FROM THRIFTY TO FANCY SMANCY =-.

  9. I agree with you that a girl can never have too many white dishes…love what you have done with your empty spaces. Joni

  10. So proud of you, girl for being in the top 100! Never doubted you for a min.

    And I’m in love with white dishes. My favs were discontinued – doesn’t that always happen? – so I’m on the look out for new ones to love.
    .-= darcy´s last blog ..Photographers! I interrupt this blog… =-.

  11. Love the white plates! Always clean and refreshing!
    Dee Dee

  12. Hey, Sandy! Congrats to YOU too for being in the Classics category, that is great. I’m so thrilled to be on the list myself, this is the first time I’ve won anything like this, so I’m honored.

    I too love white dishes & have a few white soup tureens on top of my cabinets, along with a few other pretty vignettes. I’m one who does like to decorate the top of the cabinets, but I do have some breathing room too, it’s not completely lined across.

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