Today I didn’t feel like giving. But I knew what was scheduled on the calendar and I couldn’t back out now! Eight mothers were expecting me to pick up their daughters right after school (early release today). It was our bi-monthly scheduled Faithgirlz get-together where I meet with the same 8 girls (4th grade) and we discuss girls, relationships, friendships and a faith tip!

I’m sitting on the floor in the living room with these girls around me and we are talking about whispering. How whispering in front of others makes you feel horrible, and paranoid and self-conscious! I’m spiraling down and down and down as this cold I woke up with this morning has gotten the best of me. But as I dig deeper into the lives of these young ladies and I get a sense that what I am doing is making a difference, I actually start feeling better!

How could I forget that when I don’t’ feel like giving, and I do it anyway, that I am always blessed in return? That is exactly what happened today. These precious girls are so full of life and living! They sometimes hang on every word that I say. I am passionate about helping them avoid the pitfalls of cliquey, snotty, girl-relationships, and they in turn want to do what is right. You can see it in their eyes. They raise their hands and each one shares her story. We always come back to truth and we sometimes role-play to get there!

My friend, Ulla, came to help today as we made Christmas wreaths. We turned our garage into a craft room, using the ping-pong table, and we went to town. Greenery was everywhere as well as ribbons, pinecones, ornaments, bows and wire and snippers and berries! The girls were so crafty and clever and each of their wreaths had its own flare with color-coordinated berries and ribbon that matched their personalities.

It is in the joy of giving, not just during Christmas but daily, that pulls us out of our slump and gets us back into the groove. Today was one of those days for me …

(naked wreaths)