Why buy art at yard sales?
Why not?!  Because if you get tired of it, or you find you’re redecorating a room, or maybe your styles have just changed over the years – having not spent much money on the art makes it very easy to pass on, to sell at your own sale, or to take to Good Will.
I look for UNIQUENESS and quality, when I look for art at a yard sale.
Like my 2 Kathe Kollwitz prints.
It’s a rather humorous story, how these 2 prints ended up in my home.  Years ago, my husband and I were out and about yard-saling.  We thought this “one” print was unique, so we bought it. 
The NEXT year, we ended up going to the same home and we found the 2nd print.  Of course we snagged it for $5, and we told them we had purchased the other print the year before.  The people said they turned their house upside down looking for the 2nd print (not realizing they had sold it the year before), so they could sell them as a pair.
Little did they know, or did we know, that WE were meant to have this set.
Do you ever look for unique art at yard sales?

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